Writing is a kind of love, if not written, it's just writing .— — French poet, Kickau kor.

[ Large Woman ] Story, Lead China, running at the scene of women's activity pages.Choose one of your favorite girls' stories, write down to encourage yourself, or Tag your friend, to remember it in your heart. is to memorify the current smells of time and space. The writing is to create a well-behaved character, which is to simplify all the complex thinking and simplify it into believing in pure belief.Next, we will acknowledge the story of the following good book, the stories that famous people have said, and write it down to mark our existence!

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She never had one look, she was perseverable, she refused, she spoke out for justice, and she wrote the women's stories, and they were brave enough to be themselves.

" Every great life must be nourished by tears and sweat.— — Movie < Fussflower Girls >

"Money is valuable to people who need it."My interest is to see donations, to recognize the joy of children." — — Sell-to-be-charities, Chen Shu-ju

"Life is like a bouncing fish in your hand, and you want to catch it again."" — — Zhang Ailing < small circle >

" There are many people in the world who are more miserable than we are.We really need to treasure everything in front of our eyes. We should not take too much of a small matter to make a happy life." — — All Taiwan's oldest relief woman

" The story has its way of dealing with it, and there's a return to it."Lisa —"Jinova, I miss myself

"Every time you miss a piece of sand in the sky, it's a Sahara."Every time you think about it, you drop a drop of water in the sky, and you form the Pacific Ocean.' — — Triumge

"I don't know why we must all be optimistic, great, brave, but I like my sadness, because I'm sad, I can shed tears."" — — (Sibling: Leaving the Cotton Tree Comfort!)" I am not perfect, but honestly face myself

"The rosy moments are always taken away easily, and any hyperactive state is the most distant and distant way of life." A good moment can only be generated in the blink of an eye. Although this is an unending war, it is the only way to achieve a comprehensive victory only when it remains a good one.— — Ghibenba Nat < Sweet — >

" Do you know? I am a woman, the sky is low, the wings are thin, and the cumbersome and cumbersome …. — "— Hong (extended reading: [Soul woman]: Hsiao Hong:" Love "), but" Love )

"I define my own success, I define my own existence, I define who I am, and I define my beauty even more."No one can define you, except yourself." — — Lady Gaga

" The world is so big that everyone doesn't have to love me." — — Hong Kong Art. Wong Hsia Hui

Hong Kong

[Woman in the Writing] Her Story, Lead Wash is a grand gown of Chinese beauty.

To practice words, do good people, and embrace the spirit of each other with words!

Hey, after you post a sentence, write down, and you're welcome to write down the title of the story, write her, your creation, and upload to a large woman's writing activity page .Your word is the mark of the times, and we will share your work in the great times of women's fascinals, to allow more people to swap the temperature of the text.

If you look forward to seeing a richer version of a woman's story, come to the women's page, look at our "Stories" speaker.

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