"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so. Reading poetry is like a process of digestion of sadness, for life to leave some monologue, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, parting from the reality of the turmoil, the woman fans only read poems for you.

(Photo source: Always)

You have a soft room.
Sometimes fertile, moist
So you can kick and fight at ease
Like in the womb.
To make you grow flowers inside.
Let you keep a moon
Sometimes chapped and oozing blood
Like whipped by the scorching sun.
Sometimes twisted by pain
I can't make a sound in my dreams.
Sometimes it stretches.
Like a volcano spewing steam
Some ceramic the color ceiling.
Like a sea of ups and downs
Secretly rendezvous with the warm Kuroshio
Unknown creatures who love each other, weep and sing.

There are scissors, needlework and spatula in the room.
Let you weave your own surname, the flowers are generally open
Cut off his last name, the petals are generally scattered
Turn over the dirt, roll over, and stir.
Cooked, rotten, and burnt.
Fragments of sang sang tightly

The girl is calling you, the lover is calling you, the wine is calling you at the bottom of the cup
In the soft room.
Echoes are the Winds of Summer night
Blow the doors and windows open and switch off.
That's your music.
That's your catchy song.
That's your lullaby.

Soft room, you drift in the snow, your temples, your
The hospital, your hot air balloon.
The place where you write and then disappear

--hong-hong's soft room--Peng Yiping "Women's World" read

I'm carving myself in silence
Knock on those sleek faces.
And with a saw.
The dream of cutting trees

The clouds that are born wrong
The hands that don't deserve to be held
I shook it all.
I've stumbled.
The bud mouth that is unwilling to chop apart
Finally flooded the road

I have to be firm
Pile stones at your feet
One at a single day
I'm a real crow.
The sturdy totem pole
Grow into the Stars

Let me see the Allies from afar.
Since I am not allowed to fly
There are also people around the building
Let us in the sand of Joseph
With the first old eyes
Let us drink the milk of the morning
Drink blood
And make our hair soar
Like a surly table

I'm reborn for a dream
Change Shape
To bear those dismal lichens
They've forgotten their dreams.
Prostrate self-willing flat

Someday I will die
Just before I die.
I'm closer.
A Star

--30 Dream Pan

The whole world is bullying
War bullying refugees
Drilling Machine Bullying Mouth
Motorcycle Bullying Sidewalk
Firecracker Horn sound Pa Ling Eardrum
Black-hearted food bullying the whole family's stomach
Several times a day, the mind of the bullying student
Philippine police forces bullying Taiwanese fishermen
Home Water Well bullying exiles
Barbed wire broken glass bullying fence
Artillery missiles, bullying skies.
Politicians bullying taxpayers
Wrinkles Bully Ling Beauty
Fate is a clenched fist.
Bullying the poor cheek

Everything in the universe is not bullying
Black hole Bullying Planet
Dust storms bully the sky
Soil and stone Stream bullying home
The shattered clouds, the perfect Moonlight
The lily of the typhoon bullying
Shotgun Bullying returning migratory birds
Golden Fu Lo Ling rice field
Steroid bullying skeleton
Chemotherapy bullying white blood cells
Bill Bullying realistic Passbook
Tears bullying the pillow of Dreams
Calendar Bully days away from the footsteps of the sound
Her likeness continued to bully the forgotten will
The bedroom hangs the wedding photo day and night bullying my eyes

--Bullying Giotong

If you come back
Looking up
The little loft was soaked
In the twilight of Big Taipei
Don't be afraid.
It just means I'm out.
The dream of the past

Previously shared desks
Text and paper draft
You're the boss.
I'll do the same in the south.
Reading and writing
Write poems tirelessly
Shout out loud and hoarse

Don't be afraid
When the night falls on the floor of Taipei
My hometown is dark, too.
Then remember to dip your hand in it.
The poetic poetics of uneven
Solemn twist and twisted solitary light
From right to left
The light will vent like water

Really, don't be afraid.
As long as we can keep our hearts
A snap---open
From East to west
From south to north
We will see
The lights of the light in the night
Never dies.

--〈 If you come back, the road cold sleeve

I don't have a word with you.
I don't read your script.
I just look at you in silence
As if a long time ago, had

I'm a blotting paper.
Gently restrain the words you wrote
The rest of the stains that you left behind on the paper
Suction dry

--Zhang Shanhua a blotting paper