Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

"The pain of creation is proportional to the quality of the work." We edit the salary is who gave, not the company, but the reader. In order to make readers feel happy, we must improve the quality of the work to the extreme, you do not even do this, why stand here? "Republication out"

The "republication out", which is not particularly bright in Japanese ratings, has sparked heated discussions on the Taiwanese community network. I have several publishers of friends said with a sad face, "the paper book sold worse, we wait to get republication out?" (Recommended thinking:"Reading Notes" where is the charm of old books?) )

Novice Editor Blackpool Heart

"Republication Out" (じゅうはんしゅったい), is in Japanese "reprint success" meaning, is also "let the publishing industry all feel happy vocabulary." And Taiwan's distance from such a happy, it seems to be more and more distant.

Traditional media are facing a slump in the digital age, one media opened the first gun large layoffs, the number of paper book sales fall Year in, and appear to stand on the tide of the new media, left Gu flow right flush, everyone is looking for the right KPI, no one knows where we are in the cold winter or midsummer.

This time is more difficult than we think. All the changes are faster, all the situations are updated, all the tumbling is more direct, and the people who live in it can no longer rely on the usual guidelines, and you have to get out of the way.

Do you think it's too scary? But watching "republication out", my heart is comforting. The more difficult the times, the more to do so without shame ask yourself, what are you standing here? What are you standing here for?

I remember the first few episodes of Old cartoonist Sanzang, who painted comics for a lifetime, day and night dependent, from the youth have become old, he still carry back, very hard to smiling up his eyes to see his work; he will not surf the internet, nor the internet era of ridicule, he bowed down and asked himself: "I believe that gentleness is a strong source, People are noble and kind-hearted, this is why I insist on the reason to draw cartoons, is not a bit of communication out? 」

He had always known why he was painting, so he was able to go back to the road after several adjustments, and a group of young cartoonists, who he believed, were about to rise.

In this era, everyone is standing in this position for some reason that cannot be shaken. The change of the Times is not terrible, it is terrible that you never ask yourself what you believe.

500 vice president of the head of the new edition of the editor Blackpool said, "You asked me what the editor?" I'm still very proud to answer you, to find out for yourself. In fact, I am still groping on the road. 」

I also want to be very proud to say that perhaps the greatest pleasure of work is to continue to grope for the possibility of finding fresh answers. I think this question is always important, why are you standing here? (Recommended reading: interview End Media executive editor Zhang Jiping: "The people in the whirlpool, have the responsibility to say the appearance of the Whirlpool")

If you know why you're here, you'll find a way to know where to go. If you need a way to find out why you're here and where you want to go, cultivate your inner drive, and add to the "sister said school", tailored for you, the ability to enjoy life: