single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. Single diary Watch " Rolling Stone love story in Loving" series Karen Mok sang "Love", from a good friend to the lover 's road so long, the city is so big, we eventually have to rob the car parking space when we meet, we eventually have to rub each other to shout friends, After all, we have to realize that the unexpected heartbeat misses, we have to gamble for the future, no one's love is the same, you and I are. (same field Gayon:"The god quasi-luo" Test you love good friend's index )

"Love is a torment of things, but also reluctant to give up, constantly guessing your psychology, can have my name." 」

The city is very wonderful, it is very difficult to find a parking lot, riding a motorcycle is very romantic, the city's young girls are very busy, the city's boys are very easy to lose.

The first episode of the Rolling Stone love Story "Love", petty men and women to survive in the urban jungle, but also to fall in love. She is the record line of the children's song, he is a confession failure of the gentleman. She is his good friend Chenli Heart, he is her good friend Zhang Jingye.

When he met him, she witnessed his confession of the mess, locomotive parking later became their old place, they drink buy one to get one of the coffee, they eat free and Tonga noodles, live in this city, as if two people are always easier than one, their days are pragmatic romantic.

When he gave her the beef, when he helped her shrimp, when he invited her to a college friend's wedding, she couldn't help but wonder if it was too intimate.

He later learned that after he was a mutiny in college, he gradually forgot how to like a girl. He tried to use the "girl formula" to pursue, but repeatedly failed, in the relationship, no one is the same girl.

The day he was drunk, she rode his little sheep and carried him home. His head gently leaning against her shoulder, he was dazed and shouted that she is a friend, the road so long, she gently humming Karen Mok love, as if sad, it seems to be their distance.

Love is their secret, the name of a good friend to cover up, so no one is afraid of injury.

"Love is my only secret, heartbreaking but fascinating, no matter what the words, will only miss you." 」

When he got off the car, he wrapped her scarf around her and said, "Hurry up and tie it, and then ride the locomotive before it gets cold." She felt the heart beating, and what was hanging in the air, and no one knew what to say. So cherish this relationship, but also reluctant to just friends.

The city does not know how many Chen Lixin and Zhang Jingye, and finally they have some together, some did not, and some continue to be good friends, and some have not seen the face. How high is the chance of a good friend becoming a lover? Perhaps the so-called love, is that I would like to gamble for myself, a bet you may like me, bet that we are not just friends, bet our future together.

Later Zhang Jingye know, love is not necessarily at first sight, not necessarily goose bumps, his love in front of him, tentacles can be. He in front of her, at ease to become himself, the original "Love" This song, waiting has been his good friend Chenli heart.

"If not because of love you, how can the night is not sleepy, every thought is about you, I miss you, Miss you, Miss you." 」