Women are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with the motivation to motivate themselves and influence the environment, to share with you the gender-related current affairs observation. This morning the craziest news, little diva Teles and "Rocky" Tomchy Deston was photographed in love with the picture, from the media coverage of the angle, we saw the Society for the small fresh look, and Teles always tell us, women's love, why apologize? Taylor, who has repeatedly been a public trial, summoned a love woman who never apologized.

It is a summer Rhode I. beach, is suitable for love. They held hands and walked, she hugged him from behind, he sat down in the long lap around her, they took pictures of themselves, they kissed, they were lovers, they were Teles and Tomchy Deston.

So, this morning, slip open the community website, Teles and Tomchy Deston in love with the news, attracted a lot of heartbreak and shout voice.

Some media would write, "Crash!" Rocky died, the seaside kiss Taylor Wire, "seamless integration!" Lovelorn Taylor Kiss "Evil Shinloki", some of the text speculation, Teles farewell to DJ boyfriend Kevin Harris only two weeks, immediately into the embrace, Tomchy Deston will become her next love song protagonist?

We are not strangers, such a title and the text, vaguely disclosed such a latent message: Taylor Silk, as a lovelorn, but not been caught in the "depressed drinking" and "buried in tears" screen, and immediately again in love and "climbed up the male God" woman, will be a trial.

And Teles repeatedly with the new love songs tell us that women's love, in any case, do not need to apologize. (Recommended reading: Never Fall in love : A feminist who is absent in the battlefield of romance )

Taylor, who was in trial, summoned a love woman who never apologized.

This is not the first time Teles's love life has received undue attention.

When he broke up with John Mayer, the media scramble to watch her be dumped, laughing at her as a John Mayer paper doll, and when he was in love with Connor Kennedy, people attacked her to seduce underage boys, and she was often attacked as a female singer who only knew how to write, not worthy of her lot of ex-boyfriends.

She laughed off, she does not want to become the whole society of "love small fresh" image, she does not want to be a love of docile girl, people can never expect her next love will be when, she live not tame, crooked to break out another negative path. (same field Gayon: Yang's Lust book: Why are virgins more popular in the love market?) )

' I did write love, but why would I be criticized when Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars and other male singers used songs to record their love experiences? ' she said. And she did not stop writing love, but more productive. She even said, "My songs only Write Crazy Love." If I don't have a spark with a date, then he's definitely not going to be in my song. 」

Teles song, listed her love life mark, Teles never fear in the song to show her love history, not afraid of romance see light. Taylor has proved that a woman's lovelorn, no longer only a "deserted" desolate imagination, women show lust and love trajectory, with a righteous export.

Teles's love song is negative, extending a "not particularly right" approach to love, she chased Love, she was young frivolous, she never "love Just Right", her love is demon sprites, her love is crazy scene, waiting for the next person to fill the "blank lattice", no one, will be her "only true love."

Taylor, who has repeatedly been a public trial, summoned a love woman who never apologized. So, her female fans and gay fans far more than men, we in her love songs and life, finally see their new position. (Recommended reading: Dutch woman's Love fairy tale: Single, New marriage imagination )

Teles's love is more like a love song than her love song

The media with the tone of ridicule care Teles with who ambiguous and who love, trying to decrypt her love song, from inside Cobwebs, read out who she dumped, and who dumped? This society is trying to regulate the Teles of love, and Teles repeatedly love, once more crazy, write down a song and a resistance to the incorporation of the song: The relationship is my most powerful creative inspiration.

Teles was never a little fresh, and Taylor flirted with the fragile nervous nerves of society, which she had clearly said in Blank space, But I got a Blank spaces baby, and I would write your name. If we were in love, I would consider filling in your name in my next song.

Teles and Harry break up, their love songs are still in dialogue, Teles with Tomchy Deston hand sweet kiss picture, looks like MV picture, Teles love, even more than her love song.

She loved everyone, are written into the song, she counted her former boyfriend, her love song and her life alternate mutual construction, she dared to love, not afraid of the world to publicize their love frustration and defection. (Recommended thinking: Feminist Bad Religion: The third wave of feminist sexual writing )

Teles is the main body of love is also the subject of love songs, she used "I" as a Fan, repeatedly called, in the structure of love songs and real life, to build their own one after another lover.

And she will always have the next love song.