was a victim of the 921 earthquake. She then joined the disaster relief work and shuttled between the Sichuan earthquake, the Sichuan earthquake, and the earthquake in Taiwan. She said that as long as she was able to move, she would have to move, as long as she could save others and save one more.

At 4:00 a.m. on February 6, 2016, the earthquake and the Golden Dragon building collapsed, and people were waking up from nightmares and rubbing their eyes and finding out that they had not dreamed of it.At intervals of hours, it was seen in the southern part of the Ishigaki wall.

the morning of the same morning, a small figure came from Puli to the south and leiso to the rescue scene. She was fully equipped, and she held a four-year-old girl with a splendid smile on the camera, which was Lin Mei-hsia.She was a victim of a 921 disaster, and now she is the highest-ever disaster relief team.

Mei-hsia, 70, says, " I have a kneecap, my elbow, and a mask, and I'm going to go to the rescue with the young."

17 years after the 921 earthquake, the Taiwan earthquake was a major setback for Taiwan.Lin Mei-hsia is so clear that her family was almost completely destroyed in the earthquake in Puli and 921. She came to the site of the earthquake early in the morning. She had nine 17 stories tall, plumbing, flooded the knees, and prayed at heart. "The best way to save everyone is to save one person.""

In these days, the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan was the one who had long been told of stinking, but Lin Mei-hsia's grandmother demonstrated that it was a matter of practice.When I called her, she was busy searching for a search and rescue team. At last, she was able to talk a little bit more. It was a lot of effort to tell me how hard it was to tell me what good things the Taiwan and Taiwan were.(Recommended reading: What are you lucky to do?An Interview with Liu An-ting: "Once we've started, it's more than we can stay in the origin" )

People always find ways to survive

The days before were bitter.Lin Mei-hsia recalls that her husband had been in a car accident for 77 years. She had to raise six children alone. At that time, she had not received any assistance from low-income families, and she didn't have a family support center. "She asked me how you came to me when she asked me to do everything she could."I said I could do a lot of work, and I went to cook, cut, mowing, washing dishes, washing dishes, washing dishes, and being a lifeguard, people always think of a way to survive."

In ' 69, Grandma had already joined the Red Cross's life-saving training, and her grandma had learned to swim as a lifeguard, because she had a small daughter who was killed in the end of the pit." At that time she was only two and a half years old, I remember pulling her out of the pit, she had a big belly, and she didn't respond. I was so anxious ... I wasn't going to go swimming. Sometimes it was better to learn it."

88, she met the 921 earthquake, the entire destroyed family, and the collapsed external link. She was a disaster victims. The grandmother saw the neighbor's family of seven, and she only lived a very small child. She heard the voice of the earth and the human being crying.Perhaps because of the hardship suffered by her, after the earthquake of 921, she decided to devote her time to a more comprehensive disaster relief effort.

She came across the Sichuan earthquake, the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, and the Fukushima disaster in Japan, and then to the South China earthquake." In fact, I don't think much. I think that saving another person is a person.The same day when I went to the south of the Taiwan, what did they say about the New Year?I said that it was only one day in the New Year to save people." Grandma, on the other side of the phone, she says very hard.(Recommended reading: Don't get hot blood-blooded?I want to help Nepal earthquake, Prophet 6.

The saddest picture, the warmest human feeling

"My heart aches at the site of the crown, and I'm just beginning to be stupid enough to be a house near the seaside, otherwise where's the water?"Later on, it was clear that the house collapsed, the water pipe was broken with the water tower, and the whole house was in the bubble. I thought, how did the man survive?It was not crushed to death."

Grandma says that the scene of the scene of the Wiche Building is a scene of devastation and a scene of devastation. The golden time of the rescue has begun to countdown.Grandma says that when search and rescue teams are at the scene, they are two tasks, "rescue survivors" and "search for the general."She asked the Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, the bodhisattva, the bodhisattva, and the mother to move out, hoping that more survivors would be rescued, and that they would also be able to be rescued in a largely complete manner.

" At the scene, we smelled it, we smelled it, we took a stick and smelled it, smelled the big smell, and it was all respectful, because it was like our own relatives, we didn't sleep, and the cotton was given priority to the big cover."

The site of the earthquake in the south of Taiwan is indeed heartache, but it has also given the grandmother a second time to bear witness to the love of our countrymen.At the time of the 921, there wasn't even a decent single ticket in the cart, which was mostly packed in a carton box. This time, the South China Foundation provided 40-inch refrigerated containers, and there were still corpses and quilts, and there were plenty of supplies.

"Eat, tools, medical devices, lack of what, compatriots across the country will send us something immediately."At that time, neighboring neighbors, whether they were doing business or not, let us rest on the store. We were there for a few days and nights. I was very moved, and felt that everyone was together."

My heart hurts, but I don't cry. How do I cry?

" I remember when we were standing next to the water tower on the 17th floor, through a lot of exposed iron bars, all the way to the ninth floor, to save the children there.Look at those little children who were rescued, and I wanted to cry in my heart, and I wanted to sneak my tears.Grandma says, "But I can't cry and cry. How do I do a disaster?""

There is also a lot of psychological pressure on the field rescue teams.On the one hand, it is necessary to keep the task of saving people's lives, while on the other hand it has to adjust its own emotions, and the grandmother also acts as a spiritual mentor

" At that time, there was a wife who had a life on the 12th floor, and was rescued and not eaten after being rescued.I went to tell her, I understand, I am also a disaster victim of the September 21 earthquake, and I know the hard work.Only then did she tell me that he had a son who had just been in the army and was trapped inside, and her husband had not been rescued.I told her, you'd have to eat more, otherwise they wouldn't find you. What would you do?"After a few days, her husband and her child were found, but they were all laid out.""

Grandma has seen many of these stories at various scenes, and most of the stories are bitter in terms of the 114 earthquake victims in the South.

The grandmother says that even if it hurts, she can't show it.The scene is already very upset. As the rescue team, it has to be stronger than others, so she has to dry her tears once and for all, and carry out disaster relief equipment, and then go deep into the disaster areas.(Recommended reading: Who is the first person you remembered after the earthquake?)

"I'm moving, I'm going to move, and I'm going to do disaster relief as long as I can move it.""My grandmother stressed many times, and I heard her stubbornness, and she was very small and she was in great spirits," she said.

My grandmother was very old, and she said she was sorry. I was not very clear in some places. I was very old. I felt like you were very good, education was really important, and I was very much more visible and very soft.

's like Lin Mei-hsia's grandmother, who has experienced so many people who have experienced a lot of life and frost, that the suffering has already been smooth.It is time for the world to be more angry and less angry, and more is the gentle and untensure movement of the world.When I listened to her, I thought of my grandmother, and they didn't want too much. They just wanted to read them, hoping that we could live in a better place.

I'd like to thank Lin Mei-har, Grandma Lin, and thank you for that generation, as she has, very steadfast kindness.