Venn has talked to us about feminism in the minds of the students. Who says men can't talk about sex?Breaking the state is just a man's thing, feminism is just a woman's thing, and invites you to imagine a better society.

We are a group of feminists who are a group of sex addicts, who don't have a sense of shame, and are a group of goblin.Here, we will bring you a different gender perspective.— — — Sex Emanor

You remember, last year, #FreeTheNipple shot up the patriarchal power.The first "sex liberation and elder sister" fan group, which was on a related issue in Taiwan, was closed again, with the "Sexuality and Sister 2.0" restive posture, which was rolled up for a period of gender discussion.

Before the identification of the liberation and study of the elder sister, we first met with an outline of the outline.

You may have seen his column at all the platforms, and you may have fought him, and perhaps because of his words, the decision is a bit better for this society.He wrote an acid-green note, not a word, but a social heart.Comments appear in Apple, the World magazine, the Key Review Network, and ...He also wrote a femme column, when he was just a station writer, he said, "I didn't join because you were very good, but because you weren't good enough."(Sibling: Venn, Hao, Women's Column )

In the interview, I finally understand the meaning of his words.Whether it is writing, facing society, because it can be better, because it has to wait, it will only be willing to spend it completely.He is also one of the founders and caretads of the liberation of sex, as well as the words "liberate" the world as "liberated".In the interview, he said, "People have misunderstood the meaning of liberation. The liberation of sex and the elder sister, what we want to do is to liberate all the sexes, and let everyone be free."

Sexual liberation and learning will not only open the yellow chamber.

" Frankly, we talk about sexual liberation, and we all recognize that we have to open up a yellowness and talk about sex, and that's only sexual liberation. It's just sexual openness. It's a sexual liberation. It's all about gender equality, liberation, gender equality, freedom for all.The nature of sexual liberation is not the whole of sexual liberation.It includes physical autonomy, gender equality, sexual desire ..."

the early morning at 11:00 a.m., the group set up a small group of people, and later woke up in the Zhen Yi, and later became the gender circle that jokes opened up after the tea was cooked.

When the sexual liberation and the elder sister were founded, it sounded like a joke, but in the case of gender movement, no one could decide whether they were serious.

Free The Nipple starts in Taiwan, starting here.The number of fans is from 4,000 to 10,000, and many readers have written their own body stories and other places.Lhao said, "People are beginning to get more, and the jokes of the sexes are magnified."The reader of sex is not just about sex, but from the high school to the father of Arbor, and this society is spread among the people of all walks of life: "When everyone's expectations of you are getting higher and higher, there will be two fears."One is the physiological men who put pressure on gender. They are most likely the most conservative in our society, and they wait for the wrong sentence that comes with feminism.Another fear is the controversy over the inner circle of the sex. I will remind myself of the need to respect the position of others when I speak. They can oppose but do not harm others." (Recommended reading: Why can't I make two points?Write #FreeTheNipple After Facebook blessed )

Each theory of theory has its own stance, and it is not about winning, but how to make the socially vulnerable have a better life.

Feminism, what matters is practice

On the feminist point of view, he said she was a wild road and a feminist, "I've always been a stumble stumble, and my worldview in the gender sphere is constantly changing."In Free The Nipple, what I learned was not a more complete theory, but a crowd of communication.How do you explain a difficult theory and change it in a language that you all understand?"Feminism is not a palace, it's more like a pro-citizen grocery store, and it looks forward to more people's lives with the most practical strategies."

The debate over feminism, from the university lecture halls to the public sector, is that many people can forgive you for making mistakes in school.But in society, your theory is more likely to be between the growth or the destruction of the movement.In the social movement, the question is: "I think of the way you think about the world. You want to know the way you look at the world, you need to know that you have problems, get started, cooperate with the theories, and find more people who are like-like."You have to have a similar idea, to think about what your actions can accomplish, and then you can make it."

four steps to be taken by Wang Chih-hung, a teacher at the center of the study, are: "Launch, organize, program, and act."" Every step is likely to go back to the previous step, followed by any questions, going back to the Problem itself, and it's not going straight forward, and you'll always go back and see your starting point, to fix your own ideas, organizational ways, and action plan.Just as theory could have been amended, as space-time context and different events could be used to correct theories, supplement the original theory, and so on.

There can be many verbs ahead of feminism, you can see, can watch, understand, be able to comb, and the verb he chooses is a practice.

What society needs is not inclusion, but tolerance

gender discussions, there is no way to avoid opposing views. The Internet community has followed current events and has been on the battlefield. As the leader of the gender speech, the leaders are constantly opening up or passing through those battlefields, and I ask him how he views confrontation.He said, "I like conflicts and antagonism. I think society is looking for answers from the front, but not in the struggle, but rather hoping to see each other's problems and see their problems."If you are a harmonious society, you will not see these things. You will definitely have some value that you believe in, but because you have your value and are not integrated into society, it is antagonism."(Extended Read: Taiwan-to-World: Don't let" confrontation " limit our horizons )

" We all talk about inclusion, but what we need is tolerance. confessed to the fact that there was a clear picture of what we were arguing about.

Inclusiveness is a hidden and invisible sight, and he believes that what we really want to learn is tolerance and values that you don't believe in. " Embrace diversity, it should be based on honesty.I just don't like some people, some remarks, but I respect it, and that's tolerance.I don't deceive myself, pretend to be accepted, I don't like it, but I respect the existence of your theory."

person who says that he wants to be a gender movement is not a good idea, but who has to respect it, and who is more theoretical, and can move in good direction.He believes, "We are not more advanced than who we are, but whose theory is that we can get more people to help."If your theory doesn't look at the needs of most people, it's hard to push the society forward."

The pace of progress is slow and continues to go down

a result, the young and the young have begun, and even under the direction of the line, the future of the program will also be a sex talk with women's fans, and people of different sex will gather together to talk.What he wants to do is not the truth, not the doctrine, but a platform that everyone can talk about." This platform contains men, women, transgender, and any minority.The sex liberation and the sister did not belong to us, but they belonged to all of us."

" We've got more people, so we're going to move forward slower."

The group of sexually liberated and learners is a group of people who are not conversationalist with feminism, but rather a girl whose father, mother, who grew up in the most traditional environment, and who has never been aware of her gender dilemmas.

He chose a path that was not fast, but he did not deny that he was a more defender of feminism.He believes that the gender circle is a spectrum: " the conservative theory does not necessarily help the real weak in society, but society can't have such a voice — — those theories are in the front, and what he provides is the direction we are trying to do.The opposing theory may not be mutually exclusive and cannot co-exist.Instead, it provides an axis that allows extreme people to understand each other, make up for what you're not talking about, and you have space, and you can work harder.(You would like to: Josef Gaudin Levi, who hugging feminism: " Don't make gender define who we are!" )

Don't fear confrontation, don't worry about colliding.It is a person who has a negative energy every day, and then attempts to make social progress.He never worried about criticism, because he saw the collective situation in comparison to his own pain.

You can't see it all your life, but you have to believe in changing it.

In practice, there is pain in the right to equality, and it is the reader's figure and the response: "I will be touched by many people who talk about the change in their sexual liberation and after their studies."or talk, face-to-face with them, somebody stays and asks us questions, and they give you a tearful eye, and you think you're really helping them, and that emotion in the moment, you know, they're warm."

The opposite of touching, too much emotion, Master Hao disappointment gender discussion repeatedly plays back on old tune , 20 years ago the community will argue, the media is still arguing, the media is still in the process of receding: "You will think that our society seems to have little progress."When the women of our Taiwan are constantly exposed to the birds, I would question what we're doing now, what can we change?"

" I always think that I have to be optimistic about social reform, because the change is very slow, and you are a moment of frustration, a lot of times when you don't have hope."

It's very, very sincere, but it's very slow, it's hard, it's tough, but, "You have to always believe this, and one day it will happen."The point is, how do you see the contradiction and go from the paradox.That's the negative energy, finding out how you can get involved in the problem.There's no absolute direction or direction to go back to the four steps of changing society, and you're going to do it, take action, don't let the action exist in theory.(Homemarge: Gender Hack Matching Day: Selections and Relationships are a choice )

He is the person who cares more about the process, so it is inevitable that the sweating of blood is inevitable, even if the outcome is not met in the years of life.The reason why people are so optimistic is because they are constantly disappointed, and he says, " Maybe you don't see a little change in society in your life, and it's probably your next generation because you're doing what you're doing right now."

" My negative energy comes from my feeling that society is like this.My optimism comes from my belief that people have the ability to change."

Strong advocacy for social and soft rights

Many have questioned whether the female experience and oppression of a man of his or her physiology are true."I'm not going to stop me from hitting my pain," he said. "I'm not going to stop me from being a critic of identity politics.""

A lot of people wonder what makes him talk to girls?" When I was a kid, I was bullied, so it was so simple.As a result, my friends are sisters. I can handle them. It is not a comfortable experience to be bullied and oppressed. We come from the same oppressive experience.Once in a weak position, you will see other socially disadvantaged groups.He says that he may be the first good student in the eyes of society, and there is no major tragedy in his life.The only thing that's sad is, "I'm a person who is being bullied by sex."Do you want to say I'm a real snake?In fact, it is not, but I know that being bullied is not a very good thing."

Is there a snake in Hong Kong that can help Luthor speak?Fade away from the labels, go back to the people, and follow the bright and experienced darkness with the weak. " The pain is as we grew up together. It will follow us all my life. I can now pretend to laugh, not to be afraid of others laughing at my mother.He seems to be no longer afraid of sexual assault victims, but he is bound to lead to the growth of victimization.(Sibling: heartbroken for society: I'm three years old, I've been sexually assaulted )

I ask, do you have the help of growing up? He responds: "Actually I don't. I think I am a lot of nerve, and sometimes I am more delicate, and I have to forget the unpleasant experience."At most, after reading the class class, it was found that many people were as strange as you, so you would feel warm."

As there is no mechanism or education to correct unreasonable sex, he grew up willing to be a sex picket team that he would hate when he was oppressed: "The oppressed people, even if they grow up, the wounds are still bleeding. What should he do?"You can't ask him to confront alone, and our society needs company, and we need such a mechanism to face it together with care and attention."

In the article, which I knew before, he was always trying to speak his way and speak up for his rights.Now I understand that the reason to say, to be tough is to be soft on the community.

Do you dare to imagine a better society?

If you can make three gender aspirations for the island, the most promising situation is these: "No one will be ridiculed because he's a sissy."The woman's dressing is not limited to being judged, and the whole gender education is not limited."

I think he is a very disobeying person to life, so he has such a strong momentum and attempts to change it.In the interview, I always said, "You are so dark and optimistic."Master Hao does not have confidence in the chicken soup. The chicken soup can be a socialized makeup, and it will not cultivate a more equal society.Finally, I asked him to send a message to his readers. He said, " Everyone is going to join this war!" (Recommended reading: Change it when we have pain in the world )

Yes, it's a war, it's never easy.Every morning in the eyes of each pair of eyes, there are people who are afraid of being bullied in the school. Every night in the closed eyes, there are people who often turn back and worry about the long and sexual harassment of sexual harassment.

The world that we see as normal is in fact not normal."I believe oppression, discrimination, inequality, and inequality are not necessarily the inevitable phenomena of human society," he said.We can choose the lives we want to live and to live in. We have the absolute capacity to change the state of discrimination, to see the structures or phenomena of inequality in society, as long as we are willing to do it."

At the end of each talk, no matter what you say in the middle, he ends up like this: " My speech today is an invitation.I would like to invite you to join the war against discrimination and oppression.You can think about it, you don't have to come, but I hope you'll join me one day."

We want a simple, a childhood that doesn't have to be bullied by sex, sexual harassment, no one will blame your skirt for too short a society, and we aspire to stand in front of the mirror or the time of the times.If you are convinced that our world's daughters and mothers deserve a better life, our son's father should be given a weak right, and if you look forward to it, no matter who loves you, you will be able to imagine a better society, if you like, to be able to do so.

5/28, Big Women's Lecture Workshop , listening to the Long-Women's Speech