'Who says,' Don't you have black and white? 'There are no things in the world, such absolute "

We always have different opinions and different styles of appearance.But only we know: because of each other, we see a new world; because of each other, we start to enjoy love; because it's white and black, we can match each other with each other, and it's perfect.

Sweet lovers tridimensional cross design necklace-black and white


The world's greatest building project is the Egyptian pyramids, the most difficult and confusing emotions of the world, called "Love."But you asked me to come into contact with love, you made me understand love, and I, it was your favorite person.

The Sweet


I'm like a Trojan horse, and always follow the chase after the first one. When will we be able to stand side by side?When will we be parallel to each other?

Perhaps the love of equality is too difficult, but I promise you that I will always be with you until the day of the end of the day.

Discount lovers two horse necklaces


I never dare tell you that I love your eyes, your nose, your palms, your embrace, your hug, and because I am in love with you, sometimes gently, and sometimes wild.

Puppet lover Lip Insulation Lippy


Do you believe that "one person can only love one person in a lifetime?"

I believe that no one can give me the feeling of love, except you, because until now, I love you alone.

Keine lovers

The lovers small:

I used to envy the old wife in the ads in the Big Mohee, and start chatting about the details of life.Now I'm always smelly and smelly in the field, and you run out of the phone by the phone, but please rest assured, when we're old, I'll still be with you for what you like, even if I sit on the river all day, I'll be with you, and I will not leave.

Sweet lovers Happy Fishing


Dear, I don't know how else I can tell you how I feel. If it's not enough to tell you that my love isn't enough, let the world know I love you!Take my heart, and every time I take it out, it's all I say to everyone, "I love you."

Sweet lovers Loveless Red Heart


Please let me give you the key in my home, my home in the future, and your home.
My heart is the same as the top real skin, wear-resistant, folding, scratching, and durable, and I am more and more resilient to your love more like the top level of real leather.

Sweet lovers key ring-double-color


I don't wear thick, big sneakers, you don't wear hard and sharp shoes; I insist on fashion, and you just walk in a casual style. Let's make a pair of hands that belong to each other for processing casual shoes!
I can wear it and walk around with you, and you can wear it for a variety of parties and let us share a lot of our lives.

Discount lovers high-canister leather canvas shoes-silver rivet

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