Cosmic people talk about more than 10 years of music experience, childhood dreams, Youth Chronicle, and how to persist in the reality of the topic, and so on, in the process of the Universe people's answers as they have brought to the audience fans of the music style, so inspiring.

Whether it is to sing the voice of many male army "songs", or suitable for jogging to listen to "go running", in my memory, the Cosmic People's music is often from life every you and I again familiar with the picture material, with their unique perspective reinterpretation, to arouse new resonance. The universe is composed of small jade, Aquinas, Fang Q three large male groups. They have been writing music since the time of their students, and have been holding on to the present, so that Taiwanese, and even friends from all over the world, see the difference brought about by the three big boys in outer space.

In addition to music to give us unexpected feelings, but also often make a special call to action, no matter what, the universe every Time out of the album to give fans a completely different music experience. This time, the cosmic people first visit the women's paradise, I talk to them to the recent planned concert, the dream of youth and perseverance, and they want to force the same chase dream of the big girls.

Cosmic People's concert, but also specially riding a bicycle back to the alma mater Jianguo Middle School

Remember the first time to know the universe is very red at that time "to go to Kaohsiung" this song, song with a brisk put the style and very close to the life of the creation theme in my heart left a special position, of course, and also by the cosmic People's life style influence, began to yearn for easy witty life attitude. (Recommended reading:"denethor poem column" Daughter also difficult to change the man's sense of humour )

This time, the Cosmic Man is a woman, and I love my opening guests of the great Women's Day, and have this special opportunity to date them on this visit. Also want to learn from the first-hand telepresence sense of the cosmic people's unique incentive energy.

Before the visit began to feel their body exudes a consistent relaxed humor, jade, Aquinas, Fang Q three big boys sit down, then a bit shy to wait for my questions. Three of people's interaction is like years old friend's behavior, joking with each other, sometimes interspersed with small materials, so I can not help admiring the good feelings between them.

From 10,000 hours to countdown 10,000 hours.

Cosmic people recently busy in the second half of the first concert ticket sales publicity, I found the name of the concert is very interesting, called "00001 Concert", The heart of the concert name is full of curiosity, took the opportunity to ask them. "

00001 is the reverse 10000, echoing the last album "10,000 Hours", and the other is from the "10,000 Hours" of the album released the day after the countdown 10,000 hours after the concert was held.

After listening to this passage, the whole goose bumps, the cosmic people will bring their own album concept into the concert planning, in this way to give fans and listeners again inspired by the practice is really very hard. (Recommended reading: You're going to go through McKinsey for a week, and they're in the United States with 10,000-hour cumulative competitiveness )

"The concert theme has two layers of metaphors," said Xiao Yu. One is the last 10,000 hours of the law, one is the creation of a decade after the beginning of a new, cosmic people hope that this concert is a turning point, with three boys have come to another stage of life, this time they also want to bring everyone different from the past Cosmic man performance. 」

It's not simple, it's not easy: ten years of research.

Not only is the theme of the concert very thoughtful, they also wrote a theme song for the concert: "Not simple."

There's a song to sing without thinking/Let's go back 10 years without fear/when the pain fades we're left with courage/when the days are hard we can only live without it. "Not simple" cosmic man

When I first heard this song, I have a kind of end of work, tired all day, a person looking back at the past feeling, than to say to others to listen to, more is to say to themselves: "Hey!" It's been a hard years! 」。 By the atmosphere of this song, I also talked to three big boys about the growth of the Decade: a group of young men in the practice room playing the band to the present is the progressive process of the well-known groups.

I thought I was a kid who liked to play music in high school. "Xiao Yu slowly say.

Hands ten fingers hold, little Jade put up a little smile: "To show around the world, contact more people, their point of view is indeed relatively open, compared to the past, began to enter a deeper thinking, in fact, deep thinking before, but did not want to compare their inner part of the said out, It would be more than willing to disclose this one at the beginning. 」。 (Recommended reading: Why not like to say export )

Although it's a shame to say what's inside, but Jade observation around the singer friend found that the creation is to live from the real experience, so that the creation can be persuasive, the work of the fabricated, their own performance may not be out of the real heart, it is better to return to the real me, more comfortable. "Have that kind of blood, write out the song will Be Blood!" "Aquinas has a deep sense.

"It's just like the spirit we climbed in the Himalayas!" "Xiao Yu is afraid of the atmosphere too sentimental, hurriedly fill a sentence."

The scene we all laughed together, the brain must also think of the universe before the words of the crazy plan, even if the beginning is just casually blurted out a word, but this is the cosmic people, think of what will really practice, from beginning to end.

Ready to fly to Lucara at Kathmandu airport.

Fang Q this decade, because of contact with different people, Hearts have a lot of different ideas to pass to them through music, for this, their own musical style of course has changed. Aquinas instead thought about the changes over the past decade, and more importantly, remember that this decade has been the same original intention: "Different from others." 」

Aquinas said: "Different from others, until now are still cosmic people in making music related decision-making, the most important consideration." It's just that the hardest part is how to make yourself different from others, and to be accepted, which is one of the biggest issues they've had in more than 10 years. 」

A little bit the same in a big difference

There is a lot of observation of things, so that the Universe people have a continuous and unique ideas, can not help but let me wonder what their private life is like? Do you have any routine of your own every day?

"Brew coffee!" Every day I get up and brush my teeth and wash my face after breakfast. "Aquinas First answer. (Recommended reading: You can't even make a cup of coffee time, talk about what love yourself?) )

"I knew he was going to say that!" "Little Jade seems to have expected Aquinas's answer like, hurriedly rob a sentence." The universe is a private tacit understanding is also good no words, even the partners to say what words are clear. Fang Q get up every day there is nothing will do, he may think about what to do today, in the brain first over again, so that they prepare to meet the challenge!

"My words should be playing the guitar," Xiao Yu get up when will touch the guitar, but also is not what romantic love songs and so on, just simple touch the guitar, a bit like yawn. To small Jade said, touch oneself love of guitar, feel like for oneself awake brain, I think we are also not? It's always the most inspiring thing for you to put into it.

As for the inspiration of music creation, there is no fixed track to follow, three people unanimously agree that the music of the universe is from the real story of life, not deliberately to cater to a subject and particularly want to create.

I looked at the small jade, Fang Q, Aquinas described their usual creative process, found that three people really present a music that is life, life is the attitude of music, deep in the Universe people's music can be moved, because quite close to our general daily, no distance sense!

Science Boys Dream when they are young

Their persistent attitude to music, let me wonder whether it is related to the music dream as a child, so we talk to the dream. Only to find that three of the original dream of a child is not a singer, but loyal to their interests. Aquinas said he wanted to be a fireman as a child, because he looked handsome on the big red Fire engine. Xiao Yu reached down and pressed Aquinas's shoulder to spit: "Did you see the American fire engine ah?" Taiwan seems to be not so handsome! 」

At home There is a small Newton, science encyclopedia books, so that small jade from an early age of some scientific terminology is quite familiar with the more interested in reading, they have the dream of being a scientist. In addition to the scientists, he also wants to be a teacher, but not ordinary teachers, but can make friends with the students into a good teacher.

After all, there are too many bad teachers. The little Jade lowered its voice and said with deep meaning.

The other is the Cosmic board game Wang Fang Q, as a child to become an inventor, college also did some experimental items, and also invented the board of games. Not only do the creation of board games, even the game is very good, a set of three people have not played a board game, each play is almost always square Q take first.

"If there is a board game in the orchestra, we should be in front of it," said Xiao Yu proudly. "After three people turned their heads and laughed at each other. (same field Gayon:"fun board games" Catan Island game Introduction )

Just have different childhood dream of three people, finally incredibly will go on the road of music, meet each other, can say that the turning point of life is really too wonderful. Talk about the dream, we also talked about persistence, insist that the dream does not yield to the reality, three people also have their own views.

The spirit of pursuing a dream is like an athlete! Under the established rules, to complete the game, the rest of the game can be carried out in accordance with the ideas of athletes, we look at the pursuit of the dream of this matter.

Aquinas is deeply touched by this topic: "Music is like playing baseball, as long as there is a way to win, no matter what Style you are, under the established rules, you can be Wenqing play, independent music play, or mainstream play." From this perspective, the pursuit of the dream of music, more or less so that they can overcome other people's comments on their own, and their own music as a personal style. 」

Jade if have a sense to add: "Strength" is also full of key, because when you have enough strength, you will not care about what others say, also not very will go to tube belong to what style. "Aquinas fully agreed, also take Wang and Stephen Curry as an example, agree with their efforts, that these athletes ' efforts are like the epitome of this society.

Three of people pondered for a while. Fang Q broke the silent opening: "In addition to the spirit of the athlete, it is important to believe in yourself." I think I do not have a musical talent, my main talents is actually in science, but I always think I can do it, I believe I can do it. "Xiao Yu added:" As if they do not have the gift of painting, but always think that they can be a painter. "Believe in Yourself" may also be said to be the requirements of their own. 」

Cosmic Man and woman fan is the positive energy collide with each other!

Talk to the universe of the dream is always like talking about, homeopathy talked to the woman fans of the recent plan: The age of the big girls. And the Cosmic Man is the woman fans of the 525 women of the era of the opening guests, homeopathy asked them what is the reason for them to think of the scene strong women?

"The idea of the great women's times is very positive energy, with the cosmic People's music has been spread to fan friends of the idea of the same, so the universe for women fans of the big women's time platform, can be seen as two strands of positive energy collision." Hope can affect more people and inspire them. "Square Q Look around the woman's paradise in the environment after the nod affirmation."

When it comes to the age of the big girls, I wonder how the three big boys first heard about the age of the big girls, and what they felt the first time.

"When I first saw the word" big woman, "immediately Lenovo is" good "meaning" small jade quickly and delicately observed, while said edge in the air with the finger when the pen wrote the two words, then said: "I think that the age of the big woman is to seek a better era. 」

Fang Q Although did not see this layer of meaning, he felt a "female power rise" feeling, he stressed: "Boys in addition to should respect women, but also should take the initiative to pay for the other half." "I can see that the shy square Q is a very gentlemanly boy." (Recommended reading: self-made Chinese female force: The focus is not on sex, but how you use your head to win )

Echoing the rise of female forces, Aquinas conveyed his observation of the contemporary world: "Independent women have become a reality!" , he raised several well-known female and foreign women cai English, Merkel as an example, and special point out: "Women's power and men are different, women in their own professional strength, there is a female-specific gentle force, this ductility is not the average boy." "(Recommended reading: MA President's first visit to female new media five bright spots: the gentle power to open rational communication )

"The rise of women's power will make the world a better one, taking care of certain aspects that have been overlooked in the past, which may be an important force for the future." "Aquinas summed up the trend of the rise of female power.

The cosmic people also listed their big women's female singers, like the lead singer of Tizzy Bac. Jade familiar to parse their music: "Their songs in the arrangement and narrative of the point of view is quite different, the lyrics may be a little girl's grumble tone, behind the arrangement can be very domineering, resulting in contrast, so that their song is no longer just a very single concept of the song." 」

Fang Q thinks that the Bai band has a big woman's demeanor: "This band from the inside out of their own personality of a group, the consistency is very high, is not very affected by other people's comments, in this regard is like to do their own love of the big woman." 」

I talked to the universe with a lot of women, along the topic, then curiously asked: "Cosmic people" there is no chance to meet girls? 」

Cosmic man three big boys to hear this question enthusiastic response, calm down, Fang Q micro-smile look at the small jade: "For the recruitment of female members or with the female artists to cooperate with the natural is not ruled out, there have been previous cooperation with the female singers experience, the cooperation of the spark and effect is also very good, so that they are impressed and have fun!" 」

Small Jade See square Q Finish, immediately upright posture smile to continue side Q: "Girls to join the universe of course can, but basically will instrument!" It would be nice if you had the spirit of independence. "The Cosmic man who does not rule out all possibilities remains open to the idea of recruiting female league members in the future."

We are the great little people, not simple, is quite not simple!

I asked the universe to pick one of their songs for the readers of women fans who agreed that the song "Not Simple" would fit.

Xiao Yu Revealed: "This song describes the busy life and the pursuit of looking back pre-life, still do not forget to remember the original intention of the attitude, this spirit should be no men and women, as women fans of the age of the big women, both of the pursuit of the most of the love themselves, to their own proud spirit. "Perhaps because life is too fanluan, let us forget the original intention, now the Universe people want to use this song to let everyone think of their true self!" (Recommended reading: The work force of the new generation: Can you find order in a messy environment?) )

"Watch the planet wander in the universe rampage/the original stubborn burning into what shape/my eyes is not there is the sun/in this world maybe you are the same as me/waiting for a planet to fly together-" not simple "cosmic man

I find the most special place is the MV of this song.

There are a lot of "mv like Lego in the performance of every class in our daily life, professional work. The reason why I choose the villain is that is to convey efforts to work, our state will be like an independent villain, the heart without side mo, may look a little lonely, but this is the state of devotion to me, this state is rare and great, is to appeal to you do not forget that you can have all kinds of possibilities. "Small Jade uses the paper pen right in the table to fill MV inside the villain, a scene analysis explains."

Cosmic people see us in a cosmic perspective, and they tell us by music that we are all great people, and that everything we accomplish is not easy.

Aquinas continued the small jade words: will say "not simple", is quite not simple! "I think yes, people in society, whether it is the readers of women fans, the universe, or in the age of a woman to let the world see every one of you and me, to strive for their own desire for life and power, that little man struggling for the voice is quite not simple."

Cosmic people hope this "not simple" can give in the struggle after frustrated, tired everyone a little comfort or encouragement, confused can provide a guide, think of their original intention, think about the past blood of their own, there is power to go down. (Recommended reading: Healing Tarot: Not afraid of setbacks!) How to face the pressure of the first entry into the workplace

This interview with the Cosmic people, I am close to experience their humorous and unique way of reacting, let me be impressed. Talking to him in the process, may be out of thoughtfulness, feeling that they are not too willing to talk too seriously and emotionally, instead they can give me a sense of motivation and optimism in the most common conversation, and I believe that these three big boys will continue to give more inspiring music to the audience on various stages of the future, Just like the atmosphere that they love to put the music in.