Shakespeare's ninety-ninth love poem, once jokingly blamed violets as adorable burglars, stealing lover's fragrance, beauty, and color to make the flowers so delicate and aromatic.When you see beautiful flowers, you always make people think about beautiful people and special stories.In February of this year, womany interviewed a very different flower artist Josh, during the day being an architect, returning from work to a simple home in the mountains, creating flowers, a design concept in 2011, capturing the special sense of space and pure beauty of the flowers.

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Now only 28 years old Josh and Chung Yuan university graduate from work in the mountains near Bandung. They live in a broad white space, like a Greek island.

He smiled, " Because I was a person who honestly faced his own life."Look at our studless relationship with honesty, and he explains," Because it's really honest to face myself, so I like that, and I don't do things that I don't like to please others."Even if you're living in a mountain, lots of people complain about it, but I really like it here, so I'm going to stay here."

Perhaps because of this fearless honesty, Josh is so different.

Read about architecture, and graduate into a famous interior design company.As fate would have done, the design of the interior planting wall of a medical care card accidentally discovered a certain kind of talent and passion.He has made a different story for the brand in the media, and the flower is no longer just a "static ornament," and has an active narrative.

Discover your interest in the flower, and Josh is completely free of any teacher, and weekends running flower market, starting to know the names of each kind of flower tree, simply because he likes to understand the discovery.Last year's Mother's Day, he wanted to send his own mother a bouquet of flowers, put them in a Facebook page, and many people left a message saying they wanted to buy. He was encouraged by a good friend. He began to set up a "flower-like" flower brand, and constructed a space of another story through the flower arts.


Rain overpowered by rain.After the rain has been fine for the plants, the sun will be able to nourize the sun, and everyone can have a fine heart. Josh is good at digging out the unique life story of each flower, telling the story behind it through a combination of colors, lines, and odors.Even if it is a dry material that is not often used by the Taiwan flower shop, it can all blossom in the design of Josh's life.

The process of accessing Josh will discover that he is a very sunny person, and that he couldn't help but laugh at the joy and pleasure.He said, " I'm a person who pays great attention to it.All kinds of feelings.So, like making a flower design, I would like to go straight to the flower market to see flowers, touch the flowers, and then create a variety of ideas through the flowers.Like his architectural design, he particularly liked to make models by hand, instead of relying solely on computers to make 3D simulations.The importance of handwork, emphasis on detail, attention to environment and human interaction, all of which is built from architecture, and is a key principle in the design of Josh's artistic design.

For Josh, the art design, except for its beautiful design, is the story behind the design of each flower design.And that's why he has the greatest design of the craft."I hope that through my design, the world will have more happiness and happiness."" The life of the flowers can be blossoming, extended and reborn through his design.

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February Josh's lover-flower ball, designed for womany in February, is a rare design in Asia.It can be used as a hanging ornament, or it can be placed in the glass vessel as a gem display.He says a story about this flower, which is a theme and a flower that can be hung. It's like courageously saying the first thing I love when I love you, but brilliant flowers, like we love each other, are beautiful and unique, and put their hearts in your hand.(Ball)

The concept behind each galloon is that Josh's work is different from that of other ordinary flower shops.He said, " The changes in the plants follow the seasonal changes, and I just borrowed the softwerless words from the plants, giving them a dance platform to tell them here, and here to perform.So everyone sees Josh's work, and what you usually see is the details, like the life-like bouquet.No longer just a few roses, how many flowers have nothing to do with flowers, and what you can see, what it feels like, is the whispering of the flowers and the flowers of the flowers and the flowers that are full of stories and lives.

Ask him how to keep the building firm busy with the design, he says, " Keep your curiosity at any time, and enjoy your life."As with life, there is no single day. Every flower's fold and leaf texture has its own unique posture."So keep the curiosity and the freshman in everything, and be very happy every day."There is no flower, it's the same," Josh said.We have a bit of a shock in our hearts when we hear this.In the past, roses were roses, and lily was a lily, but it wasn't.So why love flowers?Because it is the most unique, every lover is the only one to each other, just like the little prince who belongs to his own rose.

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