8/26 women fans The first female-era lecture ended, we talked about Taiwan, we said gender, we reviewed the past, we imagined the future, we came with curiosity, we walked with action. No matter yesterday you are not present, exclusive finishing of the women's times in the classroom, Cai English for the Taiwan issue of the five solutions to the first thing she wanted to do after taking office to you, exchange our eyes of Taiwan. (site key words:"Don't stop thinking, find the rebellion and the future of Taiwanese" Cai English x Xu Tianjin x Yu is like the women's Times Dialogue )

"Let me try it once." "This is the remark of the DPP president, Tsai, before he went abroad to study, to worry about her father. At that time the Tsai heart embrace the world, anxious to make their own life is different.

Tsai led the DPP through the presidential election defeat, still firmly ahead of her, heart is still the same sentence "Let me try to see." "But now Cai English, once anxious to get close to the desire to go back to Taiwan from the world, this time in the female force of the classroom with us a glimpse of Taiwan's problems, and to ask the solution side of the problem."

In the first female-era auditorium, we invited the DPP presidential candidate Tsai, the eco-green coffee founder and Tedxtaipei Xu Tianjin to share their vision of Taiwan. In addition to sharing, specially designed for an hour of audience Question Time, everyone has the right to speak for the eyes of Taiwan, we ask, we fight, and finally we embrace, together for this era of responsibility.

"Personal is politics. "What kind of life we want on this land depends on political security for us," he said. Politics is not just a fight or a vote in Congress, everyone is a small but important change of power, the women's Times classroom, where we do not divide the blue-green, do not talk about right and wrong, exchange the eyes of Taiwan to you.

Jie Fang--ngo Center and World Volunteer Program for diplomatic situations

The founder of eco-Green is just as worried about the gradual disappearance of Taiwan on the world stage, when she used to study in the UK when she found that foreigners only knew Thailand (Thailand) and did not know Taiwan (Taiwan) Generally, "one step, Can become Asia's indispensable ", has been embracing the sense of mission, but the next step is full of doubt." (Extended reading: The Taiwanese who like to emphasize the international view are actually "cultural retarded"?) Cultural prejudices keep you away from the world

The problem of Taiwan's situation for Cai English, the most important thing is that everyone has to do their own way to break through, and such an idea, how concrete to achieve it? Cai also shares her unpublished new project at the scene, the Asian NGO Centre. Taiwan should turn itself into an NGO confluence in Asia, because in the international official organization, Taiwan is often faced with the problem of marginalization due to the containment and blockade of the mainland, and the mainland has no way to watch out for it today.

"The world has a lot of NGOs, each of us to break one, the NGO will be brought back to Taiwan, one day we will be able to stand up from the gap." 」

In addition, CAI also has a plan, hope that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be able to promote the "World volunteers", the Taiwanese people love to volunteer, encourage early retirement to the global volunteer workers. The NGO Center is to keep the world in Taiwan, and the world volunteers are to bring Taiwan to the world, to find out all the possibilities, to let Taiwan be seen by the world, such as Taiwan's disaster relief system is complete, can go to the world to support, find their own strengths, to stand on the world stage.

To drama, the Jie Fang of the network industry--reorganize the capital market, let people only circulate

The Ruffian hero's screenwriter Chen Huiru in the scene to Tsai raised the "Taiwan drama Industry" The shrinking concern. such as South Korea's film and television products in the whole Asia hot, Korean TV set production fee can even be as high as 10 million yuan, Taiwan is often South Korea's one-fifth less than. Korean population in Asia is much lower than the Chinese population, but Taiwan drama is far less than the spread of Korean dramas, as the writer of Chenhui such as determined to write the story of Taiwan to the world, but found that Taiwan's film and television industry has been left behind by Asia.

With the anxiety of the film and television industry workers, but can not get support from the government, because in the past, the Main Committee and the Minister of Culture, unlike South Korea, who are not familiar with the industry, and cannot successfully solve the problem of the film and television industry, Chen Huiru want to ask Cai English to seek solutions to the cultural plight of Taiwan.

Cai English first mentions the cultural significance of Korean dramas, like her own in watching Korean dramas Mingcheng Queen, on the understanding to let the Korean people to interpret the history of Korea, especially meaningful, also let outsiders closer to the life of Korean people.

"Where are the people we can write?" Cai English said, the real problem is to be replaced by the mainland, film and television industry is a scale economy, the size of the market determines success or failure.

But the input of national resources is not the most efficient way, film and other film and television industry with high risk, the failure of the film is a mess, the most important thing is to undertake high risk investment capital market, but the Taiwan market is not ready, still stay in the "cost, Gross margin "in the industrial thinking, the investor mentality is still conservative, not accustomed to drama and other high-risk industries of investment, so to reorganize the capital market, so that the risk is distributed and diluted.

It is difficult to restore the boom in the short term, however, we can borrow other industry talents, aiming at the role of "resource integrator" required by the high risk industries such as the film and television, network Industries, Cai also mentions that many experienced and experienced professional managers can be borrowed from the ICT industry because they have enough Global Logistic and experience, let the talented person circulate in the different industry, can divert the experience of resource import and integration. (Her story:"I may not love you" writer Xu Xian Court: Collar 22K Okay, tomorrow to have the ability to double )

The Jie Fang of hate speech--self-discipline--to be free of his law

In modern times, the Internet seems to have increased the likelihood of communication, but the internet is still riddled with offensive rhetoric, and the lack of patience with the Internet seems to have created more conflict rather than more coordination and a stage of gender-based violence. Philosophy Philosophy Chicken Cake founder Zhu Jia to ask Cai English, how to make the network as a tool to facilitate democratic communication, rather than the machine that produces hatred?

Cai's response is aimed at freedom of expression, saying that online speech should not be controlled by the state and should be left to the people's self-discipline, only self-discipline, to remove the risk of his law in the authoritarian era. (Extended reading: Nine Philosophers said: "No thinking, not life")

The Jie Fang of brain drain--stage plan

At the scene of the question, a girl from Taichung University of Science and Technology said that she wanted to work abroad, but feared to take a long time abroad and never returned to Taiwan.

In any country, Tsai admits, she sees young people fleeing Taiwan, some because they can learn new skills in a working environment, and some are left for better pay choices.

"But they all want to go home." Cai English then said, she also for young people do not know where the road to go home and feel sad.

For Chua, young people in Taiwan should put themselves in a completely unfamiliar place to survive, because it is not a bad thing for young people to be tested abroad for some time, but the way to go home is to build for the young. In the idea of Chua's English, " The way home "is the prospect of Taiwan's industry, otherwise, even if you come back there is no good job opportunities and wages, the policy is like burning a pile of firewood, policy if there is no overall planning, scattered results are burned a moment, but also means the end, but if the heap of good after the ignition, to stimulate a huge energy.

"The best policy option is to fire the firewood once on the stack before it burns and lasts." "Tsai said.

Cai English will put forward the "stage plan" next month, so that people have the stage, will be like a stack of firewood after the good. The state must dominate the stage, so that the comprehensive use of talent, such as the foundation is complete, people can build their own stage. Cai English Jie Fang is, "The talent needs stage is the way home." "The stage plan is her most important policy insight in the next national development phase," she said. (same field Gayon:"A poem A Memory" at the end of the world, Miss waiting for you to return to the people )

Jie Fang to the Civil service system--creating the space for error

Xu Ying, a financial writer, argues that the thinking of the government system in the past is how to "cost down", rather than creating value, the government is often the culprit in hindering industrial development, if Taiwan's Internet companies early on the demand for third-party payments, our pace is not necessarily slower than China, but the relevant legislation is far less than China, Ma Yun's success has been years, but our government this year to pass the relevant legislation.

There are examples of expanding reality, the use of mobile phones to see virtual furniture display, such technology has been in the commercial Department of Taipei for a long time, the government has become the murderer of the business model. So Xu Ying's focus is on how CAI can guide the government system and move towards more creative and flexible possibilities.

Cai also admits that the civil service system is a big problem to disconnect from society, a Canadian official told her that the civil service in Taiwan was high quality in the first three years, but it was inferior to other countries after three years, because the system did not know how to train young people and give young people the opportunity, and did not know how to let young people take responsibility Because everyone is afraid of making mistakes, be prepared to shoulder the responsibility of failure for young people.

Tsai that the biggest problem for Taiwan's government is that everyone is afraid of making mistakes. Because the consequences of political battles are too great, no one is willing to take the risk behind political responsibility. It is important for the government to try to give it up and try again for the civil service to make a mistake. Otherwise, once into the civil service system, as if at the same time to do the closed system, everyone just want to do the basic things well, but no one dares to innovate and adventure. (You will like:"This time, the answer in the young man" interview creative work person Liu Xuan )

So Tsai hopes that in the future her Government, the civil service system and the social talents will have the mechanism of communication, the central and local can also cooperate with each other, so that implementation is more efficient, " if the policy makers are inconsistent with the executive, the consequences are very serious." " This is also the question of Ma's government, which is observed by Cai in English. Therefore, CAI English is determined to relax the appointment of the civil service system, so that more aspiring to join the government, but did not pass the college entrance examination, such as the appointment of young people to enter the civil service system.

"The Civil service system is the key to prop up the country. "The quality of our civil service is very good today, but there is no communication with the society," Chua said in a statement. "Can we have a strong civil service like the British, even if the cabinet is alternating, the impact will not be too great?" The most important problem is the adequacy of social experience.

One more Thing: The first thing after coming on stage is the five political reforms

The scene also has taken over the Kuomintang Central party telephone, and with the MA government has cooperated with the youth Policy exchange of the audience to Tsai questions, do everything when the most important is the heart, so when Tsai stage, she will do the first thing is what? And what steps will be relied upon to achieve the original purpose?

"Didn't I say I was going to do five political reforms?" "An opening, Cai English is thrown out of this sentence." One of the most important reforms is to reduce the country's antagonism, and state leaders must communicate with the opposition and the society so that society can sit down and reconcile. In addition, the State's decision-making mechanisms must be changed to enable people to participate, and the authoritarian age mechanism is no longer applicable to Taiwan.

"The horse government has been bounced back in the past few years, in part because of the authoritarian age of decision-making." Cai added, after 15 years of negotiating career in Cai English, that politics is to sit down and talk about a result that is not satisfactory but acceptable, so people's participation and political reconciliation is the first priority in her eyes.

At the end of the lecture hall of the female force, Cai mentioned the fact that she rarely said the wrong thing, and that the consequences were very serious in today's climate of political chill. "I can survive because I rarely say the wrong thing," he said. "Tsai thinks this is the main reason that he can come back again in the previous Democratic Progressive Party's unpopular administration."

"Politics is not genius, only experience." "This sentence Cai English said firmly, returned home is oneself and two cat of her, think that they have never forgotten the original appearance, in order to maintain the normal in the sinister environment, the political judgment will not be wrong, and therefore will not have the possibility to say anything."

A night of time, with no restrictions on the question, here we exchanged with Tsai our own eyes of Taiwan. in the familiar place no scenery, after the agitation, we go to the distance to realize the desire of the heart, let us with all the problems come, can write down their own keywords, belong to Taiwan's solution.