Women's mother's Day Special Edition, we want to deal with more difficulties and contradictions faced by our mothers before we wish Mother's Day happiness. after becoming a mother , she was forced to disappear as a girl, as if for her children she no longer have the right to treat themselves, and one day, she will face the children have left home "after mother" period, as children, Mother's " Great "Let me distressed, I want to ask is, mom really want Mother's Day gift will be?" (same field Gayon: sex Watch: Written on Mother's Day eve, can I not be super Mother )

I am 25 years old, my mother has become a mother at my age.

I grew up in the process of listening to my mother intentionally or unintentionally recites me, not too early to get married, not too early to have a child, perhaps she has never thought of herself, the original birth of a child, her life will end so early. Her maiden days were suddenly discontinued like Serial comics, transformed into a child-rearing magazine, left a long time to the feces of urine, coax children to sleep, send children to school, pick up the children, send the children away from home, urging the children home, she has no way, had to remind their children, think about the future of this road should not go. (same field Gayon: selection )

Often portrayed as the mother of the Almighty sacred, society with a "woman born with a motherly love" hasty prevarication, but what is motherly love? Don't be silly, no one is born to know how to be a mother, no one sent you a usually Mother Survival Handbook, and our life is full of "mother three move" or "Model Mom" fable. Mother was deprived of her maiden qualifications, was immediately asked to face the tough life, she carried the housework and tilt the burden of parental responsibility, in the hands of slippers to kill the cockroach not to scream the moment, she knew that in order to conceive the life of October, she no longer have too many rights to say no. (Recommended to you: sex Watch: From the mother who was evicted from the bus, see where the Taiwanese dad is going?) )

How "great" my mother is, the world's mother is "great", and I will be afraid, I can never be like her, and I will be afraid, I can never be like her, and I will be afraid, I can never justly say, I do not want children, do not want to be a mother.

On this Mother's Day eve, I can not casually say happy Mother's Day, because I know most of the time, as a mother, she did not think she can be happy. (same field Gayon: To Mother's confession letter: May you brave to turn, meets you to be worth good )

The "Free choice" that does not exist, "after mothers" who are not concerned

Still like this, women should not be mother, until modern times is still not considered as "free choice."

A woman without a child is always a natural reminder that she will die alone; married not to have children of couples, will be ridiculed is not who sexual ability is problematic; women's womb is rightly regarded as serving the world, to nurture the mainstay of the next generation, to continue human life, the uterus is not hers, the uterus is a vessel with social mission.

A girl of my age may be as scared as I am. Most of the time, I wonder if I'm too selfish. Not like my mother, put the child's life before my life, I can not give my child the best love and resources, give up their lives, I can not meet the expectations of a good mother, I do not want to, I think of fear.

And what about my mother? My mother told me that 50-year-old, after leaving home, drastically changed her life.

She decided that the way of time is no longer the same, 5:30 no longer need to pick up children from school; her consumption was no longer the same, the dinner no longer needed to be prepared for four, and her feeling of being a "subject" suddenly became so strong that her evening was suddenly empty, not to meet the child's time, but "her own time", whatever she wanted to do. She looked at the child's back well far away, know that they are very frustrated, it is like a very different form of breakup.

She looked back on her life, almost to remember what she had done for herself, at that moment she was so sad. She went into the "after mother" period when the child left home, practiced chasing those lost years of life, practiced to cherish her life weight, practice better for herself. And that's what she did for a long time after mom.

What I want to ask is, what can we do in such a time? Can we meet after mother's teenage feelings, can let the mother back to their professional field, can let the father to join the ranks of parents earlier, share the tilt of parental responsibility?

If we give our mothers the possibility of more selfishness and frustration, if we do not ask to sacrifice our lives to achieve the greatness of our parents, if we let our fathers participate in a more painless way, can we untie the freedom of the mother and the child? Is it possible to return the mother's lost life to her? (same field Gayon: sex Watch: Written on Mother's Day eve, can I not be super Mother )

Before we become a mother, we are the first person

How I thanked my mother, and how I wished that she didn't have to hide her life for me, for her children. I am so contradictory to thank and blame, she spent most of her time pulling children, the best have given, they will not take anything.

If I can send a mother's Day gift, I hope my mother is better to herself than to me. I hope she treats herself better than she treats her family well, and I hope that when she does, society will not condemn her, but will understand that it is the right to be human and more than any of her identity. Before they became mothers, they were first and foremost individuals, with love and desire and dreams and life. (Recommended thinking:"non-existent room": Woman's name, not only mother )

The child is not born to complete the unfinished dream for the mother, and the mother does not have to throw their own life for the child.

I hope all mother's happiness is not from the special hot washing machine or vacuum cleaner on Mother's Day, how naturally those gifts imagined mothers as a single role to be "responsible for housework"; I hope that all mothers ' happiness comes from her being justly good to herself and being a mother and still being a happy girl.

So, we can be very sure, not xiangyuan from to say, happy Mother's Day.