At the end of last week, thousands took to the streets in solidarity with a 16-year-old girl who had by than 30 people, while also sending a message of pain to the world.This is not a single event. We live in a culture of rape, culture, loathing, cyber-bullying When will we wait until we have a better world?I don't know, I just know that women are going to have to keep saying that we can't keep silent, we have to do something.(Sibling: Why is India's rape case?Understanding the world behind it is more important fear )

Many times, I don't know how many times I am going to write this kind of news to get a society that no longer says "rape is a woman's own fault." I don't know how many times we have to cry and protest on the street to get a better, better living world.(Recommended reading: "North-wife" fan-page confuse: society, please stop blaming the victims of sexual assault )

May 26: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 30 men gang raped a 16-year-old girl and uploaded live images to social networking sites, a 40-second-long screen that has been widely retransmitted on Twitter, the BBC reported.

On May 21, when a 16-year-old girl visited her 19-year-old boyfriend in a coma, she found herself in a strange room naked with more than 30 men surrounded by men, most of whom were armed with firearms.She found a scattered body of clothing, tolerated pains in her body, and had no money to run away from her home with a bristles.

And her nightmare wasn't over, two days later, the footage was uploaded and the photos uploaded, hundreds of people liked it, and left a message of hate, such as "The girl, did you hear?"Or put the picture at her private place and make a mockery of the mockery: " This is the new activation tunnel for the Rio High-Speed Railway!"(Recommended): A notorious wound: Time of Age Women?")

Following the film, the angry crowd began to protest, and the incident shocked not only Brazil, but also the world.Together, this incident reminds us that we must look squarely at the culture of rape, the stormy plot and the existence of cyberbullying.(In the same place: " The corpse was picked up by a girl?The ubiquitous Rape Culture

A rape case occurred in 13 days: gang-rape is not the womb and the soul.

Brazilian police have recently started to investigate and detain four male suspects and continue to search for suspects.The 16-year-old girl mentioned in the interview that at least 33 men had been subjected to violence."I have to wait for the justice of God to condemn these people, the shadow continues to follow me, and I feel so thin, I fear to hear voices of condemnation:" It's her fault, she's wearing too little.""I want people to stop denouncing, this is not a woman's fault.""

After the incident, interim president Michel Temer of Brazil announced that he would work with the federal police to create an agency to address the problem of violence against women.He said in a statement: " This is the 21st century, and we have seen such atrocious evil and unbelievable."

Thousands of Rio de Janeiro people took to the streets to protest the banner of "EstuproNuncaMais (no longer rape)", and the angry emotions from Rio de Janeiro to the neighboring Brazilian cities.The 16-year-old girl thanked her in the face and said "gang rape is not just my uterus, it's my soul."At the first time of the incident, I was attacked by a video that was circulating, and I was scared, and you let me know, I wouldn't and shouldn't be attacked.(Recommended reading: "She should shut up and let us rape us" < India's daughters > documentaries to uncover the Indian round of violence )

Brazil recorded nearly 50,000 rape cases in 2014, according to the Brazil Public Security Forum, which is estimated to be 35 percent of the actual rape case.She is not the only girl who has been experiencing such experience, nor is she the only one in Brazil who has committed adultery or rape.

The crowd dressed in the stained blouse, struggling to hold the blood-stained flag, knew that if you chose to keep silent, the damage would only continue, as blood spilled on them.

The world must face, ubiquitous rape culture

This is not even a problem for Brazil, it is a problem that the world must face.

In Okinawa, Japan, US military personnel raped and killed a 20-year-old woman islanders, looking back at the history of the US troop stationing in the past, which was a bad record.At least 10,000 women were raped and 12-year-old on Okinawa in 1995. In 2001, a U.S. Air Force raped a 20-year-old Okinawan woman. In 2004, the U.S. sergeant raped 19-year-old Okinawan women. In March, the rape cases were never stopped. In March of this year, a sergeant raped a passenger from Fukuoka.

In January, more attention has been given to cases of child abuse that have occurred in Taiwan, which took place in Taiwan in January.The university's authority intervened in an attempted interest scandal, accusing it of having a scandal of shame and repeatedly pushing the injury back on the client. She wanted her to review herself and not to step on the victim's position.(More details: sexual assault on the witchcraft )

We are faced with different numbers, different women, and often hear the same accusations. Society keeps copying the silent rape. It's a stealth hand that pushes the mistake back again and again, asking her to review herself, to keep her in love, and to further consolidate a society that condones the victims and the victims no longer have the possibility of seeking help.

This is the world we live in, and that's the problem that we have to face together, and if we keep silent, even Shen seems to be maliciously ill.(Recommended to you: < Don't Silence > Breaking the heart of society: I've been sexually abused since I was three years old )

must establish a social atmosphere that condemns the aggressors, and we must establish a social atmosphere that condemns the aggressor. We must establish a social atmosphere that condemns the perpetrators and refuse to bring the blame back to the people. We must also start with education and provide better sex education so that each body has the right to say that it does not and refuses to refuse.

And before that day, we have to repeatedly say, repeatedly, repeatedly and repeatedly remind the world that justice is going to come.(Homecast: "Sexual violence is not a woman's issue, but a human rights issue" < Vagina, Feminism, the only one in which the women's rights activists are excerpent )