Women obsessed with X-Cheng products of the big women choose to cooperate, we believe that the big woman from reading inside a glimpse of their own, inviting 11 female fan author, from three directions connecting Herstory, empower individual, embrace Diversity, wood, Shishun, Xu Tianfang, Wang Yu, Zhou, to see which book they could not toaster. (same field Gayon: annual leave greedy read!) Edit a private bookcase: take possession of your intimate time

The Book of Chai : Farewell book: In the time of my absence

After "The Best of times" and "Love soon: Nantes/Paris Memoirs," Two Zhang Yixian, once again challenged the time and writing issues, write "farewell book: In my absence of time."

Can time heal all wounds? Different from the public sentiment in the future view of the emphasis of the "tomorrow will be better", psychoanalysis that the pain is a part of growth, not only can not be cut with the subject, but also the symbiosis of pleasure. In this intensely emotional growth novel script, the protagonist of his earnest-hearted to refute the healing effect of time, told the reader: "I really intend to, when I was 43 years old, destroy all my memories." "His vague but highly conscious ethnic identity, gender identity, and political leanings make it impossible to calibrate the single source of her painful memories with linear narratives." A sincere confession, as if to lead us with her to a "reverse treatment" of the memory of the journey, the complicity of all the details exposed to the writing of a dense history of reproduction.

In this era of identity mania, when people pursue the ultimate political correctness of the nation, comrades and language, the farewell book asks us: Can we be happy when we become the subject of a group identity? Identity is difficult and necessary, after all, we lose recognition, we also lost the language of mutual recognition. But the "farewell book" is more difficult to identify, the lies and betrayals that come with identity, the feeling of being abandoned and "untimely" by the whole age (and to some extent very lesbian), seem to enrich our experience and existence more than to give up all doubts and to grow into a certain identity. (Recommended reading: Women's book Culture: Only women's fonts )

As he said: "For life, I do not give it any task." Even the memory doesn't have to have it. My favorite, is farewell. 」

Shishun : "Postmodern/woman"

"Postmodern/Woman" is simply wish's first book. When postmodernism met feminism, the post structure theory met with gender politics, and postmodern/post-structural feminism in the 90 's had a turbulent reversal of the former golden rule of feminism. All the nature is reconstructed, all the liberation is the question mark, all taboos are played flip. It is in this constant deconstruction, questioning and playing, simply Wish wrote the "Postmodern/woman."

The 90 's Madonna (Madonna), the popular representative of postmodern feminism, became the dialectical starting point of postmodern/feminine. Simply wish talk about Madonna's postmodern sex performance, Madonna documentary's True Image, also talks about the nude camouflage of Madonna photo album. However, simply wish's writing began in Madonna, but not just in Madonna. She has talked about the third World feminist critique of the White Center feminism, as she moves from a popular love song to a fashionable parody of a sleek, slim, thin, postmodern renaissance. The natural subject of feminism is not to go back, and the question of postmodern feminism continues. "Postmodern/Woman" although published in 1993, after more than more than 20 years, the book contains the critical energy, still turbulent, lasting new, continue to dismantle the resurgence of contemporary gender ideology. (same field Gayon: the inner force of chivalrous woman!) Interview with simply wish: "Feminist efforts to let feminism Die")

Xu Yu : "Long Hate song"

"Long Hate song" In the Wang Yuayao is you, you are Wang Yuayao.

In Shanghai Lane to walk in, covered with a handkerchief bent eyes laugh there are thousands, are Wang Yuayao. Wearing Shandan cheongsam, in droves to highlight the modern, rely on are Wang Yuayao. 仗恃 Youth is flourishing at random, the days of the head did not open to lose a heart, still Wang Yuayao. Wandering away, playing with the spirit of the Earth again come, is Wang Yuayao carrying boxes to stay in a small corner of the big city. Lane to get to the end, the staircase two turn, a small unit in the Wang Yuayao of Hope and love, the second quarter, the third quarter, you read down.

You read Wang Yuayao love the results of the people, the result is a daughter without a father. You read the Wang Yuayao from the closet to take out a young Chinese dress, pink satin slide over the fingers like water generally cool. You read Wang Yuayao in the days of the collapse of China's modernization as a little woman, in the heart of a little past like the water, a meal to the day to the everlasting.

You are Wang Yuayao. Is that you love the people can not promise, that is, you are at the table at 1.1 points to save up and live together. Is that you remember a young prophecy, the Dream of youth, you in the emotional desire to say that the export of the description is not clear, are Wang Yuayao life.

Wang Yuayao is you, in the "Long Hate song" For you have lived through a few lifetimes of life.

Wang Yu :" the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo "

Actually, I'm a little confused about the recommendations of the Millennium Trilogy, huh? What do you want to write? Shaland Three words is enough?

Shaland Hey, that strange hot, also is also evil, Emine, the Universe invincible Thunderbolt powerful world hackers, regardless of being repeatedly raped the terrible, dare to rape their bad guardian body blood, carved: "I am only a sadistic pig, I am a pervert, I'm a rapist. Also continue to check whether he continues to see those who do not exist on the internet of child pornography, the three-five o'clock verbal intimidation, the courage to take an axe to the evil father to seriously injured, can escape the monster of his brother's buried alive, on the court deliberately wipe the funny Goethe thick makeup protest, After the secret police planted the human life after stuffy not hum of sharp retaliation, her strong and antisocial personality character is not happy, even let her herself into a lot of trouble and suffering, but no matter what super heroine is not her cool, real, charming attractive. Shaland's charm is that she is clearly an anti-hero, but also a evil spirit for all women out of the mouth of the super female. She doesn't see a thing in her. Stereotypes about female victims, she would never waste time crying, but with the silence and absolute violence of gray justice, for themselves and friends to recover all the injustice. Prove with action: "I am a woman, but I am not weak." 」

Larson's clever and fast-paced writing skills, intricate lines and astounding's main story will make you pick up the book until you see the last page, strongly recommend this is clearly written by men, but is known as the feminist too strong mystery novel! (Warning, bitter experience of a young woman I strongly advise you not to read this book while cooking, and carefully throw strange things into the pot!) )

Of course, we can not forget the relationship between the north and the Nordic, you can make a good redefinition of the nature of the daily, whether it can be like the inside as simple as eating water in general. Ha ha. (same field Gayon: mastery of your sexual rights: no sexual marital bliss?) )

the book of Zhou : Depart from Kin

Depart from the kin thick and down two volumes, it is daunting, it is not.

The author says one story after another in a fluent tone, and the group he stops from is a physical obstacle to a mental handicap, from one endpoint to the other. He visits all kinds of families and says to you to listen to their stories, their pain and love. In order to achieve this book, he visited 300 families, which lasted 10 years.

If reading is the beginning of the journey of imagination, the departure from the relatives is the perfect tour leader of the world, take you to see all kinds of human style, visit different life suffering. That you don't have a chance to experience, he takes you to see. He barely criticizes, telling you just how different people are in the face of the same dilemma, what kind of response they might have, and how the system responds to them.

People who do not know what darkness is, often think themselves superior, but do not think that a person without darkness, to become a light is also nothing great. Depart from the Kindred to take you to see the darkness in life. The parents of the killers on campus, how to understand their children again? How do people get back to the light when they face the dark side of a loved one?

Hollywood movies always make love so simple, but in real life, love is hard. Difficult in those tangled and struggling, difficult to let go in the end is Love or not love. To deviate from relatives and not to answer such questions, you have to use your eyes, see for yourself, feel.

When I opened this book, I thought I would find answers to the fruit of the tree, and when I closed this book, I found that even if you traveled around the world for a week, you had to look back at yourself with a new vision.

We're here, inviting the big girls to choose your book .