single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. Single diary X " Rolling Stone love story in Loving" relive Jonathan "obsession". Remember, is a torment and happy thing. Because remember, so your face is not old, because remember, even if you break up with some part of each other to live. If one day, you have to forget yourself, and I remember you. (Recommended reading: single diary: "I want you to be good" I do not want you to miss the others for your Hello )

"I hope, I can always remember, you like beef noodles, do not like fried noodles, you like cappuccino, do not like black coffee." You like the seaside of summer, do not like hot and cold spring. All the things about you, I will remember. I want to tell you, I love you, and thank you, while I remember now. 」

Chong Xiu is a Alzheimer and an antiquities therapist, she said: "Antiques, are some of the air and dust to cover its original appearance, the Antiquities Restoration Division, is the art of the Doctor, we specialize in repairing the damage caused by time, and we also try to save, time on their body traces." "Time is like antiques, Chong Xiu one side forgets, one side pick up."

Wang Zhi Sheng, ambition, the rise of the Rising sun, he likes art, like Chong Xiu. Infatuated with Jonathan, obsessed with all the pure things such as Chong Xiu. The boy said: "The dust, smoke, and oxidation marks on the antiquities are like a socialized, secular process." You erase them, wash them, and restore them to their original form. But look at you, your memory although lost, but retain the original innocence. "

Such a pair of lovers, no matter when the love, is not a good time. Their date is old-fashioned, I want to send you home, take a long way, across the city every neon. You will forget me, we do not need the communication software, we use the note paper and video, remember yesterday's appearance.

Girls can not remember, the boys help him remember: This is your favorite tiramisu, like the landlord to make you eat the taste, you only drink Espresso, Northern righteousness without sugar. When your reality is dizzy with a dream, love is at least focused.

It is because the footsteps of our departure falter, time will be ruthless. There is such a person in life, you always, remember his most trivial details, his body mole position, his favorite smell, breakfast habits of the combination of his fascinated orchestra.

The minimum repair is the best fix.

Stefano Scarpelli

There is no need to repent, no need to bend the road, without pretending to remember, for the antiquities is so, love is the same. Meet Again, I will accept the time in your body left traces, will forgive the time to take away my original.

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