Eve , global feminist champion . Ensler first to Taiwan , together to see the scene of women fans, Eve Ensler will bring Taiwan what power! Moved to share

Eve . ensler Eve ensler , the famous feminist activist, best-selling writer and Tony Award-winning playwright, the most famous work is the vagina monologue the Vagina Monologues , by talking with the vagina, point out Menstruation , Production, Sexual Assault , oppression and other vaginal experience, showing the female subjective consciousness, but also let the world face the problem of sexual violence, the play in 145 countries in the world, with 50 languages, affecting hundreds of millions of viewers.

"My vagina is a beautiful village, there are green mountains and waters, my vagina is a beautiful flower, there are layers of petals, there are soft and changeable shapes and wrinkles, my vagina is the core of life." 」

Eve Ensler was named the world's most influential woman by the guardian of the United Kingdom, and was selected by Newsweek as the 150 women to change the world, and at Ted a "Hug your inner Girl" speech, 1/7-1/13, who accepted the first visit to Taiwan by the Reed Foundation , In the afternoon of 1/10, she published the only "焠 strength from the pain." 1 billion people's global uprising "speech. (Recommended reading: Click here to see Eve Ensler hug your inner girl Ted speech )

Women fans were also invited to the scene, sitting in the first row of media interviews, with the women's legislators pushing Taiwan's gender awareness, the chairmen of the different groups, and one another looking forward to the end of sexual violence, watching Eve on the stage. Ensler and OBR Global action Convenor Monique Wilson One hours of talk, from the initial starting point:"vaginal monologue" about the strength of traumatic experience, and then to the victim how to forgive the discussion, psychological have a lot of feelings, thank you for such a good one hours, Has brought us long-term strength. (Recommended reading: bear the pain!) Elder brother and female student carry mattress to accuse the culture of rape

If you do not have a chance to come to the scene, I would like to share the present with you through the following five excerpts.

"Every woman has her own vagina monologue."

From the vagina monologue, Eve. Ensler smiled and said that he had never thought of writing a drama that would allow the vagina to speak. It was not until after several interviews that she found that many women referred to the body and the private sector, often in negative language, describing their physical and sexual experience, and that even one of them was more fearful of having sex because of past experiences of sexual violence. So she suddenly felt that "the body and even the vagina this matter, is the woman should say, but never had the opportunity to say." "" "Woman never has the chance to tell but it need to be told."

Since then, the vaginal monologue program has begun, Eve. Ensler was surprised to find that every night there were women waiting to tell her about their vagina story. To her sadness, 90% of stories are related to violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault and incest. So she assembled 150 female stories, published a vagina monologue plays.

Eve Ensler shared a vagina monologue in Central America, Oklahoma, at that time the venue was very difficult, a woman in the middle of the performance of a faint, a ask only to find that she had suffered from the experience of the stepfather incest when she was young, has not told anyone, watching the performance on stage too familiar and profound, and finally able to tell their own story.

Eve Ensler thought, every woman has her own vagina monologue, so why not invite women to play the role of vagina monologue, by telling their stories and pain, let this play as a cure for the pain of the media? It was 1998, the first year in 50, different places on the vagina monologue are different interpretations, in their own way to perform their own vaginal monologue, through the art of the show to stop the violence of the opportunity. "Everyone has the right to adjust vagina monologues in their own way." We use the play to the violence. Eve Ensler extremely moved to say. (same field Gayon: my vagina My decision: Women should have the right to choose whether contraception or abortion )

Golden Melody Award Best Hakka singer Rosjon performance "vagina monologue" one: Village
Interspersed with Chinese and Taiwanese

"Sexual violence is not a female issue, but a human rights issue."

After the vagina monologue, Eve. Ensler then created the V Day organization, which has been created since February 14, 1998 to raise $100 million for women's organizations around the world, over 13,000 anti-violence programs. When it comes to the idea of V day, Eve. Ensler more bluntly: "Patriarchal thinking is like an infectious disease" "Patriarchy is epidemic" patriarchal thinking is not only stubborn and deep-rooted, she has been thinking about how to carry out the next bold action to challenge the patriarchal society. (Event sharing: Brazilian women become teachers through "virginity testing"?) To see the potential control of patriarchal society over female bodies )

According to United Nations figures, a total of 1 billion women worldwide are exposed to violence, and every three women have been sexually abused or ill-treated. "Eve. Ensler said: "Women are the source of vitality, our bodies have a lot of unspeakable violence, let us dislike our body, refused to have a connection with it." 」

"So I started thinking, what would it look like if these 1 billion figures were another image?" 」

2013, Eve. Ensler brings up another wave of global movement one Billion rising, OBR (1 billion uprising), inviting men and women from around the world to join together to celebrate the rebirth of the body in the form of "dancing". Eve said that many people may be separated from their mind and body by dancing, reconnect with the body, and hug their bodies again because of past bad experiences.

The first year, OBR invited everyone to stand out, a total of 207 countries, a total of more than 1 million people, rising and dancing, the next year, OBR will be the direction of Justice Justice, seeking to belong to the body of Justice, the third year, that is, this year, the direction of the activity is defined as a revolution Revolution. By ending up with a step-by-step action, we change the patriarchal values that we thought were difficult to shake. And again and again,

Ending sexual violence is a local issue and a global issue;
Ending sexual violence is not just a female issue, but a human rights issue.

(Recommended reading: Emmahuasen's United Nations speech: "Not only for women's rights, but both sexes can be free")

"Flip the trauma experience and turn the pain into strength."

Eve Ensler Life for women, she has been painful and excited to share the example she saw in the Congo, the African civil War as a threat to violence as a weapon, African women's sexual organs have been mercilessly ravaged and destroyed, gender discrimination, capitalism, colonialism, racial discrimination are all like shells on women's broken body. "Sexism, capitalism, colonialism, racism all have been riot on woman's body" has been to many of the battlefield, and she says that there has never been a place like Congo that has hurt her feelings.

In 2007, Eve arrived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bukava, 13 years of civil war, the Central African countries to take the lives of 8 million people, of which, good hundreds of thousands of women, was war-torn, raped and abused. In the war-torn Bukava, Eve set up the City of Joy (Joy Town), sheltered both physically and mentally injured women, to help them recover, find their own body, and restore the energy of life back to the community. So far, 500 women have turned the trauma into a force, a local leader who has shared life experiences with more people.

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"I particularly want to share with you the story of Janes, who has gone through the traumatic experience of sexual violence and turned the pain into a force to help others stand up, and now her story has brought me great strength." 」

Janes, a sexually abused victim of Congo's relentless war, has been treated for nine months in a hospital where she returned to the village where she did not expect to wait, but another civil war and a militia invasion. Janes's body was already very fragile, yet again, again, once again, raped (Rape,re-rape,re-re-rape), she was forced to bind to the tree, only to eat the bark and drink their own urine, her uncle was killed by the militia, the body was dumped on her body. When she was found by the rescue team, her body was broken, not human, the doctor said I hardly recognize this is a person.

Later, Janes entered the city of Joy for convalescence and care, and now she is a very good leader in the local Congo. She had survived the dark period of sexual assault, and the most bitter experience had quenched the most indestructible force. She continued to use her own story, her own pain, and give them strength in the midst of the pain (same field Gayon: 92 people are raped on average one day! Cartoon heroine Priya Shakti to reverse the brutal status of India

Why would a boy grow up to become a man they hated before?

Eve has repeatedly stressed that the world must recognize that sexual violence is an urgent issue to be solved! She said that these days to see the Italian film, the Italian little boy was asked to take the girl, they have refused to say "absolutely not to do such a thing" men should not hit women, "it is not a man to do so" she was gratified, but could not help but think

"Why do these boys grow up to become such men?" he said. 」

The reason is from the patriarchal system of the imperceptible! Eve pointed out that the boy's reaction was spontaneous, but in their upbringing, they were taught by the patriarchal society how to "become a man", that is, should not be emotional, not to express their feelings, to show strong, to let girls know who is the boss.

"Can our society properly guide the boy to become a man?" Tell them that you can have feelings, you can cry, you can not understand, you can express feelings? 」

Change social influence boy become a man's road, let a man know that he can be loyal to his own childhood, and do not need to become the society to expect him to become a "man." (Recommended to you: man's heart: I think the most Manly place in my body is gentle )

2nd, I think sex education is also very important. Why can't we talk about sex? Why don't we teach you how to be a good sex partner? How to please each other and make each other happy? "(female fans have been working hard, so we have the grace to talk about sexual love blush Red )

When it comes to talking to men and women, Eve found that many people's perceptions of sexual experience are poor, women have never had orgasms or good sex in the case of more than the first time men do not know how to love, so only from a film to learn from the crush on women, and became a vicious circle of worse. Eve said that we had to let people know how good sex is, that it's a time to explore each other's physical intimacy, and to accompany and care about the way a boy becomes a man, both from small and large, with concrete actions to end the beginning of sexual violence. (female fans have been working hard, so we have the grace to talk about sexual love blush Red )

"Coming out of the victim's identity is called forgiveness."

Eve Ensler was also a victim of sexual assault and violence, and at the age of 5 to 10, she had been sexually abused and violently abused by her father, who once considered herself dirty and unbearable. When the reader asked Eve how to reconcile with her father, Eve said: "When my father was alive, I did not reconcile with him, and now he died, I do not have the opportunity to reconcile with him, but in my heart, the two of us have been reconciled." "Eve's calm, she has come out from the victim's situation, the scene sounded warm applause, Eve continued to say

"I have been thinking, why do our society always call the survivors of pain forgive?" How can we forgive those who hurt us when our bodies are forcibly occupied and our rights and interests are neglected? And what is forgiveness? I later thought from my own experience that the so-called forgiveness is actually out of the victim's identity. 」

When our society is punished with punishment, there is no place for the perpetrator to repent; When a man does something wrong, he does not have to take responsibility for it, and when the social inclination is directed at the woman, how can one get out of the victim's identity?

"I thought, if my dad was alive, I don't want him to go to jail, I don't want him to be shut, I just want him to apologize, I just want him to say to me, I know what I did to you hurt you, in fact, I regret that I did this is, that's enough. 」

"He did the wrong thing, it was his duty." But it has nothing to do with me, I was a victim, but I'm not always the victim. 」

Through her own experience, Eve encourages those who have had sexual assault or experience of violence, in addition to psychotherapy, to therapy the body, vent the pain, let the pain out of the body, and reconnect with their body and good.

"Coming out of the victim's identity is called forgiveness. 」

No one is a permanent victim, every woman who has ever been hurt, may be the next power to bloom; every soul that has been disappointed in the world may be an opportunity to change the world; each vagina has its own story, hope that in the future we will not hear tears, sexual violence, sexual assault, oppression, but pleasure, sexual excitement, The climax of the experience.

Finally, to give you two fragments of the poem that Eve recited in the field, my revolutionary power is on my body. "My revoltuion lives '

My revolution are in the body of these hips atrophied by misogyny
In the jaw wired mute by hunger and atrocity
My revolution are Connection not consumption
Passion not profit
Orgasm not ownership
My revolution are of the earth and would come from her
For her, because of her

It happens in stages and all at once
It happens where you live and everywhere
It understands that divisions are diversions
It requires sitting still and staring deep into my eyes
Go ahead

Just sit in front of me and look into my eyes and love and subvert like you've never been hurt before. Eve Ensler in tandem with all the women have not been told stories, the pain will be tempered into the most gentle long-term force, shaking the stubborn patriarchal system, to create a better tomorrow.

The next revolution, still very long, I hope you, have me, have all look forward to the world better you, we, they.