With the 520 new President Chua in office, many people look forward to it and think they cannot overlook oversight. This day, we take you first to see the inaugural address of the five major points, Tsai President of the commitment to the Taiwanese, we have to bear in mind and practice together. (Recommended reading:"women fans Exclusive" "to build the stage of youth, is the fastest way home" Cai English to the Taiwan Question of five solutions )

Main goal: to build a better country for young people

President Tsai, who was sworn in 9 o'clock in the morning today, is scheduled to step out of his inaugural address at the presidential palace at 11.

Huangchong, spokesman for the presidential palace, said that the inaugural manuscript had a great length of personal thought and writing, and that after taking office, the main goal of Chua's English was to build a better country for young people, and to put better countries into the hands of the next generation . This is her most important practice in the coming years, and the main thing is to gradually adjust the political and socio-economic structure that is unfriendly to young people. Next, we will be the first to see the inaugural address of the five major points!

I. The transition of economic structure, the country goes forward

First, on the restructuring of the economy, Cai hopes to lead Taiwan out of a new economic direction and a new model of development, and encourages the Chinese people to work together to make the country go forward; economic restructuring includes responsibility for the environment and protection of workers ' rights and interests.

Ii. safeguarding Social Security and promoting "human" care

The second is to strengthen the social safety net and set important reform matters for the government, including annuity reform, long photo and law and order, and hope that the pension reform will radically change the structure of people and people in Taiwan society through the process of uniting and negotiating with all.

III. transformation Justice, every Taiwanese people live with dignity.

The third is the implementation of equity and justice, including the promotion of transitional justice, judicial reform, while fairness and justice should be implemented in the indigenous people, so that the Aborigines can have more dignity, and the presidential palace will soon set up a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission". (same field Gayon:"Miao Boya Special article" Transformation Justice, is to avoid the next 228 )

Iv. cross-strait Relations, dialogue and communication

Iv. Regional peaceful and stable development and cross-strait relations, Taiwan will not be absent from the future to make good use of our strength and participate more actively in international affairs, including the construction of regional peace and collective security, and strengthen dialogue and communication between regions.

Five, to the global, strengthen Taiwan's international relations

V, the main focus of the diplomatic and global segment is to emphasize that Taiwan is a citizen of the world and a part of the international community, and that it will bear the role of a member of the international community, including the following: strengthening cooperation with diplomatic allies and enhancing the cooperation of friendly and democratic countries in all aspects , including environmental issues, in the midst of emerging issues on a national scale.