single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. When you are single, you one by one inventory the people who pass your life, they have code names, and everyone teaches you something and then leaves. And he left you is Eason Chan 's "next year", since then you hear every Cantonese song, all smell his smell. (same field Gayon: to my Chinese ex-boyfriend: I want a democratic and independent love )

"Next year, don't sleep again, bed mattress changes." If you are fortunate enough to meet, or to be in a bridal feast of companions, be bewildered to appear. 」

The first Cantonese song of your life, he took you to listen to. He said that Cantonese has nine six tones, compared to Chinese songs four tone, more music, more emotional, he pulled up your fingers to see how Cantonese songs lyrics, you ask him, how do you listen to the song often so sad?

He smiled implicitly, saying that perhaps you will understand later.

At that time you were very young, you know you are only the transition, you only talk about a period of time feeling, you know from the beginning, you will not have later; you have an appointment at the beginning of the date is borrowed, after leaving no longer contact, lest sad.

So every moment you have a heartfelt, nothing to hide, happiness is the most important, love is the simplest. You feel that you can withstand the play, but also believe that you are strong enough to digest the weight of feelings for half a year. You think the heart is a container, empty memories can be clean.

Oh, you can't.

Half a year in fact good long, more than hundreds Cantonese songs and good several Wang Jia Wei film that long, half a year in fact good short, short to you every moment to prepare for parting, or unprepared.

When you want to leave, he will send you to the airport, put Eason Chan's "Next Day" to you. That is the first time you listen to the Cantonese song, "In the living moment can meet you, unexpectedly spent all the luck, until this day to discover, has breathed the air." 」

People are too greedy, so they will be sad. Human heart is indeed a container, but memory is an organism, bypass the heart spread growth, grow into the forest, breathing, the air so that there is his breath.

After love, the only thing you have is the weight of love, you meet each other, no long-term love of luck.

Where will you be today next year? If you can, you want to ask him so softly and remotely.