single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. You listen to Ai Yiliang's "Our sum of the sum of us", hear that year oneself love unrecognizable, think of that time you cut off yourself. If love is a difficult equation to solve, then can we wait, wait for someone to solve the problem? Wait for a person, let us be able to be good only oneself is enough? (same field Gayon: single Diary: Love Is, in front of you I have a conscience to become myself )

I have loved such a boy, a moment of the kind. He Winliang, my temper is stubborn, he treats people kindly, I am unruly, his love whispers, My love to the world. We are so different, but I want to love him, I did not care, I think, I can change, as long as together, I am not I have no relationship.

I cut myself over and over, cut off some of the things he doesn't like, throw away some of the things he can't imagine, and I shrink myself very small, as long as he loves me enough. But he finally said to me, you are too proud, I do not love.

I have loved such a girl, the kind of love. She played a song for me in the middle of the night, when she kissed me, my spine trembled, and we spoke in absolute language and decided to stay with each other, if only two people were left in the world.

And perhaps, after all, we love too hard, two people can not compromise, touch together, no way to live alone. We all carry the multiplication of love, always get what from each other, love very heavy, no longer willing to endure the blank.

And I finally said to her, I love you too much, so I can not continue to live with you.

Love may be too difficult, because love you, I no longer want to be my own, I want to have more greedy. The sea of people looking for a total line like a formula of love, with time to gamble, many of the last is still a person, with the deletion and increase of their own, alone for a long time.

In the late night to hear Ai Yiliang new song, between the lyrics have loved traces, I someone ever to cry.

"Your past I was stagnant
Lose Yourself
By the lines of years
So much fun.
No one has ever been able to explain it perfectly.
Still beautiful to me
And I don't want to find evidence who loves who publishes the finished product
We are told that mistakes are a must.
You go to bed first.
It's just me waking up and solving problems.

Feeling is a problem, it has to be solved in a lifetime. And how I would like to meet you and solve problems together.