Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

You have to have value before you can have the money.

recent women's obsession with articles in the station ( when the economic independence of the elder sister: Want to live, I earned it is very popular, this said how many people in the heart yearning but do not do things: elder sister left a fuck you, will pat the buttocks to leave.

Woolf said that a woman has to write and do what she desires: "You have 500 pounds a year, a locked room on the same door." 」.

Many people say, why do I work overtime every day or no money, why I graduated a year without a raise, the boss does not spend money, why should I spend time?

We have been looking at how much people want to pay, but forgot to add value to ourselves. If you have no value , talk about making money? Although the money looks beautiful, but it does not give you experience, can not afford your personality and thinking of the texture. If your salary doesn't rise, your knowledge can rise; you are not paid to help, because you believe that contacts are better than gold veins. No matter how many bad companies you stay in, you can have your own ambitions, the company gives you the salary, but the ability is earned by yourself.

Some people say, I want to maintain an ideal, the quality of life is what, I put the dream to look high, talk about money is too low.

What is the weight of money and ideal? The so-called "ideal", if the real treat you, it will make you endure hardship, but will not let you eat not enough. If you are valuable, don't let money stop you from growing up. Be sure of your own strengths, and you should go where you value. If you are a professional a couple of different tracks are still not enough to brighten your eyes , perhaps the confirmation is not enough for yourself; if the company has been using the ideal and the vision to stall you, you may not have to let your value play here.

Whether you are the former or the latter, don't say you have no choice, in fact you always have a choice.

Money is not the most important thing, but it is necessary. Money is as important as your worth.

Life a lot of moments, will make you feel rich really good, for example: You said to go to go to fly a trip, elders have health condition you can pay unconditionally, MOM can retire early, have a car without worrying about the date rain.

Also a lot of moments, you know that money is not enough, like: You lose the opportunity to get along with the family because of money, you have money but you have no friends, you have the most avantgarde bag but you are not happy, you deposit more and more thick life is becoming thinner.

Life should be rich, but also have their own.

Back to fuck you, in fact, we really want to waste is not money, but not to treat your life.

However, whether life is not to treat you, or you put too much yourself, whether you harmed position, or, you are wrong to live, as a thing too good.