"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so. Reading poetry is like a process of digestion of sadness, for life to leave some monologue, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, parting from the reality of the turmoil, the woman fans only read poems for you.

I've loved living.
Let's go to bed, birds!
I've loved living.

Cause there's something calling me in the distance
I've loved the sadness.
We can go to bed, yo, kids.
I've loved the sadness.

I've loved the laugh.
Like worn-out shoes.
I've loved the wait, too.
Like the dolls of the past

Open the window and then a word
Let me hear who's yelling
Because I've loved it.

Sleep, little birds.
I've loved living.
In the morning, I also like to wash my face.

--Kukawa The dying of spring

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Keep your hair long.
and cut it short.
Return reincarnation to the Buddha
The world belongs to the world
Give the power back to all sentient beings
Let them go alone.
The edge of their own

Return the fall to the cliff
Let the man who stumbles
Know how to regret
Return the shore to the sea
Before the mountains melted.
Return the dream to the sun and moon

--Ming Ren letter disrobed

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Humans on a tiny planet.
Go to bed and get up and work
Sometimes it's good to have company on Mars.

The Martians are on a tiny planet.
I don't know what I'm doing.
(maybe it's a mile, a grunt, something like that.)

But sometimes I wish there was a companion on Earth.
It's really a good hope.

Gravitation is
The solitary power to pull things together.

The universe is curved.
So everyone can touch it.

The universe is gradually expanding
So everyone will be upset.

To the loneliness of the 2 billion light-years
I couldn't help but sneeze.

--Kukawa 2 billion light years alone

It rained so hard.
You're supposed to be in the house.
But I'm afraid you'll get soaked by something else.
Years and the like
A crowd or something.
You often lose your umbrella.
Your umbrella looks good.
The little white clouds carry you to many places
In the midst of the rain
You still don't know what I'm worried about for you.
It's not going to stop raining.
Sometimes it doesn't stop raining.
and whether or not you have an umbrella

--Yeqing Rain

If you do not encounter
If not lost
If there is no holding hands
If we don't break up
Yes, you have to believe this.
Because there's no corner at this intersection.
The bookstore on the corner has no poetess Wislawa Szymborska at first sight.
Luckily, there's another tree.
There are still some unfinished flowers in the tree.
Luckily, there's the subway.
There are some good people in the subway.
Luckily, there's another one I
One eye, one ear, one nose, one mouth.
And a small, weak heart.
Yes, you have to be so convinced
He's in front of you and back, left and right.
He's smiling at you, talking to you, and thinking about you.
He has another eye, another ear, another mouth.
His heart was small and small, but he had one of your
Yes, you have to be so convinced
You hear the sound of the strong footsteps of a thunderstorm
You hear, the blood-losing heartbeat seems to be missing.
Yes. I hear, my Love

--Excerpts to Lu Ying fish "Listen to Love"