Shaolin kung fu movies, martial arts, high strength, gage, real Shaolin Temple and the martial arts process?Through her 20-year-old, she tells us everything in the real situation.She is the first, and currently the only girl in Taiwan who has completed three years of education at Shaolin Temple's training base at the Wuxu Buddhist Monastery.

Chen TingXuan: "This path is loneliness, loneliness, hard work, determination to have persistence, more independence, and more hardship than others."

The Way to the

The age of 15 years of age is the time for each child to have a career choice.High school, high school, or outside sociology is an option. However, a very special father, however, gives his own children a different choice: "Do you want to go to the mainland to learn martial arts?"At the same time, there may not be many solutions in Taiwan, but it may be possible to find a different sky from the study of Wu!When he was young, he decided to go to the Songshan Shaolin Temple in central China's Henan Province in mid-2006.

"The Sensei was first to look at my hand, look at my wrist, then touch my bones, and then say," Yes!This is a practice!Generally, if not, we will not take it!"It is the beginning of a passion for the training base of the Shaolin monastery training base," he said.

Spend half-bucket water?

"Formal access to training and discovering that there are many, many areas that need to be learned.""The steething of humility."Before entering the Shaolin Temple, she had never studied any martial arts, and started from scratch.Every day, they have to practice, starting from the most basic squat step, with sweat and sweaty in the sun, and the muscles need to bite down because of the excessive use of their muscles, they still need to bite the teeth.
a hot afternoon in the
, the coach asked the whole class to take a lesson in the cheek. After ten minutes, he only saw lazy and lazy nerds, and his bones and bones were hard to adapt. One of the students suddenly said to her, " What's wrong with the world?Why are you crying?At that time, the head was low, and there was water droplets on the ground, and she lifted her head, " Wow!It turned out that it was not crying, it was sweat!Surprisingly, the classmates said.At the end, even the coach couldn't help but praise her perseverance: " Look!Although the codename in the school is not going down, it is still very hard to do it.The hardship and persistence of this course of learning seems to be gradually integrating into her blood and her bones, making her stronger and stronger, and not afraid of suffering.
were also very curious about whether the martial arts monks in Shaolin Temple were either smarveling or imbue with iron sand. " In the seventy-two Jetty Shaolin, everyone would normally have only one or two items, but everyone was very much trained in this effort.For example, a Buddhist monk would have to use three fingers to stand up and stand up, so he could always be a constant.But there was no eaves, it was the steel wire in the movie. (Laughter)" Tinxuan has solved the puzzle.

" In any case, every effort should not be made in the wilderness.One day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one day, one dayIn fact, everything is like this.This sentence is simple in her mouth, but it can imagine the hard work of this process, so that we can make a fuss about it when we visit!

is even more challenging to be alone and difficult to live!

The Shaolin Temple is not the same as in the film, and the real life is very much like a traditional and closed camp.The first impression she was given to her by Shaolin Temple was the first time she was in school, the first time she was in the hospital.The first thing to adapt to is that no one in other places can talk about the loneliness of life, but also the difference between the living environment and the habits.

" What toilet is this!It was a ditch, because it was not able to flush it, it was very dirty and dirty, and then only half-happy walls were separated from each other with no cover, and everyone could see each other's convenience." We are surprised to hear this description of the toilet, let alone the occasional blockage of the gutter because of the blockage. Of course, this is only a small part of the difference in life.
addition, only at the end of the week, when the instructors took the class out to wash their toilets, they would have to be frank and honest. " In the end, I couldn't take it once a week, so I used to boil water with a spoon to wash the toilet, because I could lock the door in the bathroom."
diet is also a great challenge to adapt to, often eating steamed bread, coloring, drinking rice soup, and unsanitary habits of some of the chefs that she can only live on."There is no entertainment, no different kinds of differences, and so on, so she has spent a lot of effort to adapt.

people are eight out of eight worlds, eight of them are unique, "he said." It is easy to adapt to the environment and suffer hardship because it is a small society, and it's a small society that makes it more suited to the social model than children of the same age."" Because China has 56 nationalities, I have friends everywhere!" Tinxuan does not believe that the hard work is more optimistic about the stories of these differences of life.
course, there are tearful tears. "
in Taiwan is also full of seduces. But in Shaolin Temple, I have a lot of things to do, because it's quiet!"Quiet, let yourself talk to the inner self.And I believe that this is only a short period of training, but it will finally be a beautiful fruit.Whether it is good or bad, it is a kind of experience." Tinxuan is satisfied.

Customary pain is more

Every day runs mountains, flippers, springs, a whole set of boxing, 10,000 feet, and a variety of different types of weapons. The softness of the tendon and the thin film is weak.

How many times have you started running, and how many times have you been springing up and sweat and sweat?

How many times have you broken up, how many times have you been injured, and how many times sweaty sweaty and so on remain unafraid?

Increasingly, with the accumulated experience, Tinxuan continues to advance and break through, " I really enjoy it in the back, and I'm going to go beyond myself.It's going to be a way to make yourself better, and turn it into a comprehensive skill.She said she was the hapmost time slot for practicing martial arts.
from Taiwan
been studying at Shaolin Temple for a few months, and returned home. She is the only girl in Taiwan who has completed three years of education at the Shaolin Wushu training base.After completing his studies at Shaolin martial arts, she also continued to study martial arts in other places, including Chen Chia-gou, the birthplace of Chen style, and her apprentice at Wang Xian (one of Taijiquan's four major Jin Gang).

is important is the process

the international wushu competition, however,
turned to two silver, and she turned to fame and fame. She gradually adjusted her mind and her friends. "What's important is not the outcome, but the process," she said. " It's worth it to understand that you are more progressive than you are.She said.

The future dream of the imperial court is to have its own martial arts hall, with a focus on "Health, Cardiality, Special attack".Through martial arts, people have a strong physique and a strong physique to improve the threat of civilization. " If you don't have a Wurd, you will only use martial arts to bully the weak, and you should be used to help people.She explains her views on cultivating her heart. Finally, she hopes to develop Chinese martial arts, cultivate talent and increase the number of people in China.
The journey has been difficult, but my harvest is not a change of money. It makes my mind more mature than a person of the same age, and is no longer a member of the Grass-in-the-mouth, who is 20 years old, " she said.

the Diary's Diary Diary Snippet:

Martial arts know that early habit is not difficult to develop


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one thing she would like to share with womany's women is: Life is like a candle, and it will not shine without burning!""Luminous together!"