Women fascinated by the era of successful ending, which has the Chinese world unprecedented sex hacker pine activities, let science and technology to solve the reality of gender issues. Why do women fans want to hold sex hacker pine? Gender equality is not just a woman and a man have the same legal status is enough, from the workplace women's dilemma, sexual violence, to the public space, and so on, we have a gender problem everywhere in life, because we have pain, we try to change . (Action now: sex hacker pine )

Female fans and the information bureau jointly organized by the gender hacker Pine successfully ended, in order to set the science and technology to change the gender issue of the Chinese world pioneering work, embodies the "pluralistic" spirit-is the most diverse results, multiple inspiration of the hacker pine.

"I resorted to theory because I felt pain. The pain that was acting on me was so intense that I struggled. I walked hopelessly into the theory, trying to understand, trying to grope for the hurt around me. The most important thing is that I hope one day no more pain. In theory, I find a place for self healing. "--bell Hooks

At the sex hacker Pine scoring scene, the female fan of the engineer crab starts with this phrase. Five years ago, the little crab and woman fan CEO Zhang Wei Xuan met, after five years, the whole woman fan team do not forget the original "We have pain, change it." "The belief that women fans do not just do is the site, just as the sex hacker pine this activity, we have been doing is the code for gender, feminism is not a lofty slogan, but the action in life, we carry such pain forward.

In countries where women are not yet entitled to the basic rights guaranteed by laws such as the right to participate in politics, striving for equality in legal norms is the most important gender issue. There are always people who say gender is equal, even if women are too high. but do you think that our world is really "gender equality" when it is the same as legal norms?

Most modern women do not have the surname, the same voting rights with men, and gradually from the family to the workplace, seemingly there is no difference between men and women, but from how we define women's "beauty" women's "career" Difficult ", the recessive oppression actually never far away, our world is still a certain distance from the true affirmative, embrace this kind of pain, the science and technology can also rub the spark with the Humanities society.

The difficulty of working women: are we expecting women to take care of everything?

In the traditional division of labor value, the female labor participation pattern is far more complex than the male, like housewives working in the family, the majority of working women have to work in the public and private sectors, while shuttling between the family and the workplace, compared to men, only a small number of women can fully into the workplace, without the need to bear the housework.

"There is always a woman behind a successful man", reflecting the concept of traditional female owners, men never worry about how to reconcile work and family, but women often worry that they can only choose one, after the family, is unlearning, is often a woman to the cause of the heart. (Extended reading: Please thank the mothers who would like to have children in Taiwan )

This is the best sex in the Science and Technology Awards "sex" is the questionnaire screening and sequencing, to complete the exploration of space, business, life, gender equality index. There are also "smart technology" to detect the happiness and friendliness of the workplace and the list of happy companies, as well as "infant care system" to use technology ingenuity to solve the problems of childcare.

Gender violence everywhere in life

Do you know? Women between 15-44 years of age are at greater risk of rape or domestic violence than they are at risk of war, cancer, malaria or traffic accidents. Regardless of national boundaries, there are violent women crying in the world everywhere.

"Are they wearing or behaving in a disorderly light, why should they wear that?" Boys can not help it when they see it. "," So late to go out, be sexually abused who blame? "Every time there is a sexual assault, there is always a comment asking the victim to review his or her own behaviour rather than the atrocities committed by the perpetrators," he said. But in addition to asking women to learn to protect themselves, is it also a different angle to think about: Why men can't control their sexuality? (extended reading: being raped isn't a woman's fault! #YesAllWomen say a woman's voice )

"Miss Talk Color" Do is the network text to observe, let a person afraid of network friends, also can have a barrier. "canal" is the data that crawls the sex violence prevention net, lets the difficult reading data and the data have the more friendly understanding way. "Sao" from the point of view of the perpetrator, trying to find another way to reduce gender violence.

Who belongs to the "public" space?

In our life "public" common space is often for "male" sex space design. Men can easily take taxis, walk the streets, hang out in the park, and judge the women on the street, everything seems to be taken for granted. But compared with men, the public space presents the message, but constantly remind women of their own gender vulnerability.

The fear of sexual violence, the spate of sexual harassment, the gaze of men on the street, the sight of a woman taking a taxi alone, walking home at night, entering a crowded bus, aimlessly going to the park, would be extremely uncomfortable. In addition, compared to the men's room, women's lack of public toilets and messy, but also to allow women to go out when not at ease to solve the physiological needs, as a woman can clearly feel that the man is difficult to understand the common space for women's hostility. (Extended reading: "public" spaces that do not belong to women: ubiquitous sexual harassment )

"ntou map" is a gender-friendly map of the University of the Sea, which satisfies women and transgender people who are generally not feeling the dark turmoil, and "no more sexual harassment" is to sort out the whole Taipei gender violence prone place, with large data to make women more secure.

My body, with its own beauty

"Thin body secret big public!" "and" eat and drink not afraid of fat! "," the most effective whitening Method! "," RIPE female rejuvenation! "," Cup Super effective upgrade operation! "," three-minute big eye Method! "These headlines abound in our daily life, whether it is to open a magazine, turn on the television or surf the internet," white, thin, chest big, three-dimensional facial features, "such as beautiful myths will be repeated, so that women to put aside these stereotypes more difficult.

But the chest represents not only the career line, regarding the breast, is the woman most intimate but also needs the careful attention the area most. About 500,000 of people die from breast cancer every year, according to western statistics, which is good for women's most common cancer, and for every four women with cancer, one has breast cancer. But in fact, the advance prevention of breast cancer is not difficult to imagine, as long as a day to spend a little time, with simple steps to check whether there are any other abnormalities, can be early detection, early treatment. (Extended reading: A hidden worry about women's breasts: you have to. Seven steps to prevent breast cancer correctly )

"I love Grandma" with the best gender observer of the "beauty chest fun" from the point of view of breast cancer, your body is a flower garden, take good care to bloom the most beautiful roses. "br4" from the point of view of the illustration site, using painting to let you know that your body is not only a standard.

I'll be with you and find who we are

Young we are enthusiastic and hesitant. Curious about a lot of things, but also feel helpless. The whole heart into a relationship, but also be hurt to pieces. In the face of the future and life have many ideas, but it is not clear which road is the best for their own progress. "What are you looking for?" "Where should I go?" "The world is full of unknown possibilities, every adventure is a new endeavor."

Life, unconsciously, into a timetable, filled with a dense backlog of things to do, our body automatically to do the size of the trivial matters have been accustomed to, our thinking has stopped, forget that as long as a change of thought, there will be other possible existence. (Extended reading: Do you have me time today?) )

"d ida", the best popularity award, uses an interactive device to tell you the color of your life, and there is always the possibility of fun. The "Tree hole" invites you to be the master of your own mind; "with u" makes APP your confidant, and technology brings more than indifference. "blind chat" let strangers become the warmth of each other; "Chatting with You" makes Siri's concept a more gentle one. "Do you know yourself enough about sex?" "By way of questionnaires, people are better able to snoop on their inner sexuality and gender traits."

As Wei Xuan said in his final remark, according to the sex survey, 80% of the people have encountered gender issues in their lives, which is almost every one of us in the life of the plight. To loosen the patriarchal system, it is necessary to avoid the classification of gender two, to avoid using the traditional "gender role" to define individual performance and action.

When people of different genders can be liberated from the words "male", "sissy", which violate the established gender impression, men can shed tears, express emotions, and define success without the achievement of career, and women can be independent, dominant and not good at nurturing. Gender "can no longer be a bondage, this path requires mutual assistance between people of different sexes, no longer use the" to be like a man/woman "Standard to see others, and embrace the difference.

The main idea of feminism is never to "hate men", but to change the oppression of the social structure to the single sex, so that people of different sexes can be free. Eckhardt Tolly said: "Waiting is a state of mind, meaning you need the future, and you do not now." You don't want to put your hopes in the future at this moment. 」

If you are convinced of the same thing as we are, let us now practice in life together, perhaps the ideal future is still far away, but as long as the day changes a little bit, we will be able to close to their liking, feel at ease a little bit.