Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

"If I tell you now, standing here for a year, I can only turn my back to the audience and read the newsletter, and you won't believe it." 」

After saying this passage, I vaguely see the audience, a boy silently for me to clap hands. I think he understands the kind of people I'm talking about, and it's hard to organize a lot of ideas.

It was a speech at the University of Science and Technology in the College of Employment, in front of the hundred people I convinced myself in the heart for a long time: "You can, you can." "But still feel fear." Later I said to myself in my heart: "You only say what you know, you see this is not a speech, but a link." 」。

In my speech I shared my first presentation when I was an intern for women, and no one could argue with me for the last. I was nervous when I came to the stage and I was afraid to look directly at the faces that stared at me or frowned. I do not know, this publication, I want to show to who to see.

I give myself a comforting reason, it doesn't matter, this is your weakness, you will not express yourself, you will not show, but you can write. One side forced himself to do a lot of practice, looking at the mirror to speak also have, to write a speech without leaking out also have, the day before the time to practice at home repeatedly ...

I always thought, what reversed my thoughts about the speech? There is a secondary in a marketing party, to talk to strangers to the text of the course, the same day my briefing content through internal adjustment overhaul. On the way I was very nervous, time Master did not, the content master did not, I calm down to think, in the next hour, in addition to I know, I will have nothing. But that's enough.

I realized what I was afraid of. I am afraid to "teach" or "change" and "shock" others, and most speeches may be held in such an attempt. But once I had this idea, it made me uncomfortable and I kept thinking, why?

"I don't want to be a motivational story, and I don't want to show myself. "Apart from this default, I comb my 1.1-point knot that I don't like to talk about."

Talk, put a seed in each other's lives

After the marketing party that day, someone sent me a special letter of thanks. His career is PM, to the copy class, is to find the promotion of the product story. He thanked me by finding sensibility and temperature in my sharing, rather than letting him learn how to write a copy.

I think that's the link. In our conversation, if there is a word, stay in each other's hearts, become a seed, that is the most difficult thing to talk about. Just like the first foreign speech, he will not know his thanks to me how important, I always do not want to be an inspirational version of the story, but I like to see the lovely people, find people to get along with the precious feeling.

All these feelings are to be attained through the words.

At the end of Shadecooda's speech, a seemingly skinny male student came to me and said it was the best one ever heard in the employment Force lecture. I said, why? He said, because there is nothing to understand.

I feel comforted, I imagine the employment force, not you have to understand a lot of business nouns, but you have to know your name, dare to say your name, not how to arrive at success, but can understand failure. (same field Gayon: A letter to myself: meet a better self in failure )

I'm not going to say that I'm a very talkative person, but I'm trying to talk. I do not want my words to change or shake someone's life, but we can exchange a seed between each other, in each other's hearts. Just like the boy, the little boy, who was quietly applauding me, you all left a seed in my heart. One day when I was timid, I would remember those hands that clapped for me, and one day when I doubted, I would be able to identify myself by the words of a skinny boy.

Introverts, what's more important than your fear?

The skinny boy went on, saying he was just trying to raise his hand, but he didn't have the guts. I said it's okay, I know your fear.

He asked me, how do I get there? I say that in addition to practice, I have to believe that there is something more important than my fear.

I asked, "What do you want to ask when you want to raise your hand?"
He said: "Because it is my personal problem, I think the question may be ...
Me: May lose face, delay everybody's time?
He nodded, saying that he had to ask the interview related questions, feel very embarrassed.

I said: Do not feel sorry, do not feel sorry for the nature of the world, do not feel that their problems are humiliating, when you throw out the problem, perhaps silently help a lot of people who have the same doubts.

We are all living our lives for the first time, and we take it for granted that we should be afraid. The introvert is afraid to be seen, to be seen to expose defects together, to be examined in the right place, to be embarrassed by the wrong words, and all that I still experience. Until now, are still to get along with their own disturbed, nothing makes perfect, but to form on the front of the heart will have some ritual: accept your failure. I think accepting your failure is the best thing you can do for yourself as a person who is not good at building relationships.

Stand on stage to give the stage to more people

Silence is a choice, or it may be a miss. Miss the opportunity to share your views and questions, and to be enlightened together. When you want to give space meaning, you have to be active in speaking. So I think the gender issue is more important than my own, I have to say, I think the reader before me is more important than my personal disgrace, I must say.

Speaking, is indeed a power relationship. People who are placed in more resources can speak, so I have to spread out as much of the resources I have in the time I speak. So I have a clear conscience to say all I know, so I must leave a question and answer time, listen to their stories.

I actually myself to speak, not to be a big talker, I expect myself to be more humble, to say what I believe. In retrospect, the most enjoyable day for a woman's fans is when we put the speaker on the stage. So I also have to believe that I should be kind to the stage, if I have the right to speak, I do not enjoy the stage, but today stand on stage, is it possible to make more ethnic groups, oppressed silence, even a person without courage, the future has been seen opportunities?

"You have a pen to write for those who cannot make a sound, or to disappoint the pen." "Write so, and speak as well." (Recommended reading: write to defend the ideal world!) Invite you to be a WOMAN fan Observer: A teleprompter for life, a voice for current affairs