The film Golden Horse , many look forward to more face in the movie Chen, and this is the first time that the film is < Mom and Dad is not at home > Director Chen Chhe-yi is the first director.In an interview with Chen Po-lin and Chen Che-yi, women fans saw that they were stirring up more emotions in their lives.This time, you don't encounter any big brother, but you are meeting them truthfully.(Recommended reading: In Singapore, your parents are not at home > photo: Children don't recognize Mom and Dad, only recognize the kick?)

From Chang Shih-ho to Chen Feng, we know Chen Po-lin, who has always been the warmth of a big boy.This time he is on-byeing, and he hasn't seen a single person in the triangulation triangle, and he has a fine interpretation of the human nature, and he has been able to break through the night and break through the night. He has a ribbed character in his character.In these years, he continued to use the product to break his former self. Since then, we will never again remember him with Dagiko.

the invitation of the women's fans, Chen Che-ho and Chen Po-lin talked to us about the chemical effects of the invitations, and even more wanted to see the chemistry between them.Three years ago, Chen Chhe-yi's screenwriter, screenwriter and screenwriter, was not home at home. The second film was released as a director, and the director was carrying out the work on a shoulder.Chen Po-lin's first attempt to cooperate with the three directors was undoubtedly a challenge for both of us.On this day, I know why the two people are taking a shot and that they dare to challenge; they all dare to challenge; they are all people who are not anxious, and the best is worth waiting for.(Siamese: [City Nomadic Film Festival]) with a heart to wandering, eight movies that escaped from life

The happiest is not you have an answer, but you have questions.

" I didn't mean to break through, but I wanted to make the best match, and the actors were the storyteller, and I wanted to tell a story.— — Chen Bain-lin

Chen Po-lin's hinterland has been growing up, and he says the film's filming process is very impressive: "The frustration and the fun are all together, and in a very short period of time, the three crew members will be replaced."If you are familiar with the characters, you have to leave right away. The hardest part is the role model. It will also have the emotional, role, and role of the upper section of the story.They want to separate their repressive ways from a lot of details."

Three directors, four regions, and cross-cultural filming came from Chen Chieh's hand, and he worked together with the director to create the best results: " The most profound thing for me is to make a lot of friends. I've learned a lot from them, and I look at things from the perspective of things.In particular, this is a cross-cultural cooperation, in Singapore, China, Thailand, and Taiwan, where the culture and systems of different local claps are felt.This is the most precious thing.The story is three chapters, taken in four places, and is a collective creation and communication.It's going to be a lot of honing, colliding and communicating, all of which makes me memorable and memorable."

How do the film's propositions come?In fact, the idea of "co-creation" was first thought to be a "distance" cooperation: "This screenplay is a co-creation with three directors, which is not an independent three short film, but extends on the basis of a large propositional" distance (the film's English phrase)."It is difficult to materialize the distance, and I'm also the subject of a distance. This is because this time, a film of different cultures from different places, each of which has to be seen in the distance, to deal with the feelings of the past."

So goodbye, it's a distance, it's a wonderful thing.It was also true that the film was so much fun, he said, and it was only when it went down that it would find a story in the story.As a filmmaker, the happiest thing is that you have the answers, but you have questions.

After finishing the collating, discover the distance is goodbye, whether it is with this person or this person.Before I truly bid farewell, I had to see my side again. This was a good bye. Maybe it was a good-bye, one thing, one thing, or goodbye to continue.— — Chen Chhe

The most memorable thing is not to say goodbye, but you don't have time to

good-bye in the movies, back to their history of life, is also a relatively heavy schoolwork.I invite the two to share the most memorable goodbye.

The hardest part is that I didn't have a chance to see me again. I thought of my grandfather. I was making a movie in South Korea. That day I felt very sad. I asked myself, how could I not be in Taiwan?The last time he met him was about two weeks ago, the most memorable one was not to say goodbye, but to say goodbye to this person.Then again, I would very much like to sit down and talk to him and get a cigarette, but there is no chance.(Recommended reading: How many times do you owe your own life [goodbye]?)

The most memorable thing is not to say goodbye, but you don't have time to say goodbye.— — Chen Bain-lin

" I really want to talk to him once.I have great respect for my grandfather, and I have learned a lot from him.Rather than saying goodbye, we might as well talk about a good day.In the whole interview, Chen Po-lin spoke with no illness, and every word, like a mature brewed, has been a long time since it was a long time.However, when he said so, his face was exposed to a very young, very young boy, perhaps the little boy who really missed his grandfather, from deep in the heart.

It was the first time I faced my own story because I didn't understand why I was going to have such feelings for my non-loved ones.""It turns out that love can really be sublimated, and that's why he started <-Goodbye," he said, "I don't see any."

At the time, he was unable to understand the emotions of this depth, and he said, " I was a 12-year-old goodbye, and I would never forget it.This is why I wrote that my father was not at home. My first time I needed to face this matter, my domestic helper was leaving. She was in my family for eight years, and I was close to her two brothers. When she was going back to the Philippines, we cried so badly.When she was leaving, we had always scratchback her corner, and it was painful."

It's painful to say goodbye, but, in any case, we have taken good care of a good man in his life.

The Devil is once again challenging the wand, the repair is a layer that transcend oneself

The role of this film is not to play out like this, but to the inner self, "he said." The three stories are not a problem that they have solved. They have a lot of secrets in the past. They are not exaggerating. Instead, they have to suppress the secrets and emotions of the most secrets.When I was acting, I thought about one thing. It wasn't hard to put a lot of performance on it. It was a question of how to depress a lot of sadness."

The performance was not a break for Chen Po-lin, but rather a practice.It was once again challenging the wand, and the practice was to transcend oneself by one layer.

— are three emotions, —, love, friendship, that are critical to life in a movie.Burn has rethought his role in his role, as if he had learned another lesson: "It's easy to ignore these emotions in reality and feel that they naturally exist."The film gave me a reflection, yes, goodbye.We will get more questions, not answers.When I digested the whole script and finished the film, I asked myself, if I had really experienced these things, I would have had to run away from it. Three stories were chosen and faced.If you don't face the past, you can choose to be brave or curious to face the question mark in your mind.In these roles, you look at your own life status." (sibling: giving life a breathing space: live to look what you want )

To face the question of a question mark, like walking into a black hole, this is also the state of the role groping, and is not afraid of being lost, not afraid of being dirty, and not afraid of being real.

I love you, so I'm willing to be honest with you

These three emotions have always been very difficult for me, "he says." These three emotions are hard to divide me. It's as if I look at the three stories in the film, love, love, love, and love."In fact, the most important thing is that we are in the relationship. In fact, in our relationship, we often hurt the most people. They say it to the closest people. It is something that is attached to it.That is because you love them, so you dare to be cruel and honest to them."

Bai Lin knows the character of a goat's goat, and his own rise is also a police goat. " Actually, I can quarrel with me, all of them can be together. If they really don't care, what are they arguing about?I wouldn't even bother to say that I didn't even bother to say it."

A quarrel is a very important way for them to communicate: "Just like some friends, you know, he's a friend."You will not quarrel with him until you tear your face off, and you will not leave your person."

Lin Lin believes these three types of love never become clear: " I always feel that the maximization of love and love will become a family relationship.Every emotion is love, and I am not a child. I love them very much, and I really love them. I also hope that love will end up with family feelings and emotions. Each of these emotions is mixed with another relationship, so they are not cut to me."

Don't be afraid of emotions and quarrels. Those are the attachment of love, the most truthful appearance of love, and much more precious than your heart.

At least, it is because it is only precious

Two people seem to be not so romantic. As expected, the lamb-style love pragmatism, I ask them, is that if love is to be loved at the end of the story, can you still remember the little things of love?

Burn doesn't fear thumping: " This is not a 24-hour-minute, every second, and it will appear in a moment.You can't set it up, you can't expect it, you can only wait.For example, with a girlfriend, for example, it wouldn't be at any time. It wouldn't happen every second, and if it had always appeared, it wouldn't have been the same."

" This is so precious that it needs to be brewing.It is not possible to have every second of ten years.— — Chen Bain-lin

But I'm at home every day, and I'll look at the people around me, ask yourself, do you want to continue to live with her or die?"And then I would say yes, yes."

The space is like a small flower in a moment.Bai Lin said it was, ah, you are the happiness of the firewood oil salt.

" Of course not every day. We still have a fight, but you will think that this person can live together for a long time.— — Chen Chhe

OK, say goodbye to everyone in your life

If you always want to see each other again, you have to treasure those little ones, and you have to make love all the time.And finally, those beautiful memories get close to a memory drawer, and even if life is ultimately lonely, it can walk.

If there is a phrase that can be shared among the readers of a woman, wishing them "goodbye" in their lives, Chen Po-lin left his thoughts for a long time saying, "Never, never, break loose."No matter what kind of good-bye, it will stay in your mind for a long time, not regret it, but when you leave, don't have hate.Because the last thing we have to face is not others, but our relationship with ourselves.(Sibling: Happy is growth!"If you are willing to admit your own deficiency, you may find the power" )

He said, " I probably have this idea, and I'm very easy to go.It was too much to leave behind. It was not left behind.You have to face the fact that you don't have a good end to this, even if it's a working relationship."

" There is a lot of time left to leave.— — Chen Chhe

Goodbye, the last thing is to go back to yourself.If your mind is still linked, can you just let him go? Do you have a well-deserved wave of waving?We have no right to choose how to start, but we can decide how to say goodbye to life.

Goodbye, like the tears of the 12-year-old man who were close to the death of the artist. Goodbye, with full weight. If you only want to have a long cigarette with Grandpa,Goodbye, though I don't want to, despite the pain, I have to personally deliver the deeply loved people.

At the end of the visit, after saying goodbye, when writing this article, I can still remember the eyes of the 12-year-old boy in tears, and the shadow of his grandfather sitting on the bench with his eyes on the night.

If a person has a temperature, he has a warm and warm Yang, and he is clear and direct, and he doesn't fall back in love.Bai Lin Windhoek is like a good tea, and needs to slowly feel back and feel it back.

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