525 I love my Free Festival, is the first time women fans. on this day, we exchanged tears and smiles with our readers for a love of their own agreement and practice.

In the 2015, women fans to their own positioning is "the most heart of female force media." Because in the founding of the four years, we received a lot of letters, told us because there are women fans of the article, so that they stand up again, get the courage and strength to go on.

"What else can we do?" "Last year 525 events invited Janet to share their secrets with us on the website, and this question has always been around us, and as a media, how do women's imaginations continue to expand and allow themselves to exert more positive forces?" So in this year, we have done a bit naïve, but absolutely true, we want to get in the online moved to the online, so we first time in W Hotel Taipei "525 mefestival I love my free section of the entity activities. (Extended reading:525 I love me: do not need 100 points, find the five free exercise )

"I have paid all my love for a man, the world revolves around him, hoping that one day he will be able to treat himself with the same love, and that he has been battling weight for a long time, looking into the mirror every time, seeing the repulsive loser and the fear that others will look at themselves in such a way. More than ever to work all night desperately, expect others will see their own efforts, but in the stillness, but it seems not to find their future direction and meaning. "525 activities of the general call Sophie once wrote such a paragraph of text, and her story, is also a lot of women are obsessed with the girl's experience of everything.

"Love Yourself" is never a simple thing, love never has a fixed form ; Love is apt to become a vague rhetoric Love is always too easy to put others ahead of themselves, let us learn not Before you love, "accept" yourself first. So in this will be near thousands of people on the scene, we take ME as the Action keyword, launched a series of exercises: three lectures, two performances, a forum, plus four workshops. together for their special me time, I hope you can wholeheartedly for their own day.

Before the event, there were 16 day partners with us to pack thousands of gift boxes, the team also in the field cloth to two o'clock in the morning, but agreed to set a morning six points, no one complained. Before the event, because not satisfied with the introduction of this printed, we put the original version of the destruction, spent 3.5 times times the cost of all reprint, no one questioned. Activities before, our engineers in order to make it impossible to the scene of everyone also feel free festival warm, independent move a small ingenuity, so that readers browsing the site, can see the small love falling, and no one thought such a move is superfluous.

What do these seemingly "silly" behaviors ask for? Just for those who have been online with us in words tightly embraced the reader. And we were surprised to see that the reader was really walking with a woman, and that a reader would report to the site 7:30 A.M., telling us how much she expected the start of the event. There are also readers in the early morning from Tainan and Kaohsiung to take the high-speed rail northward, pulling our hands said, even if the same day back and forth also feel not hard. And the readers from Hong Kong, sincerely tell us: "Thank you for doing such a good event, it is very good." Must come to be quite. "There are more readers from China who have a bright eye and say they like us," he said.

There are too many women fans of the team can not help tears moved, after the event to share these "love their own" keyword to everyone, thank us with smiles and tears, exchanged a good day. I also hope that we can continue to practise "loving ourselves" regardless of whether or not we are on the scene. (same field Gayon: Perfect is not beautiful, fall in love with a small flaw )

Membrace me hug: Yau Kunjun X Huang

"I'm not who you think I am, I'm not who I think I am, I'm the kind of person I thought you looked at me." 」

At the beginning of the event, Yau Kunjun, associate professor of drama, and the art director of the story Factory Huang, shared with us how to deconstruct "ego". From the experience of the body, vulnerability is always the hardest thing for us to confront ourselves directly. In order to make the students aware of their "masks" in front of the people, the Yau Kunjun teacher in Taiwan gave a performance course once asked students to stand on stage for two minutes, nothing can be done, can only accept the eyes of the whole class, "This time your mask will be revealed, may be particularly disturbed, particularly cordial, or particularly fierce." Only by being aware of this defense mechanism, and learning to relax, can you remove the mask and accept yourself. So whether you're in a theater or a real life, ask yourself if you're wearing a mask right now. And often we are afraid to put ourselves in front of people, but also fear the real ground to ourselves. (You will like : Theater Female Force Yau Kunjun: Gentle love oneself, is Rao that cannot "perfect" your person )

Huang teacher said: "Listen to" the construction of the word, the ear of a heart. If there is no heart, how to listen? "We have been omitting the process of communication, can not talk with the typing, can not type the map." Most of the time, we want to express the meaning behind the lines, you have to hear the words are not said, that is hidden in the hearts of desire and fear.

and What do you do when you know you have a gap with what other people perceive? You can only face yourself bravely, brave to embrace your fear, knock the past into pieces, let yourself be zero, reborn, and find a partner you can encourage, brave to be yourself, to make the world the way you like. face yourself, touch your body language, understand your smile and tears is not easy, but do not listen to their own voice and the body, you can not be more courageous to go down.

Melegant me Elegant: Ding Juan

"For women, how do you balance your career with your family life?" The first step is to decide what kind of person your life partner is. "Century Ogilvy founder Ding teacher at the beginning so share with us." Family and business always interact with each other, so men should not compress the time they participate in the family, and learn the dream of participating in housework and supporting partners. Women should not regard themselves as the perfect woman for everything, asking themselves to get 100 points in the family and work, because in the eyes of the "perfect" is often put their own tired after, blotted out their own life. (Recommended reading: written in love after the death of the Great Victoria, snow: Thank you for being my partner, so that I can come forward bravely )

Ding The teacher then asked us to try to "build the fulcrum of love more". The fulcrum of love is our life support system, so that our love can depend on the object. The fulcrum of these loves include partners, family members, even friends, peers, or co-workers, and these back-up systems can avoid the embarrassment of burning the candle at both ends when we need it badly. In peacetime to care about others, know how to interact with others, spend time to establish the fulcrum of love, it can timely effect, otherwise you encounter negative emotions or life crisis moments, next to no one can help, comfort, you will be very hard for a person to bear.

Finally, Ding told us that a woman's beauty comes not just from her appearance, but also from her soul. Spend a little more time with yourself, the teacher "love oneself" way the first is every year to learn the same new things, because we may not have time to let ourselves be big and small desire to fill, but first from the establishment of a simple goal, a little bit of accumulation, 10 years is not the "10 almighty" it? The second is to write a diary of Thanksgiving every day, love and be Loved is never a conflict between two things, and you can give the person you love the most precious gift is your time. In the back of the Thanksgiving practice time is also very warm, the girls enthusiastically raise their hands, looking at the one said, "I like my family." "I brought my grandparents big, they are my most important people." "The face, under the stage of our hearts also follow the grip." (You will like: "I'm afraid I'm too comfortable to learn anything anymore," said the interview with the founder of the Century Ogilvy Ding )

Mexplore I explore: Cheng

Rita, deputy director of the Hong Kong Women's Fund, told us when she came to the stage: "My Mandarin is not good, but the activity is very good, I must come." Looking at Rita's hearty smile, she felt that she was really good for sharing the secret of positive psychology with us. For Rita, don't be afraid of setbacks, you can jump higher and farther only when you meet the lowest point. Do you have a sign of melancholy? Do you often feel overwhelmed and unable to face your own sadness? Seeing a doctor or taking a pill can improve the surface of the problem, but will not increase your happiness. Happiness can be exercised, first from doing their own interests to start it! Like an ignorant child, what all practice to ask, to learn, to know, you will find that there are many good things in the world waiting for you. Gradually, you will hear your inner voice, and learn not to be overly anxious about the future.

There are always happy things in life, you have to practice the "find" way. Don't get too focused on your flaws, and if you keep seeing your own little black dots, you'll forget how much you have. We are our own conductors, responsible for directing how in their own life, using their own strengths and characteristics, to the spectrum of beautiful music. Rita's first half of the life, because of the standards of the people, has been denied to the self, confused about the lives. Until resolutely left the work more than 10 years of "high salary" position, alone to launch a six-year "self-discovery" trip, just let the feeling of a long time slowly recovery, slowly understand the so-called "success" definition. (Look together: How much time do you spend in your life to please others?) Do not pursue the exact same perfect )

And the highest level of love oneself is to use their own advantages outside, positive influence and help others, this is the most lasting happiness. Rita joined the Hong Kong Women's Foundation five years ago with her current CEO, there are no employees, only volunteers, and everyone can only squeeze in 500 square feet of office, together to "increase the number of women leaders and policymakers", "help poor women improve their lives" and "break the gender stereotypes" mission struggle. Before changing the world, first put yourself in good, and then feel the joy of their own, spread to the world, let others also have the same happiness, is Rita heart to explore their own happiness, the best way.

Menjoy I enjoy: Li China X Tammy

During the lunch break, we invited "Whoa!" Chen Yijun "starring Tammy as well as Li China, sharing his thoughts in a loving career and resting between himself. The Tammy, a red-shot of the lavender character, described acting as the second most favorite thing to eat, but had been repeatedly performing a similar role and had been forced to rest for a year by the fear of being forgotten by viewers. Tammy described the year's suspension as the most right decision, and the love of acting was released from exhaustion, hoping to "create a role". (Speaker interview: go back to the original point of boldness!) Tammy: "Like to go all out, become worthy of their own adults")

Li China said that the current self is "winding" state, in order to sing a dream, three years without a fixed income, still hopelessly cherish the present, in every performance in a fight, so now she just rest more than a week will want to quickly return to work, continue to accumulate their love and practice of singing. not Two personalities, both of whom describe themselves as "very real people" in front of something they love. Go your own way, you are your own choice.

The two also shared their own "love for themselves" way. Tammy particularly like the "dialogue with himself," the way, because after the play, often to face the characters in the drama of the entanglement and lust, can only more forcefully remind themselves to listen to the real voice, rather than be drowned in the role of the play. and Li China like to remind themselves to "cherish life", because love is never just a person's thing, the person you love will also be drawn to you and follow you, so for yourself and for love, always remember not to let people who don't like you dominate you, but to try to make the person you like stand in the moment with you. (same field Gayon : The pain makes her grow up! Li China: "Even if it hurts, be brave to Love" .

Menjoy I enjoy: Su Zihin

The second game I enjoyed was shared with the Su Zihin by a cross-border violinist. Su Zihin The piano from the age of three and left Taiwan in high school, admitted to the world's leading Juilliard School of music, but Su Zihin found that because of the pressure of attention, but he gradually lost the original intention of playing the piano: "Just into Julia you will find that everyone is very strong, then everyone will open their eyes to see what music you play, what competitions, Gradually began to care about other people's vision, this time the music is less a layer from the heart out of the real feelings. 」

Finally Su Zihin in touch with the violin, more and more with classical music farther and further, when she met with electric violinist Joe Deninzon in New York, that feeling is like met reunion friend, "I have been waiting for this voice for a long time!" "That's what she said. Finally, she does not care about other people's "Juilliard Graduate" imagination, abandoned a stable life, resolutely towards the cross-border music this road, so that the classical ride of rock, hippie, jazz and so on different styles, to become a unique music of their own. (Recommended reading: cross-border musician Su Zihin: If life is a paycheck, there's no sense of being alive. )

What happens when music is not loved by others? Will you worry about your popularity? Su Zihin also has a set of his own "15% theory", she said frankly 100 people inside, even if you like Lady Gaga, and not necessarily 15 people will know and like you, so it is most important to go their own playing road. Su Zihin finally in the scene of the play, also let us see her a kind of arrogant, proud of their gas.

Mextraodinary I distinguished: Zhang Yushan x Liu Daowei x Geru Jun

The final forum was conducted by three entrepreneurs. The first one to share is Mummy's love and My83 founder Zhang Yushan. A woman graduated from the north, after entering the Taiwan University for two years, she chose to complete her studies in the United States, and obtained a double master's degree in finance and management at Stanford. In the new company honed for a while, Yu Shan into many people dream of the star Enterprise Google, as partner technology manager. But in a crisis before the age of 30, she began to fear that she was addicted to ease and wanted to flee the comfort zone. The last one mother to My83, PO to fan group problem, unexpectedly in just 15 minutes, there are controlled mother reply, the mother's urgent needs became mummy love the opportunity to create. "How do you make the meaning of life different?" "It also wrote the best endorsement for Zhang Yushan's venture," he said. (Recommended reading: a daughter, two new ventures!) Zhang Yushan: "To be a mother, but also to be yourself")

The second share is Liu Daowei, who has been in Australia for nearly four years. She founded Little Girl Big Dream's original intention is: "Little girl, also can have great dream." Liu Daowei immediately explained why we are willing to spend 74% of the monthly salary on the surface, keep buying clothes, buy shoes, buy cosmetics, buy maintenance products, we spend on their own money but only 13%? So she is committed to letting girls see more of their possibilities, so that women can work in the leadership class, "in this era, women's salary and job promotion, to take their own, always believe that you can do." "Everyone should ask themselves: what do you want in the workplace?" What you want, determines the direction of your career, and determines the limits of your imagination. (Recommended reading: Australian entrepreneur Liu Daowei sarah:"The good world doesn't appear in thin air, but we can start by changing ourselves.)

Can you change the lives of 1 billion people in 10 years? This is the standard for selecting students at the University of Singularity. And Geru Jun is the first Taiwanese student to be hailed as "the smartest University in the world". He studied the dissemination of the university, research design, doctoral program information Engineering, as well as the two years of business Vitae, has been wanting to study abroad, to develop the ability to cross the field. Until the discovery of the combination of design and technology of the Singularity University, Geru Jun to say: "God!" There are such schools all over the world! "So he wants to learn from these Silicon Valley gods how to innovate, how to look at the problems in Taiwan, find a solution, and bring it back to Taiwan," he said. Now that he is starting a business, he hopes to experience so many things with his life, to use his body to impact the high wall of Chinese entrepreneurship, and then find a way to break through this wall, and then show everyone they did not see the back of the head of Chinese entrepreneurship. (Recommended reading: Dr. Po and woman fan implausible: Today we talk about the NASA Singularity University, also talk about the starting point of women fans )

Menlighten I lit: Women fans team X scene every one of you

The final surprise event was led by a woman-obsessed CEO, Shuan. At the beginning of the activity, Shuan first explained the process of the activity's conception. We tried to find Jolin Tsai, Selina and so many big stars to the last activities, for everyone to light the hearts of enthusiasm, but because of the time, finally can not talk about cooperation, so women fans decided to return to our original intention of "ourselves", to inspire each ordinary but true self. (same field Gayon: The gentle philosophy of a strong woman: listen to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

A woman fan is a man without money, no resources, no background of the new media, stumbling all the way over the past four years, we have only one reader, for women fans, we are you, you are US, women fans and readers inseparable, together in order to tear down their hearts of fear and sadness efforts, Just to achieve the one who does not live in the eyes of others, the one who wants to achieve the "different" possible.

Do you know who you are and what others see? Shuan want everyone to find the two pairs of strangers, after each other's conversation, write down to each other's three "first impression." "In the end we invite ourselves to the center of the stage to share the three key words we've just received from each other."

In which we saw a girl weeping with us to share the card at the age of two and three, flattening out anxiety and pain, and she received one of the key words is "full of hope", in this word, she seems to see the loss of a long time important things, finally the girl thanked the woman fans accompany her through the way of confusion. There are only two girls stand on the stage, excited to say Shuan gave her "not the same" this keyword, she still has a big dream, she just want to tell us that never so like a thing, and women fans is her most important thing.

We are not good at expressing our love for ourselves, so that we are accustomed to guessing other people's ideas, putting ourselves on the standards of others, and repeating ourselves between affirmation and negation, and then we become sensitive and vulnerable. And I Love Me Free Festival is our life Exchange, is also a love of their own practice, in a paragraph with words and tears exchange life, we lit each other. (Send a song to you: to commemorate bravery and fragility!) The song Lu Guangzhong wrote to us: Love myself)