Annie and Qin's marriage, often with age gap is a great article, the relationship is placed on the scale of the old disparity scale price. A few days ago, users in Iraq can be static version of the message criticized "mother to eat Grass", Annie a letter touted girls advocating young Society: "is a woman's love and courage to let you see the first light outside the birth canal, is a woman conceived October of hope and courage, you have the opportunity to laugh at the internet woman old . "(Recommended reading:" ripe age nude painting) The years have never withered! Women's body is not only because of "youth" but the United States

Annie and Qin married, the media are not lack of brother and sister love, brace capture two figure. Annie, 47, 10 years older than Qin, the old wife and the husband of the relationship between the label tightly glued to her, Iraq can quiet without silencing, she always in micro-blog generous show love.

This year conceived a second child, a few days ago netizens attack Annie: "Too disgusting, married woman, Mas, mother eat grass." "Yi can static for the message, write to these" little men "a letter.

The following is the full text of Iraq's static response:

Little Man,

I have a teenage son, even if he is only 14 years old, already very know how to take care of women, he will help his mother to take things, know that the woman day body can be weaker than boys, mentally but equal. He knew the fate has gathering, blessing father, mother looking for happiness, so see such male message, deeply for him feel sad. The world only has two kinds of sex, will think that the female is old is threatening, needs to deter the person from what kind of family education, want more inferiority? Will feel a mother called her baby Prince, little princess Harsh, even if I was born village, can also believe that they are the spirit of the nobility, your harsh, refraction of your own low.

A man on the internet, see a woman who has nothing to do with his life, leaving language violence, often exposing the inner manic and extreme insecurity. People who are dissatisfied with life, will have the problem of wanton vent, many people may say that the network is like this, but I also received many letters from women, saying that the husband is too old for her, but forget her always pay for each other's life price, such men use men's established male power system to belittle the woman who loved him. (same field Gayon: heterosexual male sex confession: I am accustomed to the world, originally to others full of oppression )

Dear woman, you can totally not accept these insults to women, compared with chauvinistic men, we are financially independent, independent, strong, and no one can discriminate against you because of your age or sex, and we are much stronger than men who do not even respect women.

Men create love women can not be older than men, but their own with young girls can show off the culture, in addition to the emperor's system of selfish desires and as a pretext for the old, this to determine the age of women worthless, can not be loved for what reason? We are not slaves, we are people, and no one has the right to price us.

There is also a letter saying that in the workplace, a little bit of emotion, the male colleagues to use menopause to laugh at her, no understanding, no empathy, the female physiological changes in nature, ridicule this nature, like malicious ridicule of other people's flaws, showing the ignorance and mean. Next time he laughs at you, you have to tell him that your mother is a woman, wife is a woman, daughter is a woman, you can not look at today, is your future filial piety, to cherish, to dote on, to respect, they will experience menopause. (Recommended reading: girl, you don't need to say sorry to the world )

Very selfish, he wanted your youth, but can not bear your ripe age, but male middle-aged bald, big belly, physical reduction, women can also take off men? No, it can be seen how deep the men brainwashed women, his abandonment sounding, you are abandoned but you are too.

Women unite together, the real woman Han is not because the other side than their own whine or charming on the irony, the woman Han Indomitable, she should be very tolerant. Know the beauty of women is they so different, a woman Han should be more than anyone else to care for women, so that women love unity, you can not be a woman but for men's argument against women, show themselves, back to the male slaves.

Only women strongly demand that women respect themselves, men dare not despise.

You can take good care of yourself and take care of him more. You are not weak, you and men should complement each other in the flesh, equality in the soul, in the gender of mutual tolerance, in the emotional respect of each other, your gentle and thoughtful and lovely, because of love and not humble, you will be more years of reason, is because the creator of your life to the womb will be eliminated, this womb bred everything, No one is qualified to mock it after its task is completed, and the female body is very great. No old woman, where's the man?

Mr. Qin and his father often talk about not the appearance of women and youth, but women are more difficult. In the one-child era, they want to be like men to support their families, in the workplace to prove their ability and male equality, to learn to face the language discrimination and sexual harassment, but also to protect themselves in safety. Only tolerant men can see through the absurd patriarchal doctrine, insight in the appearance, age, gender definition, there is a deeper quality, they are not looking for external conditions, but in search of soul matching partner. (same field Gayon: gender Watch: Alan Dizeni: "No one is qualified to criticize your choice of love")

The real man will give women equal respect because they are very strong inside and ignore the external vision, they are the giants of the soul, not the spirit of small men can understand.

So dear "little" man, you do not understand because your inner is too small, small can not perceive to the strong person, the soul can transcend the definition of the flesh. In the small heart and the eyes of beans, you can never understand the love of a person most precious is old, you can still through the white hair of the lover, see her first like a maiden love your face.

And I'm going to old "big" woman Want you to know, I have been brainwashed, convinced that their sex ratio of men low, not born boy is my biggest mistake, but now I no longer live in your discrimination, but not for their own age of shame. A woman breeds life, no woman's birth canal will not have you, no woman's expectations to feed you, you can not survive, no woman's womb, you will not be protected, you once in a woman's body shrink into a group, is a woman's love and courage to let you see the birth canal outside the first light, is a woman conceived October of hope and courage, You have a chance to surf the internet and laugh at women's old.

(Photo source: Yi can static micro bo)

Women have to be respected, not to procreate, because I'm a person.

After reading the static reply, I have some sense. In response to the issue of " old wives and husbands ", I am happy that women have been given the duty to be seen, and I am happy that women are conscious of the various thresholds they suffer in society. At the same time hope that a woman's greatness does not need to be established in reproductive function. All people coming to the world through the birth canal does not mean that we can give the birth canal an obligation. What I'm looking for is the next time we talk about a woman's age, not whether she has a baby or not, but because she's also a person, so she has to be respected. (Recommended reading: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just having children!") ")

I also hope that Yi can be very proud, not ashamed of age, because she seriously love a person, only because she deserved to live, not because women's youth more valuable, not because the woman's body is more great.

"Full of curiosity and economic independence, I am an old mother, but I want to be a child forever friend, keep shining, thought than the child before running a little, but behind them guardian, the old age is not terrible, terrible is the heart of the rigid, thinking of the narrow, closed heart, I am 47 years old, I like my age. --Yi Jing

(Photo source: Yi can static micro bo)

The birth canal is a woman's, the affirmative way is everybody's

Annie said very well, no woman's birth canal, the little man can be in this wild. The birth canal is all women, through the birth canal, we are born and survive, this path is given by women. But the road of affirmative action, no good or bad, not different from person to person, is all sex come out together.

However, in such an event, perhaps the oppressor is not a man but a social structure. Society expects women to be young at the same time, the "men and girls together but can show off the culture " behind the demand for male economic ability and the establishment of female external conditions. (Extended reading: sex two yuan dialogue with multiple: let everyone be himself )

Women start to become independent, and how we face the traditional pattern of marriage is slowly disintegrating, is all the gender should imagine the next mile. Iraq can be static discussion, is a strong and powerful comeback, but not only that, the value of the big woman is being pushed (with the Yi can static big woman autonomy definition), we want to see also stop in the edge of the situation of small women, the image of the big man is being broken, We want to see the weakness of a man who lives in the small men (men who live in the center of the Patriarchal mind.)

Women do not do male slaves, men do not do sand pigs, in fact, the road is still long. It is not a woman who liberates her body, but a man who has to untie himself. It is not because the reproductive function makes the woman complete, but the woman lets the birth this matter complete. Not the women and the Han United enough, all the gender must work together. It is not the whipping of a small man to enjoy, but also to see the formation of small men's social utensils.

Dear, the world is changing, anxiety is not only you, boys, girls, third sex, we are trying to adapt to change.

Written in Iraq can quiet reply to a small man, I look forward to one day such a rousing comeback, men and women are no longer a distant two-party fighting forces, is the day, the world without male power doctrine, there is no feminism.