Because of you, have a great time! Before the start of the fifth internship program, I would like to invite you to be our day co-worker! Now, please leave us a few minutes, listen to us, and expect you to be part of a team of women fans in 5/28. And secretly said: once I love my great age of co-worker you, will be in the next internship program in a big bonus Oh! (Secretly, the2016-year internship program has been announced in 5/8 nights.) )

"Why would you do it?" Because that's what I really care about. 」

In the 2014, women were fascinated to invite all women fans online to share my life proposal with Janet, and in 2015, women were obsessed with three lectures, two performances, a forum, and four workshops, dedicated to everyone for their day.

In the 2016, women fans challenged themselves to the limits of the Taipei city government Square, an important venue for the world to see the fireworks in Taiwan, and the world to see a group of people in Taiwan who are trying to love themselves!

Why do women fans want to be "I Love Me"? Because love oneself, really is too important. Because too many people, afraid of their own different, worry about their own good enough, forget to love themselves, do not know how to spend a better day for themselves. (Recommended reading:525 I love my free section straight hit: Love their own five keywords, you will always be your own full version )

"This is the best of times and the worst of times." --Charles Dickens, a tale of the cities

Women fans believe that this is an era that must be "better" and must be "changed". We want to say, even if the world still has a lot of not good, still want to this time gentle, still don't forget to treat themselves. When the world still has too much pain and bondage, we are eager to change, no longer lost in life, no longer confused about life, no longer perplexed by the existence of the ego.

This is the meaning of the "great times": Will you be willing to face the darkness and be the light of the beginning before the coming of a bright age? This year, women go to the fifth year, we challenge ourselves, make a more different future: The million people stage, let the role model in various fields dialogue, inspire everyone's ideas and stories, direct tell everyone: love oneself is very important! We need you to love yourself!

Because of you, you have a good time, you are a part of the great soul of the good times.

There are a group of people who are working hard for such an era, and want to invite you to witness with us. Look forward to this day, you can understand that you are yourself, you love yourself, on this road along the way. Invite you to work with a team of women fans in 5/28 good times, everyone is part of the great soul of the tide of the times!

"To be 525, I love my woman. Day partner daily Co-worker"

Become co-worker you'll get the five exclamation points:

  • The memory of the Times: This activity is very crazy, but hope to have you with us to create such unprecedented!
  • Love and thanks to women: we will firmly remember you deeply! Your name will be remembered to see!
  • Practice the ability to perform large-scale activities, and a glimpse of women's partner's working methods: activity, execution, observation, strain, take heart!
  • Transportation fee allowance and full harvest: We thank the day partner's pay! We will provide the same day transportation fee allowance + Women fans exclusive Gift Group + Daily Partner work-like + Thanksgiving dinner + full of love!
  • And, of course, it's also a woman's internship. Sentinel Rapid Customs clearance: not only can quickly integrate into the rhythm of women fans team, but also let us through the day co-work find Super Nova! It's perfect for girls who want to practice. (now the metime behind the Daisy is the daily co-worker of 525 activities last year!) (same field Gayon: the relaxing atmosphere of the tropical island!) Me time period leisurely edition fragrance secret )

Today, join our daily co-worker ranks!

Thank you, please down the list, is our dear one day partner:
Hurry up and search for in the mailbox! There's an important message.

Chenhong Lu Shuning Yang Ziqing Huang Wei yuan
Chen Jing Lu Jiaojie Yugia Xutchuhan Chen Yitian
Chen Siping Su Zi Zhang Jiaqi Wang Xianxin Xu Shuting
Chen Yulu Dongai Zhang Qiting Suber Guo
He Yu Shinwen Zhang Yanyi Su Ying Zhang Fangyu
Hong Yu 銤 Shan Zhang Yanjou Raylius Wang
Huang Changling Jeong Woo Gaopeiting Huang Jingchen
Huang Ufen Xu Huiling Zhongjia Li Jia Wu Yujie
Limpe such as Xu Shiyu Zhong Guo Yiting Lin Zi hsueh
Liu Yinyi Sicrone Zhou Ju Hongyun hardwood Wei Fangyu

Big Girl,5/28 meet the city square to create a good time