There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

A woman is a fan of the third I love my festival has been two weeks, sometimes the midnight dream back, will not believe that they actually participated in and through the arduous martial arts Congress. To enter a woman's obsession with 1.5 months of martial arts, as if all in this day practice, but all in this day break, and then solve the foot of iron block, unloaded on the bucket, played 9,981 off the first, physical and mental exhaustion, internal force is exhausted, martial arts but again into a level. (Recommended to you: Workplace notes: If you want to grow, don't leave a retreat for yourself )

Good times that day, I served as the leader of the women's workshop. That day, the weather is very sultry, even if there is air-conditioning in the tent, the body of the Womanyor T-shirt still wet and dry, dry and wet. That day, from eight in the morning to 10 o'clock in the evening to work Non-stop, is a big test of physical strength. That day, there are a lot of unexpected events, there are very many need to pay attention to the big things and details, there are many people want to entertain, but did not take care of the reader.

At the end of the last lecture, I had not sat down or rested for seven hours, but to be honest, physically and mentally exhausted at this time did not have any feeling, the full spirit is focused on: hope to let the lecture perfect ending. Is timing ready to raise a card to remind the speaker, the headset came to woman fan CEO Wei Xuan Voice: "Dear everyone, now is eight, hard, and then hang on." 」

The speaker was humorous and the audience laughed repeatedly. But my tears in this moment, can not stop the flow, a DC, a DC.

A whole day of pressure and exhaustion seems to be this quietly a caring scattered, that moment, as if the film screen, as a maintenance of a large movement of the screws I was focused, magnified, was seen, reduced to a person, a companion. This moment, warm to make people want to cry. (same field Gayon: I love the team picture of my good times: A person's wings are taking off, a group of people's wings are changing the direction of the world )

I think of the beginner's mind I want to get into a woman's internship.

Senior Intern for Content Lab

Students heard that I entered the female fan internship, gave me a letter: "Constantly beyond the limits of women." After all, the study of doctoral students and the pressure of schoolwork is enough to let a person out of breath, not to mention in the semester without warning to become a sex website editor. Is this a crazy move? But I think this is a decision that I have been waiting for two years after a deliberate and impulsive, sensible analysis and emotional drive.

Before I became an intern for Content Lab, I wrote a two -year column under the pseudonym of a woman who was obsessed with the name, and before that, I had more than half a year of loyal readership. I like the woman fan more and more exquisite website design, likes her to the current affairs topic both the speed and the connotation discussion, I liked more is, the homepage one opens, slides to this side is the sex discrimination Deep exploration, slides to yonder is the winter wears several suggestions.

Every time I click on a woman fan website, I feel that my uniqueness and integrity as a person is so tolerant and recognized: I can be a person who loves makeup and a gender ratio at the same time, and I can be anxious about the inequality of the Japanese woman's husband's surname, but deeply fascinated by the devotion in love. (Extended reading: Never Fall in love : A feminist who is absent in the battlefield of romance )

I think this is a place where I would like to contribute my own talents and, at the same time, I am eager to continue to draw energy from here and change myself. Because women fans have always been a close and candid way of speaking to readers, I believe that I will be better here and also make her better.

I started my internship at the age of 27, but I wanted to be able to do something for myself, for others, and even for the world, before I could make a complete contribution to my PhD class. (You will like:"exclusive" Liu Anting into the full text of graduation speech: "Find a place worthy of cultivation, plant your lucky")

This decision is not easy to say. The doctoral student is a never work, the calendar holiday day does not mean that we can rest assured to play, only symbolizes that we have more time to read and think. Once read a book, the celestial ancestors choose the root bone odd good apprentice way is this: a never end of the steps, each step will have the elders of the power and mana downward pressure, each on the first order of pressure doubled. This test is that the burden of body and mind not only from the external oppression, physical strength and endurance test, there is a person alone lonely, not see the future and the road never stop the fear, as well as the peers are a continuous move forward the sense of competition.

The life of a doctoral class is the same. Into women fans, representing at least half a year, when my peers are reading, thinking, doing research, submitting papers, in the academic world today this effort may not occupy a seat of the precipitous situation, I from the celestial selection of the ladder to leave, from the next title, Operation Editor backstage, with the picture began, another cast gate, apprentice and learn from the other. (same field Gayon: for graduates who are eager to leave: going abroad is a journey that cannot accurately predict rewards )

Such a big bet, for half a year internship, not afraid? I think it is a courage to believe that you deserve it. Believe in yourself, it is worth not afraid to change the stage of life, bold to do what has not been tried: the real foot into the workplace, the hands on one after another affairs, learn to get along with people, learning cooperation, learning coordination. Believe in yourself, in addition to studying Chinese literature for more than eight years, it is possible to engage in topical issues, to think about gender perspectives, or to choose an attractive title for the teaching and writing. Believe oneself, in the language is difficult, the logic orderly academic thesis, my pen also writes out the softness and the warmth, writes the beautiful metaphor and the symbol, writes the lifelike life story and the magnanimity self-restraint. Believe in yourself, the past 27 years of experience and learning, let me in the absorption and growth, but also can see something, write something, so that people reading my words, may have some unique experience.

Internship Beginner's mind: I not only want to learn, but also hope to give

Apply for female fans internship, I not only want to learn, but also hope to give. Longing for my words, also can touch others heart of something, like me as a woman fascinated readers as once the surprise, as if the forest faint, hundred birds qi Ming, there are one or two of songs sung into your heart, so you can not help to follow. Then one, two, three, we have a high and low, sound different songs, may eventually change the world on the theme of gender.

It's my courage, my trust in women, and my challenge to the world.

After I entered the Content Lab for a while, I accidentally discovered that I really seemed to be the oldest person in the lab. I did not Raubertinillo elegant calmly, not his lifetime of the wind and rain of the experienced and intelligent, age gave me the advantage, probably is to wait and see two internship program finally brave step, leeway efforts and study it. (Recommended reading: work will retire, but life will not!) Five "senior Interns" tell You about "old-fashioned" intelligence )

When working with Audrey and Abby, their stability and maturity often make me forget that they and I are girls of similar ages. In the morning, after we routinely shared current affairs observations, I was slowly pondering, thinking, and considering how to write, and many issues were put down to the fever, so I posted several cho of notes on my notebook. At the same time, however, they have completed a reasoned and thought-provoking article.

Sometimes I sit on this side of the table 攒眉 writing, listening to the other side of the Audrey and Abby and partners on the phone, sometimes publishers, sometimes the author, for some time is 528 good times speaker. Sometimes I imagine I'm talking to them, and I feel so happy to be working with people like that. Because they can always see your particularity: Your temper is particularly rigorous, you need to identify the speech earlier; you have been very busy these days, so the message of this book can not immediately give a definite answer; you want to borrow a woman to do activities, all the details need to be discussed again ... They use cheerful voice, thoughtful greeting, considerate reply, let a official phone has the temperature and friendship.

Sometimes, I wonder, do they become so powerful after a woman's obsession? A woman's obsession is too great! (Recommended to you: from the heart and practice are diverse!) Woman obsessed content guidelines guideline)

Always have one more Thing

The first day of meeting with a woman fan, Audrey and Abby spent the morning taking us to know women fans and Content Lab. One of the most impressive and favorite women in my mind is a more Thing. OMT is a gift to each other, perhaps a word of encouragement, it can also be a feedback, the most touching layer of meaning is, the kind of doing things will always be willing to do more than should be a little more gentle, is willing to be more than others, than the last one a little more progress, is the courage to step out of the line, beyond the frame of a little nerve

Like me a small comment not off rigorous, stable, cautious, reassuring people, for others and one of their own more Thing is the most difficult, but also the most fascinating.

At the end of the semester, only half of the heart can be in a woman's life, but also with the beginning of the summer to end. If the original me, is a Shen Dian of the Iron box, perhaps installed some things, but hard to open, then, July can be completely heart in the woman fan of the time, I give myself OMT of the period may: look forward to gradually become a piece of soft sponge, let oneself have and the environment to give, can be free of interworking. In the sea, which is full of possibilities, absorbs, obtains, and retains the richness of the inner.

I hope this bold but honest internship week, will also be your surprise encounter today one more Thing.