California bloodshed, the perpetrator threatened to hurt all blondes, we can do more about the dislike of women, invite you to respond to #YesAllWomen activities, make changes possible!

Last week, Taiwan plunged into a gloom because of the Jiang MRT incident , and the Taiwanese also felt an unprecedented crisis, and almost at the same time, a 22-year-old man Elliot Rodger in the sunny California Santa Barbara, The gunman killed three students and shot and killed another three students, with the exception of six dead and 13 injured. and Elliot Rodger then raise a gun to himself.

The bloodshed that took place in California, in addition to the intense debate about gun security in the United States, and the subsequent exposure of Elliot Rodger confessions, it was more creepy, Rodger looked at the camera and said: "I'm going to kill every woman I see, a spoiled, fucking blonde, I'm going to turn my back on them. , and let the public think carefully about the effect of the "misogyny" on the murder.

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In the aftermath of the killings, women spontaneously launched a wave of YesAllWomen hashtag on Twitter to share the discrimination, harassment, unequal treatment, verbal or sexual violence they had faced. This event is not only women involved, but also many men join in the discussion! There is a lot of subtle violence and discrimination in a calm and wave-free society, as we think the feminist consciousness has already looked up. (Recommended reading: in those years, put a woman in the sole under the retro poster )

#YesAllWomen is #NotAllMen Ingenious but absolutely true irony and accusation. On average, three women are killed by their partner, ex-husband or ex-boyfriend every day, according to a US study, and when a rape occurs, we always say that not all men are like this, it's no big deal, just accept it! But in fact almost all women live in this fear, to see #YesAllWomen, women's voice.

#YesAllWomen because ' I have a boyfriend ' is more effective than ' I ' m not interested '-men respect other men the more than my R Ight to say no #YesAllWomen because "I have a boyfriend" is always more effective than "I'm not interested in you"! Men have more respect for another man than to accept what I say is not right.

Because I ' ve already rehearsed "Take whatever you want, just don ' t hurt me." #YesAllWomen ' cause I've been rehearsing in my heart so many times. "Take what you want, as long as it doesn't hurt I'm fine, "#YesALLWomen.

#YesAllWomen because every time I try to say, I want gender equality I have to explain I don ' t hate men. #YesAllWomen Because every time I say I want gender equality, I have to explain that I don't really hate men.

#yesallwomen because people question why women stay in abusive relationships rather than question why men are abusing wome N #YesAllWomen Because people will only question why women do not leave a violent relationship, instead of questioning why men can violence against women.

#YesAllWomen because empowering women-seen as taking away power from men Insteard of restoring RESLF worth ADN-strength to women. #YesAllWomen because empowering women is seen as taking away male power rather than giving women the value and power they deserve.

If you're tired of my recent obsession with #YesAllWomen!
Then try to think of me every day to face the gender discrimination and tired of the female complex, yes, every day.

#YesAllWomen the chance of being attacked by a shark is 3.78 million, and the chance of a woman being raped is one-sixth! But fear of sharks is considered a rational response, while women are considered irrational when they are wary of men.

#YesAllWomen because in those nights my friends confessed that they had been raped as if it were part of a woman's life.

History is always history, when will there be herstory? #YesAllWomen

I look forward to the coming of a generation, and we teach the boy to manage himself, not to soothe the injured girl's feelings. #YesAllWomen

One of the best things about #yesallwomen is that it certainly reflects how ugly some men are. (Recommended reading: men experience a day as a woman, the result will be ...

Because every five girls have been raped, and thousands of people do not dare to report. #YesAllWomen

Finally, Womany also want to speak with their own experience, #YesAllWomen because we do not want to answer a few girls how not to work hard or go home to teach son, but to come out to the publicity. No why, because it's our right, and what we want to do! The screen before you, you, want to invite you to #YesAllWomen, say your doubts, your frustration, your unhappiness, so that more people can face up to this issue. (Recommended reading: Another very red hashtag #Bring back to our Girls)

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It seems crazy, but it's happening, it's happening around you, #YesAllWomen, we want change to start right now, with our own flexible forces to subvert, to collide, to overthrow, to retrieve our confiscated power and rights. We want, we can, we will, we can, we are the changes we want to be. (Recommended reading: Why are you so smart that you can't admit it?) )