Who says men can't embrace feminism? Who says feminism must be a male-female confrontation? Who says feminism only lives for women?

Why are we so Echosev Gaudenlivai Joseph Gordon-levitt? Because he always surprises us. Period.

(Well, of course, because of his charming smile)

We Love "Love Summer 500 Days" in the charming and melancholy of Tom, we Love "Super Express" in the bicycle in the forefront of his, we Love "The Dark Knight: The Dawn Rises" Robin ... I love him more than he says he's a feminist.

This January, Joseph boarded Allen to openly talk about the far-reaching impact of feminism on him. Joseph says her mother has influenced many of his thoughts, and has made him reflect on the stereotyped roles of men and women in the main society and the media. (Same field Gayon: A day when a man experiences being a woman, the result will be ... ) )

Joseph shared: "I remember when our whole family watched the Lakers play, when the cheerleaders came out to cheer for the team, my mother would remind us that when the society let men appear as heroic heroic athletes, women on the pitch like" good-looking "is the most important thing. She was not, of course, trying to discredit the cheerleaders, but hoped that my brother and I would be more aware of what we saw on television, which might deepen our established vision of gender. If we don't stop thinking and questioning ourselves, but accept all the information, it will become the way we perceive the real world. "

Who says men can't embrace feminism? Who says feminism must be a male-female confrontation? Who says feminism only lives for women? Joseph never considered himself a feminist, and said that the birth of feminism was to greet a better society . In a recent campaign to promote the "Evil City 2: The Beauty of Life" (Sin city:a Dame Tokill for) to accept the daily Beast visit, he was again asked about the definition of feminism, Joseph Charming said:

"Feminism to me is that we don't need to define who we are by our sex, and you can be what you want to be." Whether you are a man, a woman, a boy, a girl. "what feminism means to I-you-don ' t let your gender define the WHO and are--you can be the WHO, want "Re a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, whatever,"

"No matter how we choose to define ourselves, we all have the right to be what we want to be." Every person in the world should not be confined to a particular frame, because everyone is unique. For me, this is the meaning of "feminism". So, yes, I would definitely say I'm a feminist. "(Recommended reading: Super attractive neutral model Erika Linder)

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Joseph Gaudenrivi further explained: "In the long history of mankind, women have endured too many unfair treatment, they have not been given the same opportunity, more deprived of a lot of rights, I think that such things are very detrimental to the value of the human body." I've always believed that we should all be empowered to be what we want to be, and that we can do what we want without having to be limited by gender. "(the right of a woman to a higher education for the first time was 100 years ago )

Many may question that Joseph Gaudenrivi's claim does not conform to the "feminist" definition, but so what? "Feminism" should not have only a set of "standard" appearance, should not take "orthodox feminism" to be used to exclude others, feminism can, and should have all kinds of appearance.

Whatever Joseph Gaudenrivi's understanding of feminism, whether it conforms to its academic definition, we all want to say that we like a man who stands up and says loudly that this society needs feminism, not to demonize feminism as a sharp weapon that divides the sex by two yuan, but to affirm that everyone has a unique value, Should not be limited by the gender framework, because everyone is worth glowing. (See more about: The structure of accomplice in patriarchal society and the limitations of mainstream feminism )

Such a Joseph Gaudenrivi, why do you think people don't like it?

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