single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. Single diary X "If one Day", "The Rolling Stone love Story", take down too much youthful picture. Whose youth has not solved the difficult friendship and the love problem, we are growing up in the struggle, in the end will understand that the time spent together will not be wasted, if there is such a day, I still want to meet you, even if you will make me sad. (same field Gayon: friends up above, lovers are not full: can we cross the boundaries of friendship?) )

is not all the campus story owes a triangle love, two boys, they one is black, one is white, a very yuppie, a very good; then a girl, they met, and shared it for some time.

Youth seems to be like this, a bad student, drinking, cheating, truancy, playing guitar, you secretly like the object, you do not know how to say how to talk about the export of love, the Code of Youth, is seen on the platform, all the imagination of the future, from the first syllable under the brush began.

What a peak, Li Xiaoqing, Chen Mijian, that is a triangle of the picture, they wear uniforms in the sun brilliant dazzling, they said, after, never be a very fake adult. Yes, we all think so, but really difficult, really hurt people, really painful.

He likes her, she loves him, he doesn't want to hurt him, such a combination, always have a person to be sad.

They go home on the same bus, and three of people sit shoulder by side, scrambling to be intimate. He peeked at her, only to find that her gaze never stopped on him. She likes him, do not understand what he is afraid of, you like me I like you, should not be justified?

If the youth will leave a picture, perhaps it is her that "I do not like him, I like you more, you do not hate me, is like me", is his rare stammer said "I seem to be with Chen Mijian together", is he suddenly tough up, the first time in his life loudly roar, the head does not go back.

You also know that, as long as you really like a person, you will have to disappoint another person, you do not hurt the option, you can not Xiangyuan from love, the essence of love is to hurt people and hurt.

"If one day, we all find that good poly is only a kind of cover, if we do not find, give each other a little more time." 」

In the campus life is far away from the youth, you think of that song, think of the pain of their own expression, think of love and be loved picture, you will feel fortunately, that time, you together. You have finally grown into adults, and you are unwilling to disappoint your own kind.

If one day, I still want to meet you, even if you will make me sad.