Modern people have to be frantically busy with time and money to run away from time to time, often in tension and anxiety.On the streets of the crowd, do you often encounter passers-by, deep-eyebrows, and stiff and stiff shoulders that make the face stiff and sensational, so that moose looks like a thousand pounds of heavy walking on his shoulder?

You must have such experience as well as a long sleep, a lack of appetite, a lack of appetite, a lack of appetite, a lack of patience, and lack of patience. The hospital's examination report doesn't have any problems. But I have always felt that the health status of the so-called subhealth is likely to be a cause of ill health.

of course womany knows that modest pressure does help to improve efficiency, but when strength exceeds the intensity of physical and mental workload, it becomes a burden!Just like a sponge, when it is relaxed, it can fill the water, and when it is tightly pressed, the moisture is flowing out, and the theory of the theory of the theory of the theory of the diseaseJust as the string on a musical instrument is too loose and unmusical, it's too tight, and it's too tight to sound. Only when you have an appropriate degree of tightness can you play a wonderful music!
, relaxation is one of the necessary topics for the physical and mental health of modern people.
, there are thousands of methods. Do you really want to know whether there is any simple and easy-to-do, easy-to-do technique?In fact, our bodies are in possession of many prescriptions (collaterals) and magic. They look at how you explore and use them. But people often forget to return to their own and present because they have too much disturbance in the external environment. This is the way to introduce the simplest and most convenient method of space-time and frequency.

This is as follows:

1. Long inhalation, abdominal upheaval, gas filling, Danta

2. The long spit, the abdominal tightening, the nose out of the nose

(Dantfield's position is about a little about 1.5 inches below the belly button below the belly button.)When you stand on your stomach, you can exercise your abdominal muscles. For example, when you take a bus, you can take advantage of the opportunity to practice the abdomen. "

Yes, it is so simple!Through this puke, the thought process slowly pulled back to the body's consciousness, feeling the present moment.Some people are naturally busy, and may run a few days later. Once again, they can use deep breath to calm down and focus on the spin cycle by using their eyes, nose, nose, mind, and mind-looking.In a few minutes or minutes, you will feel that the body is gradually relaxed, the muscles are less tense, and the hands and feet warm up and so on, and so on.

An advanced breathing method is a sit-in.Harvard's neurologist Robert Benson and Herbert Wallace have confirmed from the study that:

sit-in focus process allows for calm, muscle relaxation, and a wave of brain wave transition to a buffet.We can make good use of breathing method, so that we can always relax and relax. Don't wait until the stress is too heavy to make the body shoulder the sound of the sound of the sound, so as to realize the importance of physical and mental health.

With breathing relaxation over the years, you feel that you are better, healthier, better immuno, calm and self-confident, more efficient, and interpersonal, because we can discover a deeper sense of peace and wisdom in our self-internal, self-internal, and inner self-reliance.

Health is the greatest wealth of life, dear, you must first learn to take care of yourself, love yourself, and then be able to pay for the love and love of the world!

Womany's tips:

  • Relaxation is one of the necessary questions for the physical and mental health of people today!
  • The most simple and effective body is breathing method.
  • Breathe through the breathing method of the nose, the nose, the heart, and the eye, so that you can quickly relax and achieve peace of mind!

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