Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

In an interview with Daipeni, she recalled the debut of the 16 years, smiled and said: "I used to be eight claws female, very sensitive to sound, like to do a lot of things at the same time, know that they have the ability to concentrate." But now I know how important it is to concentrate on doing something. She looked at me so intently that nothing seemed more important than our interview. "It's a great time to concentrate on your creations, focus on your words, concentrate on your meals, sleep and concentrate," he said. 」

She talked about the eyes of concentration, I remember well, she just concentrate on looking at me, look into the eyes, the heart without distractions.

In such a fragmented time, information so explosion of the era, we lost the ability to concentrate, forget to work for one thing is what kind of mood; we advocate multitasking across the boundary, but thus belittle the focus on doing a small thing of people; while we were eating, we slipped our phones, and we went back to our colleagues We are not even qualified to be attentive.

But no one tells us how hard it is to concentrate.

Focus is to respect the present self and the environment, understand that such time and space will not come again, then you would like to live at this moment of their own life well? Do you want to feel your emotions at this moment?

Attentive people are not stupid, they are particularly to see themselves, particularly worthy of time. They are convinced that, since I do everything, there must be a reason why I do not pay attention to it.

Be willing to concentrate, so every thing comes to life, is the study of the necessary. Be less resistant, be a little more good-natured, perceive it, feel it, deal with it, recognize it, and then, perceive yourself, feel yourself, deal with yourself, and know who you are.

Very attentive, so you will be more willing to treat their emotions. I try to feel my frustration, my pain, my discomfort, my not enough, my bad, and no longer feel extremely anxious. Because my mood, is also a part of me, very precious.

The busier the time, the more you should give yourself the qualification of concentration, let you remind yourself repeatedly, why I work hard.

Preparations for the 525 women's Day busy, I thank Daipeni such a reminder, this world is not easy to concentrate on, but the more people who know how to concentrate, the more able to live with the gentle coexistence.