There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

No warm field life.

The first day when a woman fan begins an internship is like the feeling of giving me a job interview at the beginning of the internship, having to return home, warm and comfortable, unlike our impression of the company environment. A woman fan is a new media company that promotes gender issues, but it doesn't feel like the fast-paced pace of a traditional media company that sees people doing their jobs seriously and leisurely (the two don't really clash with women).

The first day of the morning, I in the Content Lab work in the process of gradually familiar with the day-to-day editing work, but also began to feel that we are busy with women fans of the year big event: The atmosphere of the great woman era.

After noon Wei Xuan came to me to discuss this big woman's activities propaganda copy, this is also my first shock to women fans, all the work is live ammunition, no internship or career, everyone is a common struggle partner, as long as you have the strength or potential will be seen (sometimes even not consciously to the time, Other partners have seen your potential.

What the editors taught me!

Then, one hours later, I wrote a first draft of the activity copy. Wei Xuan after reading, Ponder one will say: "You can write the copy." "Now, I am surprised that I have doubts about myself, why Wei Xuan can be so sure, and no doubt?"

It was later discovered that this was a common tacit understanding among women's partners: a total trust in the ability of a partner, and to give himself to his expectations. (same field Gayon:"don't because of a disappointment, lose the courage of trust!" "Backpacker Terry's story of the Ring O"

With the expectations of the partners will be responsible for their own and spur, I began to spend a lot of time to study the writing method, adapt to the editorial in various media articles should be the form of writing.

The most touching is the partner Audrey (in fact, is the editor of the adult, but she said not to call her, Shh! Each article will give her feedback, which is a less process in my previous writing experience. Each time to receive feedback at the same time deeply feel that their own article someone will seriously look, there is a sense of knowing, it is difficult to say.

But maybe I'm still adapting, not so fast to grasp the specific style of writing for each article, and the topic or task often suddenly appears in the responsible work items, sometimes not be able to achieve a complete task, if necessary, there are overhaul or delayed delivery of the situation, Often feel unwilling or uncomfortable (this word is the term of women fans), feel that they have to learn a lot of things, time control should also be strengthened.

I think that's what I'm going to do for a woman. Internship: Frankly facing their own shortcomings, and hope to use the circumstances of the ability to fill their own deficiencies as soon as possible. (Recommended reading:"female fans internship weekly diary" Internship is the greatest harvest, is proud to recognize their own shortcomings )

In addition, Content partners sometimes disagree about the same article, however, in the female fans, hear different voices, accept different ideas, has always been the pursuit of the partners of the discussion atmosphere, we can speak their own ideas, as long as the learned to express their views bravely, everyone will respect your opinion, and included in the discussion process.

As Audrey once said, "I like people who challenge my ideas." "What we are pursuing in a woman's obsession is to have a view of things, to love our opinions, and to defend our views." Because your point of view is you, so special, unique.

A unique male perspective and a first-hand view of women

I'm sure a lot of people are curious about the sex ratio in a woman's obsession. Yes, women fans are almost all girls (except for me, only four engineers in Service Lab are also boys), which is also full of the impression of women fans. So as a boy in the female fan life, often in the gender perspective has an unexpected impact and harvest, I had expected before coming in this situation, but did not want to be able to get so many different views.

Content Lab in the morning after the newspaper hug the wall

Take my Content Lab for example. Is there a unique culture (or official business) in the content Lab that the editors gather? , called "The Morning newspaper hug," embraced all the news around him, and had about one hours a day each morning, and the partners shared some of the latest news stories about their views on the news.

After all, women fans are gender-conscious media, which share news, and often pay special attention to news about gender-related issues. As a heterosexual male, I can use this opportunity to hear the first-hand interpretation of the news from a female perspective that I never noticed (or drowned by the voice of a male nearby).

For example, before the belt incident, I thought that "shoulder strap" is a long time ago, because in the course of my schooling, it really rarely happened in front of me. (Recommended reading: Gender observation: "Pull shoulder belt" incident, why the boy anxiety, why the girl unconvinced? )

But I don't see, it doesn't mean it didn't happen, looking at the many female partners in the content lab you say my own personal experience, the partner Audrey to pull shoulder belt special feeling, not only said to his past experience, but also with the partner of the newspaper to restore the past he was pulled shoulder belt process, Profoundly to say what he was feeling and the dilemma of being a woman (not to pull the breath of life, not to choose to forbear), and other partners have a deep sense of the face of the difficulties of being pulled shoulder belt.

I found out that in the past I was in the state high school class, I so for those girls ' silence, may be completely different from what I think, in fact, they have a voice in the heart, but the environment and society do not allow them to say, now, I came to women fans can hear these voices, I think quite cherish, And also get a lot of experience and hair thinking.

There was also the word "recycler" mentioned in the news, I can't read it right now, but my partner Mia immediately told me it was a bamboo engineer, because it was a joke that they often accepted girls who were not accepted by the average boy (which is, of course, derogatory, not friendly to both sexes), After listening to the moment I feel how everyone's gender-related "jargon" know so much ah.

I think it is because girls in such a society face too much unfriendly, so they will pay special attention to these terms, listen to the sharing of partners, and often make up the part of my past will be sparse. (Recommended reading: No sex, all by hard work: These women writers stand up to break the writing gender ceiling )

Content Lab is one of my favorite places. The partners here have a lot of ideas about words, insights and feelings, each partner's world is different and tolerant of each other, we discuss each other's words, each other's readers, where the author can directly receive feedback from the first-hand readers, you will be very clear how your words to others feel, Cause them any inspiration or idea.

It's like seeing your words as a breathing creature that affects others alive. I am a person who likes to read and write, so I like it very much.

The day of the internship has been almost two months, in addition to the usual routine editing assignments, with various unpredictable events and events, the Content Lab daily life is actually not monotonous. We welcome and deal with all kinds of gender news, and we want to get to know more about my familiar and unfamiliar subjects, to make sounds for these subjects, to improve the efficiency of writing, and to allow women fans to discuss more different topics every week.