From "Thereafter" to "death of Wenqing", Raishan Yin jumped off his personal experience and watched every living figure in society. You read her 32 words, reality is so abruptly be exposed. She writes about the cruelty that is hard to look at in people's minds--when they have ideals ; (Same field Gayon: The life scenery in those literature: we read all the way, we reap it )

Youth Shangan fan away, if there is a book, let me put in the palm of my hand Shen Dian peace of mind, know sad pain can be understood, that is "thereafter."

I first read "after" read "Montmartre Suicide", but first met no influence literature, those who were the soul of art extraction, looking so intoxicating, approached to smell their bitter back gan.

In the author's circle, she reports that lectures are rare, unusually low-key, and Raishang that the discussion will return to literature. She is not the person who writes since childhood, the writing is alienated sometimes, the near person is exhausted also certainly. From the Great Economics department to the Master of Japanese culture studies, go round or back to the literature this way. From "later" to "Death of Wenqing", Raishan Yin out of personal experience to watch the times.

I always thought Raishan yin like the slow version of the English shake, solemn and stirring slow and passion. When she walked in, I put Elliot Smith's "Say yes," but she said with a bitter face, "I actually listen to rock music because I want to write this short story." (Recommended reading: from Petti Smith to Ono, rock and roll Soul Lovers )

"Death of Wenqing" in the last short story and book the same name, Raishang said: ""〈 Wenqing death "to your generation, I hope you will not be killed. 」

The death of Wenqing: When the ideal is disillusioned, what you have left to hold on to

"Death of Wenqing" use rock music to make background sound, she said the spirit of rock and roll is fight, dare to shout the struggle. But she's not like rock and roll, listening to the tape is more classical, the same scale, one layer, one layer stack out of the story. Your first appearance neat and bright, each word and word are clean without 罣, until the deep tunnel sadness, she let the era of axial pull far stretching like tragic epic. Talking about the beginning of the book she said: "This book is in today's riddled with social structure, see this generation (30 years old to 40 years old) experience of family, occupation." 」

"Death of Wenqing" to the post-martial law generation: After "1987 Martial, some people walked 90 and 10, the novel set in 2012 a total of 25 years, which 25 is the biggest change in the life of the period. Generation is the important proposition of "death of Wenqing", talking about the ideal person of each generation: "Wenqing is now easier to say, I am talking about the old Wenqing, after the martial law has grown up in this group of people." The martial law in Taiwan has changed a lot so far, if you are a person who has grown up with martial law, facing the marriage and family career and the changing social structure of time and space. There have been many hopes, there have been many changes, then there are many problems, and now in the mess. (Recommended reading: Yun-mei: We are so hungry, so eager for ideals )

The 20-45-Year-old records a person from the youth to maturity of the Golden Age: "This process is the pursuit, practice, disillusionment." In our personal pursuit, as well as politics, from talking about freedom and democracy to transition justice, in my view the whole structure is also pursuit, practice to disillusionment. 」

Raishan Yin realistic time and space, see the issue of social production, gender and ethnic groups, housing prices and survival, democracy and freedom. I asked Raishan Yin to talk about disillusionment: "You visit the outline of a sentence I think it is: death and then live, from behind understand love." I say disillusionment is not despair, but to see the problem. Experience disillusionment, I think it is to start again and then insist. You do not need to pursue, life has no time, is to insist again. 」

When the ideal is disillusioned, what do you have left to hold on to? The last thing you want to do is to pick up the pieces and then stick to them.

"Before your life rots, give yourself a light fire in the dark." People after setbacks disillusioned, if you want to go again, you have to insist, life to be willing. 」

If you are still in collision, I hope you are less than the ideal of flesh injury, if you die of ideals, may you still have a trace of truth. Repeated chewing fight this word, life, how fortunate to be able to fight for their own time.

Marriage and family, why not compare with knowledge love?

In the text, Raishang raised questions about marriage and the family, and she questioned not the marriage system, but the unsuitable marriage: "When we write all kinds of unsuitable marriage stories, what we want to change is not the marriage system, but the" unsuitable ". Because of the value, stereotypes create an inappropriate marriage. (Same field Gayon: "China gender Watch" believers have to love, life only send one person flowers romantic? )

"Relative to knowledge love runs in the front, backward is the structure." 」

The story of the divorce can not fight for parental rights of the mother, her life for the marriage of women, there is a longing for the loss of disorder of the wife. These female images are not alienated, they are not deviant, independent not progress, is a real alive figure. Raishan Yin See that most women must make a proportional choice between family and self: "For our generation, women should pursue themselves and compete with the outside system." When it comes to gender issues, knowledge and love is a positive option, you can strengthen yourself through knowledge, know the female subject, love more clearly is a self creation, but marriage and family relative to negative options, as if they will hinder themselves. 」

Knowledge and love can be done through personal practice, but marriage and family must be at war with the system: "It is a long culture and cannot be shaken in a short time." Women are very hard, you have to face the ego and biological instincts at the same time, society will continue to throw problems to you. Five or six grade of women in the knowledge of love has practiced, the face of marriage and family is separated, most take the first delay, after the escape, so late marriage, to escape to the year over 35 and have new problems, want to have a child? 」

Knowledge love upgrade, but in the social structure and family system, but there is no corresponding adjustment:"Women fight things, so that the contemporary female burnout." As a professional woman with a marriage and a child, the candle burns three heads. 」

When we talk about the image of independent women, do we abandon the plight of women in real life? "We often feel that this is a problem under the table, we can not talk about it , as if talking about these is too little progress." The word progress, like a hoop on the Monkey King's head, has come all the way through the ages, and the discussion of marriage and family has been delayed because of "progressive" self-restraint. "(Recommended you see:" leftover "survival rule: the economy is not independent, can it?) )

"The marital family is known to evaporate and be avoided. But we're actually going through this life and not getting away with it. 」

The first way to write is to get rid of romantic fantasies.

I asked Raishang to talk about "writing" to her from the death of Wenqing: "I want to leave a memory for the same generation, write a story with the life that you and I have passed." In addition to the phenomenon, it is the responsibility of literature to lay the society in the back. Make the story as miniature as possible, so that the story can project a greater depth of the background. You vaguely know that this is not a story of two or three people, you will try to see the depth of the thing. 」

Constantly to find problems and solutions, self-awareness of life, is her responsibility as creators. Raishang said that art is not the NT, art is labor, like the farmer also like craftsmen, full of bitter loneliness: "Why we are willing to, must have some value, although it is personal value." I want anyone who is interested in artistic creation to know that it is torture and to remove the illusion of romantic art. 」

Raishan Yin did not think of writing will be life, began to write and romantic has nothing to do: "For me, writing is a witness and record, is a way to ask yourself, perhaps always ask themselves to the last." "Then" should be literature back to the work , money and no money to go this line. If I hadn't come back to write literature, I had no reason to have that book. I don't need to make that topic an issue. The publication of " after" is because I think about writing, I should be able to pass the life, see things, convey some kind of message to the reader. 」

Writing is a kind of no way, let a person headache helpless, but also willing to certainty. Raishang said that writing is time difference, the work is talking with the society, I have run to the back, the writer, like the way to abandon the work: "Writing is a lonely thing, you can only be a person, with the present fight." We talked about a book, like a war veteran talking about the end of the battle. "

To the soul of the rampage, life can slow down

"The death of the Wenqing" also like a battle of life, such as standing in the wild sand, dust, there are traces of history, as well as dead people have not been crossing the soul. So, Raishang with slow down this word, to the ideal: "slow down this word, is to those who value than the times ahead of people, their character slender sensitive and intense, can not tolerate a little lie or hypocrisy. So the world is very contradictory, we all said that people should be sincere, but once true, in the world is not survive. We all learn to protect ourselves, to give up some value, this is a living posture. Some people bounce, rush too fast, such people are difficult to survive in life, I said deceleration, hope to this life body said, I just hope you slow down, before the burst to slow down, not a bump. 」

Don't bump into, in front of the cliff still have to rein, is Lai Xiang to generations of hope and blessing. "Keep this thing and live with it." "This thing she did not directly, I can only pretend to think intelligently, probably is not to have the ideal, see the reality after the ideal." (same field Gayon: Chang Talk about "Langya list": The demand and return of justice, must be timely )

"Death of Wenqing" in Raishan Yin life slowed down to write out, she said she also has too sensitive time, the book of the short story scattered in many times, in those slow footsteps, delicate see society: "Deceleration will accelerate, write too slow." Raishang smiled and said, I dare to call everyone to fight, they do not speed up.

I use beautiful words to write the most rough facts

Raishang often goes to his throat and swallows it back. As if there is nothing to say, and seems to be plainly. is: "Yes, that's it." "Response.

She is very solemn to each topic, earnest ponder for a long, I think she is to own every word is very rigorous person. I asked about love, she said, "The death of Wenqing" is not love: "Not loyal to the self, the social structure of the death of you, emotional violence, did not find the object of love, which is not love in the state." This is a naked ugly but not beautiful reality, I try to write the beautiful, because the content like rough stone, step up very painful. "The good word became deliberate, like a soft ointment applied to the inflamed wound."

Although write does not love, but each person pursues is still the love. I think the subtext of literary works is love and life. "Even if written to death, the subtext isstill alive:" People live is these two things, ask yourself why live, how to love. Even talking about death is to know how to live. Like the monk's "Shout", the picture of the picture, is what we each have in mind. 」

Raishang said, I did not say this clearly : The subtext of all works of art is love and life. So she took a few discreet turns in her head, her eyes bright and clear, and she said, yes, the subtext is love.

After the disillusionment of the last wipe clean

At the end of the novel, the car of the final curtain of the soul catcher summons the memory of the generation, with Elliot Smith, Kurt Cobain mourning the exiled soul; Allen Ginsberg, 2046 seduce Sorrows.

"If you are a person who has grown up with these nutrients, your romantic fantasies about life, you look at love growing up in the trilogy (Love in the middleof the night, in the dawn, in the Twilight, Love at sunset)," the story wants to get back to Wenqing's original clean ingredient. Our pursuit, ideals should not be forgotten, next may not be much better, is an old life, but still want to continue. (Recommended reading: The eternal Way of Love "Love at Midnight in Greece" (Before midnight))

456 grade of youth anger, are here, with a dead soul, Shen to the bottom.

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness starving hysterical." -"Howl" by Allen Ginsberg

I think she is calm to deal with a lot of time and space sad people, those who left the community of garbage, the predecessors forgot to take away the relics, structural production of the disease trillion, are standing in the background of the novel. As she says, it's the depth of the scene that creates the character. and our body and human sorrow, is not the difficulty of doing things, is indifferent to life.

The writer again alienated the processing subject matter, also can see in black and white people's smell in the clamor, burning to read the character's facial features. Look at the way our island is coming, and look at the way we are going. Facing those problems, Raishang said what else to do, we just have to face. She said the free and easy, no I to the writer romantic fantasy sweet greasy, but those sonorous words, subtext, are love.