"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so. Reading poetry is like a process of digestion of sadness, for life to leave some monologue, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, parting from the reality of the turmoil, the woman fans only read poems for you.

A twilight, full of wind. And the sunset that is falling
If the wheat is ripe, the smoke just rises.
The white Bird flew over the water and perched on a reed.
And the Reed just prepared a song

From a tree, we will return to a tree
All the way, we gathered the rain, the fruit trees, and their hearts
The Flames
And the distant ship is on the dock.

I lit the fire at once, the smell of firewood
The distant bells came faintly
And the signs that warmed me are moving closer to me
As the Lotus returns to the branches

Enough for me to love this broken, muddy world

--Yu Shuhua (Enough)

We often have to leave the city
To see a mountain
Look at some very distant places.
Fascinated by it.
We know
Those places have nothing to do with us.
We're just going to look at it.
Look, it's back.
Go back and do all kinds of people
To do all kinds of people and get
All kinds of comments
Just after a while, we thought
The heart is empty
I just want to see the mountain.
Look at some pretty wild places.
And went back to the city without a word.
No more attention to small things
And the complicated situation
and gradually learned the
Give yourself a definition of yourself

--Shenchi (see Mountain)

A very quiet poem, I hope we have mountains and mountains of the days, can see the details of life.

I love the 晦冥 moments in my life,
They make my consciousness more deep;
Like the old letters,
I find that my mediocre life is gone,
has been as long as the legend, Invisible.

I have learned from it,
With a new space,
To practice the second eternal life.

Sometimes, I am like a tree on the grave,
Leafy, rustling in the wind,
Embracing the passing youth with warm roots;
He had lost his dream in sorrow and song,
Now I am fulfilling his dream.

--Rilke I love the 晦冥 moment in my life

I like it
Stay there for a minute.
Pretending you're like that.
Ever that
Or about to do that.

There is light in the eyes
Tenacious character
Running like fog.
Sleep like a pig.

Can fly above the roof
Approaching lightning and wind.
Close to the sharp claws
A deserted dream.
The Secret of the full moon

And once Upon a certain dark edge
Like a dewdrop that's about to condense
Like a dewdrop that's about to evaporate
Have a deep understanding of
The dawn in full bloom

In the shattered blood of the light
With a messy hair

And for the sins of the Self
Never confess.

--Hide the Wildcat

If Life deceives you,
Don't be sad, don't be impatient!
The melancholy days require calmness:
Believe it, the happy days will come.
The heart is always longing for the future;
Now it is often melancholy.
Everything is fleeting,
Everything will be over;
And that's the past,
Will be a kind nostalgia.

--Pushkin, if life deceives you.