single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. When you are single, don't worry about two of people, you just need to fancy a person's confusion. The years of two people are still good , with a person's years quiet good, condition far. You are single, you are not a snake , you are single, but you do not stop the wonderful. (The same field Gayon: may you still believe in love, wish someone to accompany you displaced )

Be willing to be ordinary, always difficult.

Especially when you are single. The so-called single Ordinary, seems to be, humble living.

Ordinary and years quiet good what is different?

Hu Lancheng will be "willing to make the years quiet, the secular stability." "The inscription in the marriage certificate with Zhang ailing, that ordinary, is to give two people a happy stability."

So what is a good time for one person? Why a person's time, we are difficult to understand the ordinary, only deeply mediocre predicament.

I want to write a beautiful poem, but I have no writing, I want to play a guitar to live, but I do not have a guitar, I want to travel around the world, but to earn money can only mixed meal; I want to live with you, but I have nothing.

You have an ideal, but you can't even think about it.

The years of being single are still good, the first thing is to do your best. You are good enough for the years to be quiet. Life will toss, how not mediocre and willing to ordinary. If you want to write a book, you have to put it first; If you want to take risks, you have to take the easy steps. Have the wind and waves, arrived at the other shore, the back will feel vast. When everyone has surrendered to the ideal, you are still fighting, that is to try.

The years of being single are still good, the second thing is loneliness. You see Eileen Chang depends on the Hu Lancheng of the earthly stability of the Hu Tu, everyone is alone in the world, you eat a person, up and down the stairs, sleep, wake up, you alone, have their own all. It's not that life gets easier, it's that you live stronger.

The years of being single are still good, the last one is unequal. Wait for no one to come, wait for the day to become better, not wait for love spoil. Do not bloom, you are always a butterfly, you want to fly, where to fly.

Life has a lot of understandable, years of quiet is not watering flowers, rain, singing, tea, but a kind of peace of conscience, live to be worthy of the appearance of the day.

"I do not wait for the blooming/not to be happy/not to be in peace/waiting for a lifetime"