women are obsessed with the Independent Woman Reading Festival, let's Open this summer's Reading celebrations. We invite the same emphasis on text weight of the times Culture together to plan the "read Lisharon" series. make a weekly appointment for a good day for reading and reading people. (same field Gayon: You are not a book read less, you are the classics read not enough )

"The body or the mind, there is always one to be on the road." ”

Times culture: "Reading is a need for fate, just like" Beijing meets the Love letter in Seattle, the male heroine each one day, the sudden appearance in the daily life of the "search warrant cross 84th" this book, sent to the search Cross Road, No. 84th. This accident opened up two of people's communications. In the process of communication, sharing the feelings, mockery, and let their lives can not be free of the story. Full of philosophical and sexual correspondence, unfold two individual life narration, also because confess oneself, let two people's heart more and more near, and finally start two people to find each other's opportunity. ”

The times and women fans, want you to have a communication with reading reasons. in reading the book reading Room, the media to you and books, idea, New Horizons, Life, fate. We read about travelling and seeing the life experiences of women writers. " Independent Women's Party" invites independent women in the city to talk to us for a walk, talk about middle age, talk about the workplace, women to independence, from reading start!

"Reading Power, editor-in-chief reading Room"

"read the Force, from Reading and female life experience see inner strength, body and person, do not read do not know the true taste! "

You wonder how Sanmao the stars in the desert, you want to travel like Elizabeth Gilbert to zero, you 're in essence lang Women, whether in reading or living you, will wander around the world and the soul of the deepest place, the woman fan invited editor-in-chief book Room by The Times Editor-in-Chief Yi Fang and three women writers from travel talk about female life experience. (extended reading: Enjoy reading, give yourself time and space to quiet down )

7/15 Travel, reconciliation with life "on the road, I met myself"

The author of the August "on the road, I met myself", from the beginning of the escape, according to the heart of the faint call to embark on a journey, carrying the pain forward, let her and life reconciliation. good scenery, to love wandering also love to read people, have the reason to berth.


in the early days, "August girls" under the pseudonym of operating blog, writing exotic travel articles and life learning; 2008 years and a compilation of Tibet-related articles, published by Taiwan's business "gentle Walking in Tibet," a book. also a veteran travel backpacker, traveling through 20 teenage self-help trips and 30-year-old Europe, travel has become an integral part of her life, as well as the process of walking through different cultures and different lands to achieve self healing.

8/26 outside the Sanmao, the desolate female figure The Masked woman, The pretty Man: The desert story that Sanmao didn't tell you about.

Lin Chunru in "Masked Women, beautiful men: the Desert stories that Sanmao didn't tell you," wrote A Taiwanese woman who has been in Saudi Arabia for more than three years, is full of women's conscious life, with the exception of her own and nothing travel experience. (same field Gayon: single diary: To Sanmao, I love you is the best time )

Lin Chunru

travel heavy addicts, footprints in more than 30 countries around the world. 2011 lived in Saudi Arabia for three years. under the great impact of cultural differences, through a woman's eyes to watch, think of this unknown desert, the special life experience and cultural observation to organize into a different story.

9/9 little people in the big era, Beijing strange Girl "Two Cities Love and Death"

Ye Lin Pen Beijing Alley in the small people in the great times, in the "Two Cities Love and death" foreign land of the sleepless and desolate, what scenery personnel are all not, only the chest of a gas, the heart of that person, still in. Reality is a crash, so to travel, to go, to achieve a new vision.

Ye Shi Lin

Taiwan Province Pingdong County people, like plants and nature. once served in the media, State publishing Group Red Culture editor-in-chief. to Enter the publishing industry, to explore Tsai Chih and other Taiwanese internet writers, in publishing industry to lead the new trend. He has been published in the far Stream and has received a joint literature prize. The works are good at describing the feelings and life of urban women. There is the novel "The Cloud of the city", "The Dawn Comes", "her favorite season", "Love, like a cat walking on the roof."

"Independent Women's Party"

"Independence is the understanding and acceptance of life shape. Whether you are an old sister or a girl, your daily scenery should be a dialogue from the book. "

I read, I think, I exist! Independent Women love to read, if you like to meet a good book moved, if you think about the female space in the page, if you are curious about the context of negative narrative, if you are independent of the identity of women full of goodwill, together with us to enjoy reading good night. invite the wife of the Buffalo bookstore Liu Zhaoyi, writer Liu Zijie, writer Gushinyi and you talk about the scenery in Japanese literature. (Recommended reading:"Independent Psychology for Big women" You don't need a person to complete you )

7/29 independent elder sister chat middle-aged Liu Zhaoyi x wine Kishiko "People near middle age, just as righteous"

Wine Kishiko keen to observe the daily life of middle-aged women, believe that your life will not be affected by wrinkles, you can completely ignore those wrinkles. in reading about "No matter how old, I can be very happy" this confidence! The female body, is undoubtedly a journey of metamorphosis, from menopause, girls heart, lust, white hair, wrinkles, sagging meat, directly to the heart. in the face of the gift of the years, let us humor a smile.

Guide Person: Liu Zhaoyi

Buffalo Bookstore, I love you to learn Tian boss, Lake person called Rui An Qingxia. can cook Wenqing, humorous and versatile. read countless people. operating a number of public convenience, has been praised and received many celebrities support. She's a hospitable man.

8/20 City girls talking for a walk Liu Zijie x Yiko Kawakawa "Go for a walk anyway"

Yiko Kawakawa is the most popular literary writer in the literary circles of Japan and abroad after the village of Spring tree. "I like to explore the only novel to arrive at the place, keen to walk, when the tranquility and literature is consistent." "Walking is a way to hide your breath, to write and to live."

Guide Person: Liu Zijie

film director, writer, screenwriter. He was awarded the new Prize of joint literary novel. works have "Dear Child", "Father 7th", etc., also participate in the "Rolling Stone Love Story" screenwriter co-ordination. Affinity, rigorous and atmosphere, a good person!

9/23 working sister words to work Gushinyi x Jin Cun Remember Hisako "no matter what the gung"

"office workers Ah, again boring, and then mix, or to make a good living!" Under To! "The day is the office workers, the night is the novelist." Gushinyi no Doubt and Jin Cun remember Hisako like embrace ideal alive, that write trivial, a little off line, a little dazed, occasionally slip, but the work of sister, in any case have to gas field fully open to go down . Jin Cun kee Hisako seemingly rambling to express trivial tone, but can from the trivial matter, Amoy to choose flashing glimmer of absurdity, touching the warmth of meeting, in the workplace to make people laugh Survival Eyebrow, read her words, a hit on the deep inside of the broken read OS. in the depressed life to find fun in the work of the workers, even if it is not a stupid thing, but also with Jin Cun kee Hisako A kind of gung-A!

Guide Person: Gushinyi

Xinzhu, who lives in Taipei, loves baseball, food, observation and writing, and loves Taiwan most. once served in the media, with the most day-to-day writing, has won the "China Times" book A Good Life Books award. Now the chief editor of the kitten stream culture. There are "Taipei 365", "Good old Together" and other works. (Recommended reading: the righteous Love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")