The big woman chooses the book unit, is one of 5/28 big Women's Times series of activities! Invite 11 writers from three faces selected books, connecting herstory, empower individual, embrace diversity, if your big woman spirit is a book, what book will it be? Nick Hsu, Sea Moss, Cai Yiwen, Charisan, and Sophie Witches, listen to their choices. (same field Gayon:"The Big Woman chooses the book for You" from "The Long Hate song" to "the Postmodern/The Woman")

Nick Hsu selected book: Tina Fey Bossypants

Perhaps many people do not know Tina Fey, perhaps many people have not seen the TV comedy rock, and perhaps many people do not know her Saturday Night life imitation, but it does not matter, because this book can make you laugh.

In fact, it has been a long time no book can make me laugh so happy, every night before bedtime reading time is always let me laugh to sleep do not want to read it, but also on the subway many times because I suddenly laughed out of the eyebrows of others.

The book that I'm going to recommend today is Tina Fey's personal biography, "Tina Fey-bossypants."

The main content is Tina Fey with a small story to tell you how they are from a dream-loving little girl, turned into the award of countless comedians and producers. Unlike the general biography, Tina Fey's story is full of courageous feminism, but her expression is more humorous, or more direct, or, the whole book has actually been conveying: "I want to be the kind of person I want to be, I don't care whether you like it or not." "(same field Gayon: Choose for Life!") Lupita N ' Yongo: Practice your beliefs, not meet the expectations of others

In fact, one of my favorite things about Tina Fey is that she always humorously admits her flaws in her story, and this, I believe, may give many female readers a different definition of "bravery"-success is not pursuing perfection, but being able to admit its flaws.

The different chapters in the book also share Tina Fey's different insights into life, like she talked about her refusing to hire some jerks, the bastards questioned the ability of women to show a sense of humour on television; she also made people laugh at the photo-fixing software; she even in the last chapter "the Mother's Prayer for its daughter, humorous but also touched to tell her about her children's expectations (she does not want her children on the buttocks of the thorn in the Chinese words can not understand).

To sum up, this is a tearful memoir of Tears, perhaps, Tina Fey can give young you, in the pursuit of the dream of the way to see their own failure, and bravely to stand up again. (Recommended reading: habit Falls, enjoy failure )

Cai Yiwen selected book: Shanyan is a childhood

"Shanyan is a childhood" there is no doubt in my mind that the healing system is God. Perhaps read the reader and the author himself can not help popping a laugh, especially for the healing system this word, but "Shanyan is childhood" played me into seven or eight years of bedside book, whenever with the boyfriend quarrel, quarrel with the Netizen, and life quarrel, always can not help to open a page, and then, as if the tarot card to choose which one, Measure your current life.

As a person of good face, I love "Shanyan is Childhood" is its description of "Jealousy", the jealousy of love, the jealousy of others ' lives in the "abortion" for the extension of the seemingly cloudy wind (politically correct) to end the relationship, but from the "boyfriend's ex-girlfriend" and show another Crazy face, As if someone had written a confession that I could not enrich in my life, jealousy as an emotion that was not supposed to happen again--as if to be jealous of a partner is a single sex partner who is a close supporter of one another in the 
The intimacy of progress "will vanish as the emotion of the end of the relationship, in the progressive world, they should all disappear, or at least be well hidden." (same field Gayon: lovers ' relationship that can't be intimate for a lifetime )

But jealousy is so beautiful and profound portrayal in which, released my heart jealousy (or malicious).

Not only the jealousy of love, but also the jealousy of life. have been tired of the kind of regardless of class, racial hierarchy created "contentment", emphasizing which way of life is good, rich white men always on the road to meet poor but intelligent black women, middle-class women to " It's not the American place. "Walk around to feel the meaning of life, but still back to the modern city inside have their own air-conditioned computer has a publishing house life."

I like to Hu Shuwen on one side with a low education and a less elegant way of life, while still exposing the "side of the line" jealousy resentment. And it is this confession that heals the women who must rely on political correctness to live.

The Sea Moss Bears The book: "The City Without Face"

There is a time when we will look forward to the little Prince-style love. Look forward to a quiet in the prairie waiting for our people, can we care in the glass inside the complete, can not find the root of the time, gently said: "Please tame me." "(Recommended to you: The little Prince, do not feed the fox does not belong to you )

But often, the more you desire, the more disappointing you are. So after a few days of accumulating hope, you start locking your heart in until you forget how to open it.

The city of No face describes 5 people burdened with different stories, once injured, once desperate, once eager to go to heaven, but once again wandering in hell. Most of the time, the people who hurt you, the knives they took, were actually pulled from themselves. Body, still dripping with blood.

Because they themselves have been so hurt and entangled, so they know clearly, through this way, can leave something, but do not know, they unconsciously, also hurt important people.

But they are like you, in fact, deep inside, is also longing to be loved.

Charisan : "Genie" Ariel

The Spirit (Ariel) is a book for the American poetess of genius, Sylvia. The most complete work of Plath (Sylvia Plath, 1932-1963), she lived under the American male-dominated social system of the 50, swinging in the life of paternity, love, marriage and children, and finally choosing to settle his life in a calm way.

Like Sylvia Plath works, she faced the struggle against the ego and the surface of the reality of compromise, but found a way out in poetry, and each line of verse is combined to reflect the record of her life.

The 1960 poem "Life", wrote: "A woman is swaying her shadow, around the hospital Lee's bare saucer around the circle ..." A drowning man, complaining of the great cold, climbed up from the sea. "The symbol of the patriarchal era dominated the American society, Sylvia Plath with gentle and resolute strength to face themselves, and regain new life." And another poem, "The Genie", with the same name as the book: described in the dim hours of the morning, riding her favorite white horse to greet the sunrise, like in the 60 's the fate of the feminist but eager to find freedom of the road, the verse described in the dark riding to greet the night by Damin Bright Sunrise, is a kind of self pursuit and feminine consciousness metaphor. (same field recommendation: Feminist Bad Religion: The third wave of feminist lust writing )

Elvish verse:

"The stagnation in the dark
Then the rock and the vision.
Pure, blue pouring.
The Lioness of God, we are the same.
Was the splash of dew-suicide general,
As the force went into the red eyes together,
The big steam pot of the morning. 」

In every poem, Sylvia Plath like standing on the edge of a cliff, shouting and struggling with the chant of poetry. If you can also read in the rhythm of poetry, feel the Sylvia Plath face ego extreme and control desire, show the strength of perseverance, this most essence and the most beautiful feminist awakening, is I think "big woman era" can master and play the best spirit. (More details:528 Women's Days )

As in the vast sea, we can see the glimmer of light, is quite beautiful and profound.

Sophie the Witch chooses the book:"When realizes the dream, what can happen?" "

"Joy" is to survive. "Anger" is meant to protect the most important treasures of the moment. "Sadness" is for letting go of things that were lost in the past. "Fear" is to avoid danger in the future. Any emotion is necessary and important. What happens when you realize your dream? "Shitanju II

In the age of the world sinking, revelers choose to pursue their dreams and discard ancient doctrines as their rockets to preserve their value for life and life. However, the macro in the market to write the dream books, but it is always filled with the kind of "you want to refuel, and always keep optimistic positive" of the hyper-positive psychology, or literary youth-style small really happy theme of life sentiment. However, in this layer of pink dream light, it seems to the dying in the world, can not realize the dream of anger, life not from the feeling of sadness, or qiantu seems to be the despair of the fear of the way to one by one disposal of the negative.

But how can the spectrum only be Haibai, and the limbs could only express pleasure?

What will happen today when I choose to recommend what is known as the "secret" Asian version, written by Ishida, to realize the dream? , the author writes in the perspective of a cosmic believer the kind of real emotions that a person should embrace in pursuit of his dream. His idea of knowing his subconscious, and repeating it in a paradoxical and repetitive form, until his dream was realized was not only a smile, but one of the things that made me more memorable was the heart of his book which he wanted to bring to the reader's mind. (same field Gayon: stop messing around!) Dream meet is to earn! In this life I only do Huang Junrong )

Dreams always come true at the moment you choose to forget, are you ready to forget your grip today?

we are here to invite The Big Girls Choose the books for you .