single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. Single diary dedicated to the Big Women series, a big woman, a love. Our single, never the same, together delicate see the plot of life. Big girl, don't worry about being alone, the best or the worst, remember yourself. (Recommended reading: single Diary: Love Is, in front of you I have a conscience to become myself )

Talk about a few paragraphs in love, you know many lovers over the wind and rain, not ordinary.

Ordinary too fickle, and the courage to fight for the day's fluctuations. The wind and rain are right, you must enjoy the glory of the storm.

Dear Big woman, your injury is nothing new. Before 35 friends with you to drink lovelorn wine, more times you are ashamed shyness, eight ping Junior suite side Package He left the personal items, with ml of beer, your sadness will soon digest.

When you are 20 years old, you shout pain and someone loves dearly, come over again you say pain, others will only laugh you are a fool.
When you are 20 years old, there are two lines of tears on your face. He will dry it for you. You want to complain, others think you immature.

Those who shout will accompany you through the wind and rain, do not appreciate your ordinary. They like you have a sweet and fragrant romantic big roll, do not love you to tie up the appearance of the Ponytail Yan, they are infatuated with your eyes, but did not see you love to cry, they can laugh with you, but do not understand the movie when you look at the box of tears.

Instead of being with a man who doesn't know me, I'd rather live on my own.

Jane Birkin

Dear Big woman, those who can not spend the ordinary person with you, why let you wait with the years.

After Ben three, the Society for you depreciation, you add value for yourself. Your good, your ordinary, your pride, will be someone else's righteous love.

"I looked at the road, the entrance of the dream was a little narrow; I met you, the most beautiful accident. "Meet"

You are not reconciled, that is of course, not reconciled, it means you still believe.

Others say you are in love the last bus, you do not believe it. The road is out of line, just take it.