Another year of graduation season , ahead of you in front of you, and you look forward to the tens of thousands of paths ahead of you, and you hesitate to move on to your own.You prepare your graduation speech for your story to accompany you on your way forward.He was James · Farland, and he was a graduation speech at Cornell University, and he had a free spirit, and it was never a hard time for you to spend time on things that you liked.(Siblon: Oprah, Matthew McConner, Laubdinillo's graduation address: Failed to learn to turn in life )

James · Franco, a talent in the eyes of many.As an actor, he dropped out of the California UCLA to study and support himself while working at McDonald's.

2001, he won the Golden Globe Award · Best Actor · in 2002, he was the "Harry · Osborn of" Spiderman ". In 2010, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a" 127 Hour " nomination.(Sibling: Is your choice of life!Lupita N' yongo: Practice your beliefs, not the expectations of others

his fame, he was hiding in his school, and he was buried in the campus. He wasn't satisfied with the actor's job, and he wanted more.He returned to the University of California to study English and creative writing; he was a graduate student in four schools: New York University majorist, Brooklyn College for fiction, and Columbia University in creative writing; 2010, a Ph.D. in creative writing from Yale University.

He is an actor, a poet, a Doctor of Literature, an artist, and a person who he is willing to become.He is like a group of times, and we don't want to go there, we're looking for more.At the graduation season, he was invited to the University of Cornell to deliver a graduation speech, saying that when you dare to pursue everything that makes you feel warm in the world, you will feel that life is your own.

You really like it, you have to give it time

Back then I left UCLA because I knew I wanted to be an actor, so I went to the Academy of Film at San Fernando Valley.My parents told me that if I didn't go to college, they wouldn't give me the economic pillar again, so I went to work at McDonald's to feed myself.I'm sure my parents would be very proud of the child who has been in the middle of this.

Spider-Man series movie screenshot

But I knew at the time that I had to become an actor anyway.I have chosen to live a life without a step by step, so I know that I have to work very hard.No one forced me to become an actor, just as when you really wanted to do something, you didn't force me to do it.If you want to follow whatever you like, it's simple, you have to bet your time.

The film industry is not an easy part of the industry, and I know that if I want to make any success in this area, I have to bet on myself without reservation.So I wasn't at McDonald's at the time, and I was rehearsing at the theater.And many of the time, I was just standing at the counter, trying to change a different accent, " Welcome to the sales office. What do you want?"

I spent eight years at the Film Academy, just as long as medical school.When I started acting, I went back to school, and when I was filming Freaks and Geeks, I went back to school, and I went back to school after James Dean won the Golden Globe, and I went back to school when I was filming Spiderman movies.

I always remember I wasn't an actress, but I was just watching a movie and trying to become an audience in the movie.And when I look back on these years, I've seen myself from a possible bit of a piece of talent, and I've been working long enough to be the skill that I can use now, and I'm going to spend my time, and I see the results, right there.(Sibling: To us who will grow up: Dear graduates, please feel confident about your choice

Learning addiction: I don't have to choose one of them, I'll always learn

However, after eight years of performing arts, I found myself not satisfied.People who look at me may think that I already have a lot of them.I was trying to be an actor that I wanted to be, and I was filming Spiderman's film series, and I was playing with the best performers: Robert Diniello, William Darfur, and Chris Dundee, · I wasn't satisfied.I want more.

Even worse, I don't dare complain, because it makes me sound like an asshole.But in fact, I felt stuck, I was an actor, and I felt I couldn't do what I was really interested in.So I went back to school, and that was the beginning of change.A long time ago, I came to the school and felt that I was just giving my parents an explanation.And now I go back to school, and I'm just myself, and I want to learn.(Recommended reading: [Human Map Weather Report] for yourself, don't let yourself

After that, I went to many schools, and I was almost addicted.As I know, life is never a journey to a fixed route, it's completely open, and I don't have to choose just one path, and I'll always learn.

When I went back to school, I studied the subjects that I was interested in, and I was no longer a play, and I almost did all the things I was interested in.And what I want to say is that when I want to get all the things that I'm interested in, what's exciting to me, my life is in my own hands.

I'd like to give you a little suggestion, don't be afraid to be new, don't tell yourself that I'm just like that.This is really just the beginning.(sibling: Before the age of 30, do not take the matter )

Find an accomplice: with someone who can launch you

Next, find your partner, and if you like to go alone, it doesn't matter. I was once a lone.But in the future, you'll know, when you love one thing, and you can find a group of people that you love with you, it's going to make you better.They will give you advice, they will launch you, they're even better than you, and they will naturally encourage yourself to bring them in line with them.

Do what you like, at least a little bit.If you have to do extra effort to support what you like, go and do it, like me, you can work at McDonald's.Because when you really like one thing, you're willing to do anything to support your favorite.

To do all the things you want to do to get what you want.And when you think you're walking into a dead Hu, you can start over again, and you can be new to anything.Don't let the little demons afraid or your ears stop you from pursuing your expectations.(Recommended to you: A 23-year-old letter: After recognizing the essence of life, you still love life )

When a generous person: Give yourself up to the world

Last, I think the most important thing is, don't forget to be a kind and generous person.You are the elites of the country, and you have graduated from the Evergreen School. You have to graduate now. You are more intelligent than you are baptism.Not everyone can enjoy the same educational resources as you do, so when you have the opportunity, when you're going to be a biochemist or a next Wolf on Wall Street, spend a little bit of time giving back to the community that you've ever given you.(Recommended reading: What are you lucky to do?An Interview with Liu An-ting: "Once it's gone, it will be more than left at the origin"

I went back to school in the last six years, not because I wanted to make money, but because I had to pay my satisfaction.In the past, I spent a lot of time focusing on myself, learning to be an actor, a poet, a novelist, a painter, or anything I wanted to be, and now I'm grateful, I have the opportunity to give, and I can help others do what they want to be.

A man like me, who was involved in the biggest Hollywood film production, was invited to a birthday party at the age of 30, and once more than half of the university in the United States, the most satisfying thing for me, was to hand over me to the world.So, congratulations to all the graduates of this room, you are the most outstanding group of people in this country, so you can explore, and be a generous person, and be a good person.Thank you.

This is the story of James · Farlane. He is greedy. He wants a life that continues to be a new beginner. He wants a life that only wants to please his own life. He wants to get more life because of the effort. So what about you?