The author Gushinyi with "Say good old together", write the story with the Comrade Companion, with life topic let all see, the world because of the fortress of the law, separated how many lovers under the gay victims.

Gushinyi the media industry, she has interviewed many famous entrepreneurs and baseball players for more than 20 years. Called the kitten, with a chivalrous woman's strength of character, to uphold social justice. From the gay group "we" to the director of the Women's Knowledge Foundation, Gushinyi is concerned about the gender movement that has never ceased.

In the late 2013, two things happened, so that the original do not want to let private life in the public sphere of discussion Gushinyi change his mind. The first thing, she walked on the road by the anti-gay group to plug the leaflets, which read: "To legalize gay marriage, adhere to traditional family values." These people abruptly to surround her with the companion, undoubtedly is the spirit bullying, Gushinyi angrily yells: I am a lesbian, how! 」

The second thing, accompanied by 14 years of partner Ashu was tested breast cancer, a series of medical and psychological healing distance to let her realize that Taiwan comrades love again, no cohabitation law, companion law, the law will determine you as strangers. She decided to write "good old together", so small desire is not protected by the right to love. (same field Gayon:"Say together old" Why love again, we are only strangers before the law )

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I don't need the world to be out of the closet

She is in a strong masculine atmosphere of the work environment, not deliberately talk about their sexual direction, because must contact many different areas of people. Out of the closet, for her is an extremely personal privacy: "Out of the cabinet is a personal right, is very intangible." I am extremely disagree with forcing politicians out of the closet and everyone has the right to keep their privacy. We are full of discrimination against comrades, and anyone who does not go out should be respected. 」

About out of the ark, Gushinyi not deliberately conceal, many friends are in the natural situation to know: "I had a friend to my home, I told him," and then my master will come back. "He was a little scared when my girlfriend came back. Apologize to me afterwards: "I should not assume that every partner is heterosexual." "The world sometimes has some no malicious assumptions, gentle resolution, let each other gently accept that goodwill, love is so precious." (Recommended reading: Taiwanese Christian couple's wedding address: If you bless me, please also bless gay love )

To Hin Yi, her private life only needs to explain to the dear person, just and mother out of the ark, mother extremely not accept. And then she was more resentful than she was.

"Every mother is afraid that her child will suffer later." Let her see my life is very good, work very well, girlfriend let me very stable. They were naturally relieved to see me live well. You have to think, mom with her values for more than 50 years, you can not be a day to change her worldview. 」

The gay stigma created by media texts

Gushinyi talk about this year's kangyong frankly, she said a public figure to choose the courage of the ark, she has so far to understand what it is. That you have to be more careful than anyone else to talk about feelings, accidentally changed a few objects in succession I'm afraid the media to parselmouth comrade moral integrity; you have to be more cautious. The public figure came out as if it meant carrying a whole generation of gay people: "I really don't understand why everyone says I wrote this book really brave." Now I know Kangyong brave, very brave, I only now realize that brave is what. It is a deep-rooted belief that the media should portray "lesbian qingsha" and "gay bars are all perverts and drugs". I have to joke about the book after the door will be put on makeup, in fact, that is half true. When someone sees you as an "open comrade", everything you do is magnified. "(The same field Gayon: Kangyong Talk about the lonely show out of the closet:" I have to work hard to prove that we are not monsters ")

We thought Taiwan's gay interests were progressing, Gushinyi always hear the bloody story: "A few days before someone told me a story, his companion is an adopted son, because of illness died, the hospital has stipulated that he can not lead his body, so his partner stays in the hospital for several days, no one for his funeral, Until we reach a close relative of the deceased .... Some Lingluta also require relatives to worship, so he can only be in the hall, two people are remote isolation. 」

Many comrades in reality are separated by the family, the law expressly deprived of human rights, whether the law is alive, or in front of the Yama book, the interests of gay people never be placed in the text.

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We didn't have kangyong in those days.

What is the fight for gay rights? Gushinyi with a simple sentence: "Just when my girlfriend is ill, I can take good care of him, one day I go, we have common property, account, I do not worry about him, but we want to go on together." 」

20 years she has not been absent from the sex movement, but chose to "say together old" delicate portrayal of the lovers, with different ways of the past: "We use the language of movement, many people are not understand." This book was Just My companion diary, for a few people to see. But the more I hear about other people's stories, which are happening every day, we are now on a visit, the hospital is still in the death of comrades, I just want to say these things out. 」

One of the most common medical dilemmas that gays face is the inability to sign an agreement for a close partner: "We can't blame the doctor, it's a structural problem." The community shouted tolerant comrades, but the gay movement encountered legal education is a fortress. Surgery consent in accordance with the provisions of the medical Law 63rd, 64, I can sign, but when he met the amputation give up first aid, the Doctor dare not let you sign. Sunshine notes are not legal spouses, no legal effect. 」

"What you want to change is a huge group of forces, not only is the law and even the education system, more than 20 years ago we do the gay movement, at that time no Comrade parade did not kangyong, out of the comrades will almost face being driven out of the house, abandoned by the plight of society, we have come from such an era, to now there will be gay bullying. He ignores your pain and does not give you rights. 」

The love that cannot be, should not be the reason to destroy you.

Gay rights are a long way to go, said Xin Yi, "No use on the street, we will promote the bill, supervision of political figures, review of policy." We need to conduct a more substantive review, such as what is the resistance to the campus Gender Equality Commission? Can we join more gay groups to promote the bill? "Concern about gay issues, for Gushinyi is to use the Director to play, writing books, sharing links can spread the issue." (Extended reading: after losing Chiuxin, who else can we love?) Five filling of lesbian love and Daily Book list )

"The recent basic study made an interesting film, everyone said that the Christian anti-comrade, they went to the temple to do polls, most of Taiwan's religious beliefs or Taoism." They went to the temple and asked the locals for advice. "Gushinyi said that like sharing such an interesting film is also very good, not necessarily to stand on the street, concerned about the gay issue is respect for individual differences, like" good old "from the point of view of life, no sex, write down who can feel the love for a moment. Gushinyi that the practice of promoting the gay movement is not a confession of political figures, public figures out of the Ark, not holding a loud public curiosity to promote who is gay, but back to people-oriented, love, but such a simple thing.

"We do not want to see tragedies, as comrades, there is nothing to be ashamed of, there is nothing to live without!" Those who oppose you should not be the whole of your world, and those that cannot be loved should not be the reason to destroy you. -Gushinyi, "good old Together"

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She grew up in a no gay parade, no gay counseling hotline, no campus Equality Committee of the era, the entire comrades were social hatred, television stations will be in order to lift the ratings into gay bar Candid Camera, gay culture as the goal of the witch hunt.

Long road, Gushinyi from the night of gay groups come, the first gay parade in 2000 she watched the rainbow flag fluttered shed tears. She is now a director of the Women's new Knowledge Foundation, and is watching the sport move slowly but persistently. (Recommend you look: proud of being different from the typical!) An interview with the Queer Film Festival curator Lin Zhijie: Being honest with yourself, but not just yourself.

It's not easy for us to be that dead comrade.

For Gushinyi, in addition to the legal aspect, education is the most important part of creating a friendly gay culture: "Ten years ago, we still see the story of the boys in Lujiang country because of sex temperament jumped suicide, female comrades because of the appearance of neutral by elder sister was caught indecent." I recently wrote a content to give to the school, the newspaper editor asked me if I can not talk about comrades, I said I could not mention the anti-gay groups, but must say gay education. There are so many young comrades in school, because identity is not recognized suffering, if we can not talk about homosexuality in school, they will suffer to when? 」

"We go to campus advocacy, not to encourage who to become gay, just let heterosexual children do not bully gay children, and let those children know that you are not a monster, you are a very complete person." 」

Ten years ago, there are Ye Yongji to blood red comrade long years, ten years later, the news depicts the social profile because of gender temperament, not only is the primary and secondary school children suffered repression, even the performance of the more negative public political figures have been the spirit of public opinion bullying.

Not unchanged, but too slow, the past gay issues completely into the campus, now the gender temperament into the next step we have to work harder. Gushinyi said: "There are so many sad things happen in this world, we must find ways to change." We came from adolescence without being the dead comrade. "(same field Gayon: Jolin Tsai Concert reread rose teenager: Ye Yongji died, but the world has more Ye Yongji )

The words of the survivors of comrade bullying are so heavy that every child with a special gender temperament comes through the whip of education. Gushinyi look forward to one day, comrade is no longer a topic, adults can also lead by example: "In primary and secondary schools such as the closure of the environment, I call on the education sector people do not arbitrarily criticize the child's life state, say wrong words, may kill a person, we adults can tell themselves I am sound, the child is very innocent, To grow up under the tilted values. I also want to tell the child, sincerely believe in yourself, the world like you a lot of people, you are not surprised. 」

Life is short, love is precious, want to cherish

"Love is a smile that accompanies the other side, you know how fragile he is, but you understand her dark side." --Gushinyi

Realizing that he was the survivor of the comrade's sufferings, Gushinyi cherish love more, also sad regret. "Life is very short, love is precious, to cherish." "It's the deepest understanding of her companion's cancer sickness," she said.

"People are particularly vulnerable to death. Used to waste time for boring things, diseases let us cherish each other more, protect time to do what we want to do. I used to think that career development is the most important money, now willing to spend money to eat better, good rest. 」

These two years, many of their good friends, Han Lianglu and Huang Liming teachers have gone, she more understanding of love too late: "Only you in the inside, just know there are difficulties." Now as long as Ashu out of the door, I will hug him, whether today will end, at least when we separated, I gave her a good hug. "(recommend you see: wait for 15 years of KISS!) Irish gay marriage referendum through moving photographic collection

"One day, we will drop each other and sink into deep pools." I only hope that when that day comes, we will only be sad, without pain. I only hope that I can at least accompany you to fly for a while, and keep you safe and fall. -Gushinyi, "good old Together"

The disease went on for two years, followed by a regular 5-8-year return to the clinic and follow-up. It makes Gushinyi a brave man and a more vulnerable person. Sometimes interviewed, the reporter accidentally said "breast cancer is very easy to die", or Ashu blurted out "Anyway do not know what time to live", she will cry. Xin Yi said that she is a crybaby, her anger, sadness is so clear, but also because the partner can undertake the wide bosom, so they love so quiet good.

"I want to protect you/let you face the world/always like a child who just wakes up."

Gushinyi shared Xu Peifen poems, Love is like this. I read the lines of Gushinyi, not like myself so high collision, her writing more gentle, I want to Gushinyi straight to the temper, wrapped in a very soft heart, she will be strong for the love of people, to defend more silent weak roar aloud.

It is a Gushinyi-style of strong, she took even the world's opposition can not stop me to love the courage to walk. Please respect her commitment to her lover--say yes to old, love is simple and absolute, they want to love the righteous.