This year, women fans set up to enter the first five years, we start the second 525 Free Festival, to the age of the big women's Day for the title. Hope can arouse, seriously live the life of you, do their own big woman , more love yourself! Women fans want to make a common mark with you, is a commitment , but also a keepsake, these four tokens can represent the life attitude of big women, with a token, we believe that the faith will be with us into our lives!

Big women value all the small details of life, and women value every little thing in life, because they all may be meaningless. The big woman has the strong, has the courage, the independence, the gentleness and insists the faith which oneself believes, the big woman is like each in the life diligently you you.

Woman fans want to always accompany you, but also want you to accompany us. Women fans believe that there are many things in life will disappear with the time of the washing, but these four items we firmly believe, will be in the time-tested, but also emit dazzling light, shining your life. Let a woman fan with these four tokens and our minds of the big woman, that is, you, write the most courageous agreement it! Accompany you, accompany us.

Hand Ring Token: Circle You, a gentle reminder

Once lost in the work, is you. Once lost in school, is you. Once lost in the family, is you. Once lost in love, is you. You have multiple identities: Commissioner, walking on the street, daughter, director, a member of the Reading club, girlfriend, you must learn to speak in a variety of different voices, until you meet a group of people, let you find yourself anew, understand yourself.

Now this group of friends like you love their partners need you to stand up, with our common tokens, the top cast has no time to shake the motto: I loved who I am! Love the way I am! We are with you. (Recommended reading:"Female leadership column" Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark. )

Passport clips: The ends of the earth, there are groups of people always beside you

You see the sunset of the island, you have seen the Seoul of snow, you and Nara deer robbed the hands of the grass, you admire the South law of the Sea has you in this life has not met the blue, you also want to go to many places to see, there are many visions. (Recommended reading: Three women exercise exercises: I move so I exist, to the body more gentle and powerful possible )

Hey! My dear! No matter where you are, we want you to remember, as we meet together with the pledge on the one word: live what I love, loving my life! Also please love your life, put this token into the bag! We want you to know, women fans are in your side to support you, accompany you fly to the ends of the earth, together to see how big the world, how beautiful!

Notepad token: The word in the flowering, turn to see the track of Dream

You must have written a diary, even a phrase. You must have written a love letter, even without sending it. You must have copied a famous couplets, for from the inside you see the soul is being stirred. You must have been drawing skim, on the paper, just to express, to remember the mood at the moment.

These are the paths of growth that you have had, you have dreams, big dreams, and you will be a little closer to them. Write them down, one day when you look back, we make a pledge for you, the roses will still be beautiful, waiting for you to see, you will find that the word, will become a surprise again and again, bring you laughter, life more perfect. (Recommended reading: Big Women's Theater: Five Grand women's manifesto for the Brave Life for You (the end of the Gift award))

Photo Frame keepsake: On the table pillow, pick up the memories of the day

You will have beautiful memories, also will have a rare memory, beautiful lies in many people with you know yourself, love yourself, say to their love, is rare in 10,000 of people together, together here, this moment.

Last token: Photo frame. With this frame, 528, I love my free day, the scene will have a special photographer to help you write down you love your own appearance. Put in the picture frame, the photo may be old, but the smile is always fresh out of the oven!