Does Taiwan have its own design style and aesthetics? In the eyes of Ianni, an Australian curator, Taiwan has always had good designs, but lacked the path to international. She launched the Taiwan by-design program, hoping to make the world understand that Taiwan's uniquely designed aesthetics also makes Taiwanese people more proud of their designs. (More about Taiwan by Project )

Through the expo, a new generation of design exhibition, Taiwan's cutting-edge design energy is gradually seen, and today invited to the famous curator from Australia, but also Taiwan by the design of the 88 kinds of Taiwan classic designs of the author Annie Ivanova Come and talk to us. She interprets Taiwan's design status in terms of a foreign curator. (same field Gayon: Nie Yongjin Design Presidential stamps rethink: Please Taiwan public to give the designer space )

"will begin to want to compile the design illustrations belonging to Taiwan, starting from the 2011 Australian Design Circle Event Ideasondesign, my job is to introduce Taiwan's designers and works, but to find the Taiwan design related English data process, let me too frustrated!" In addition to the English tourist information, Taiwan's cultural industry is extremely short of reliable English translations, and to allow foreigners to understand the design of Taiwan, but also with the entire historical and cultural background to be introduced together. 」

It is true that the whole world is unable to find a complete introduction to the design of Taiwan, not to mention a version written in English, and Annie goes on to express her love for Taiwanese design, eager to understand how these ideas are shaped, and more about the creative stories behind the designers.

"So I decided to take this responsibility and write a book for the world, so that the world can understand how good Taiwan design is." 」

The background that Taiwan used to equate to industrial or manufacturing in the world is the advantage of the Taiwanese design industry in the eyes of Annie. Annie went on to explain: "The designers continued the accumulated knowledge of manufacturing and electronics in the past 50 years, the traditional combination of innovation, and culturally, Taiwan has also preserved the traditional process of China's destruction of the Cultural Revolution, and the combination of culture and technology is why Taiwan design can impress people." 」

Annie shared the common features of Taiwan's design, "convenience" and "use of space":"like a paper sofa that pulls a single seat into a 20-seat" retractable Valentine's Chair (flexiblelove) or a small folding halfway folding Bike, Can be a glimpse of Taiwanese design products "practical functional" attention. "(same field recommendation: Why Malaysia has Jimmy Choo, Taiwan has not named the shoe designer )

In Taiwan, designers face many problems, like typhoons, earthquakes, population density, pollution and other natural and man-made disasters, although the external challenges are difficult, but the Taiwanese can always find their own way to adapt, and develop such technology and design; Similarly, the designers living in Australia have to face the heat waves and forest fires and other disasters, These common experiences will be reflected in the design thinking, and it is not an interesting feature.

As an internationally renowned curator who has planned and designed many large exhibitions, and has visited many Taiwanese designers through Taiwan by, what does Annie think are the elements needed to push Taiwan's design internationally? (same field Gayon: Remember an age with design!) Taiwan's first commercial designer: Gingshuirong )

"Taiwanese designers actually lack a link to the international market," he said. "annie thinks the Taiwanese designer she's been in contact with for the past two years whether 24 or 64 years old are the leading designers, there are many abroad to study or to obtain international awards, they spend a lot of time to run business, build brands, but less a voice to the world pipeline. "Taiwan needs a lot of resources to sell goods to foreign markets, and it has to learn to tell the story of Taiwan in ways that outsiders can understand, and designers have to communicate these stories through their designs," he said. 」

What's the toughest part of Annie's writing? Annie smiled and replied, "The Taiwanese government would have been willing to fund the Taiwan by-design scheme, but said that it only supported the publication of the Chinese version of the book, which violates the original intention of the world to see Taiwan's designs, so that it can only be published independently by its own power, This is not my first line of work, but it is the first book written in foreign countries, but also the first time I did not have the status of the independent completion of the works, when I first printed out the entire book and see the full picture, I cried. My God, is this really my work? 」

Annie spent 2 years in every corner of Taiwan, visiting more than 350 design teams, writing more than 120 reports, and now is promoting the collection of illustrations. (same field Gayon:"every decision to achieve 100 points, to achieve the best works" beauty of rational and perceptual notes )

Since the Government is unwilling to support the English version of the work, Annie later found a British publishing house willing to print and ship to the whole world, but Taiwan by the design needs to be in Taiwan in order to raise money to obtain 1000 of the results of the book, to prove the value of this guide, publishers are willing to take over

If we can publish this book of 88 classical designs in Taiwan to the whole world, and interpret the beautiful designs of Taiwan with different perspectives, we will surely enable more people to realize the creative energy of Taiwan and hope that this day will come soon!