Why are women's beauty always tied to youth? The vertical breast, the raised little belly, and the spot on the skin are all the history of women's seal carvings.Divergence is often accompanied by a gender gap, when a man's age is viewed as a symbol of charisma, while a woman's years of age can only be covered by the cover of a woman.The artist Aleah Chapin told us that the beauty of women's beauty was not because of their spare time, but from a real life.(August topic: Bare, Most Beautiful Languages )

" The white skin, the plentiful breasts, the snatched belly , a slim and solid line, appears to be a graceful arc that does not wear an ugly old and wrinkle.When it comes to women, the general public is young, with the beauty of the beauty of the beauty and the age of the , the sag, the small belly and the zebra-riddled skin. These "aging" features have become a mask of shame in the arts, in literature, in the media, and in popular .

"In museums, can you see any work that is a theme of middle-aged nude women?"Where are the stealthy women?The artist, Aleah Chapin, cast the "ugliness" of the "ugly", real and precise spendings of the age of youth onto the canvas, in the face of the "naked" of the young woman.

Aleah Chapin started a series of nude portraits, starting with her real aunt.She said, "Aunt is watching me grow up, and this fact is very important."Her body records her life journey, and I see the embodiment of strength.The title "Auntie" was awarded to the National Portrait Gallery in the 33rd Portrait Award of the National Portrait Gallery. The paintings are larger than real people, showing a complete relaxation and wrinkle in each of the older women.(with a playground: Summon a Pure Witches: Behavior of an artist's naked path to the world )

History of seal carving on women

story of a woman's history is far more abundant than our imagination. From standing, face, and scar to wrinkles, they are all accumulated over the years. " The secular view is that women shouldn't show their lives. They should be perfect. This kind of thinking is so impractical, it's just nonsense." Aleah Chapin explains the original intent of the creation, when the white hair and scars of a man are considered to be the glory of time, the woman's body can only be frozen in the body of the girl."

" I'm a woman because I feel the same with them.In the history of art, most painters usually choose to idealize women, and I want to fill the void.I know that many contemporary artists are going to be non-creative, I'm not the first person, but there's no one who focuses on defects and presents the flaw as a wonderful thing."

Past artists such as Renoir have always been fascinated with the gloss of women's skin and tight curves, so he constantly chases the flesh of the body, the pink skin and the sun. For these artists who worship their youth, perfection is an arc that makes people want to touch.But Aleah Chapin has made a typical example of another painter, and painting has enabled Aleah Chapin to see the "true" of everything.(Sibling: Airfield Super!Carmen Dell ’ the world's most senior model model, 83 years )

After a vision that has been so enthusiastically planned, youth has never come as a longing for us , because in the real parts of the world, dreams can be conserved.So in the world of painting, Aleah Chapin doesn't judge, and goes beyond the mundane set of standards for beauty.In her eyes, the "unique disability" is more precious than the "standard perfection", and she loves the world without reservation, using her brush strokes to depict a woman in a mature process that is unitable and itchy.

When beauty is a curse

This kind of resistance to aging societies reminds me of the worship of young girls in the Dream of the Red Chamber.For Jia Baoyu, because his daughter has to grow up, she can't always be a daughter. Aging is a precious pearl: " The girl doesn't get married. She's a bead, but she's got a lot of bad problems.Jia Baoyu's marriage to the girls around him was even a kind of mourning, because he was strongly preoccupied with the fact that the innocent naively, the innocent, was about to be destroyed by the secular world.

In a contemporary society, we call "Beauty" a "sister", with a spicy and spicy declaration that can be called "positive".Our teenage idol is no longer a spiritual purity in the Dream of the Red Chamber, but rather a youthful youthful woman who can be craving at the physical level.

The beauty of a person is regarded as a single currency, the face and body of which is the largest asset, the beauty of which is the amount of beauty that is used to convert the wealth into a functional wealth. A man's eyes are looking at the of person's skin, a person pay his attention to the beauty of his body, and the person who has a few days to check on his body, is a good example of the life of a woman.

This kind of beautiful total time limit, only the female body will be treated as a demeurcant of decreasing value, while the woman sees it as a timid. Therefore, women are always afraid of being old.When we got there, we made a joke that we were younger siblings. When we approached the age of 30, we began to worry that we were the discards of the marriage . When our youth were forgotten, we weren't sexy, we wanted to make ourselves clean, we could only be a graceful mother, and the old woman "nudity" was not allowed.(Extended reading: Dance for your own steel pipe dance: Your body has a happy freedom )

Age Divergence is also Gender Divergence

We often hear people say this: "Older men, like wine, are as fragrant as wine."The beauty of men is accompanied by age when women are more than age, their beauty and their body are not recognized as being a woman or a man. They are not regarded as a woman or a man. They are only a mother's love song.(You would like: Torn age label!A grown woman is more beautiful )

As a result, age discrimination is often accompanied by gender discrimination.When Madonna put on the Grammy Awards this year, the headline "uncomfortable" and "horror" attacked her by the headline "uncomfortable" and "horror" in an interview with "The Rolling Stone"."

" Everyone uses age to critique me, I don't know why I still don't understand it.She says that after years of human rights history, no one dares to openly disrespect blacks or comrades, but everyone can ridicule her at his age. " Why is this acceptable?"

It is only women who are being attacked, "Madonna said." Only women will be attacked, "she says. She thinks that most women are expected to act according to the expectations of society. But Madonna sticks to:" But I don't follow the rules. I don't, and I don't plan to start now!""

After adolescence, will it be a kind of beautiful wildegeneration?Every story begins at the beginning of a woman's story, but the outcome is so indigent.

The goddess is static, timeless, but elegant, like a painting of Aleah Chapin, a Madonna's performance, and a woman who n't want to be a woman in a world where women are rapidly devaluing, breaking through the new imagination, breaking through her own body story, stubborndly holding hands and holding hands.

women no longer tolerate age discrimination, which is a media environment that women are trying to provide.

We know that many people around the world have a direct feeling about gender issues, regardless of gender, gender identity, or sexuality, and they are thinking about how to act.It is hard to communicate with each other because gender communication is very difficult, gender equality is very long, and gender initiatives are very difficult, so we have to go down together.

Women's fans have launched a "with a plan" this year, inviting you to do something more, join together — with a plan " to believe that a group of people can't do it alone, and that the gender action that we can promote will have an impectable impact, and will reach more and more distant places.

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