There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

If I were to describe an internship in a woman's life as an analogy, I would say it was a fantasy adventure into the circus.

Working with time is like walking on a tightrope, constantly touching new things and trying to master them like a lion in a circle of fire. And the whole day from the morning to share current events and learn the writing inspiration of current affairs hug, the idea article, submitted to Senior, and then to the afternoon to help each article come up with the title War, like a clown holding several balls constantly up, replacing work, so thrilling and exciting. (same field Gayon: Workplace notes: The job you choose, determines the shape of your life )

Female fans of the internship, no warm-up, no preparation, not slowly adapt to this matter, from the first day to participate in the daily editing, the so-called learning, so-called progress, the so-called start, are in a one-time error, failure, accumulated capacity.

And what's bad and fortunate is that making mistakes is what scares me the most.

About making mistakes: brave to face the blank, is the beginning of every possible collision

When I was a woman fan in April, my first task was to plan a classic column from a contemporary gender perspective in my Chinese department. I've been thinking about it for a week, looking for a lot of stuff, and designing all sorts of possible events, all the way up to December. After the report, Audrey advised me to practice using Xmind to plan the architecture and timeline of the entire column. (Recommended to you:"Gender Syriac" deserted Love Song: Do not have children, I am afraid of what?) )

Xmind is a mind mapping tool that can be used to draw a variety of charts, make the planning structure clearer, and make your thinking more complete. I've never used this software, and I'm not used to drawing mind maps. I remember when I was in college to learn an introduction, the teacher asked us to practice drawing mental map, I was very cheating on the surface of the argument before drawing into a chart. Someone is the image of memory, then I must be diametrically opposed to the "literal" personality.

I have no clue, point open xmind and then look at the blank screen in a daze. I asked Audrey: Can you give me a file reference to see? Audrey hesitated, and then cramped smiled and said, No.

"I want you to try it yourself first, without giving any restrictions," he said. It doesn't matter if you make mistakes, it doesn't matter if you don't paint well, so you can try to be different from others. "She told me so.

I have always been very high from my requirements, I would rather take the time to collect a lot of material to do, but also do not want to inadvertently reveal the clumsy side. However, making mistakes is a cautious and sometimes a kind of procrastination, and mistakes are sometimes a mistake, sometimes a breakthrough. If only to "make no mistake" as the highest guiding principle, then although not embarrassing, but also lost stumbled in groping boundaries, explore the unknown, and even unexpected break the rules, the opportunity to introduce new. (You would like:TLC host Samantha: The key to success is the courage to make mistakes)

I've never seen anyone else's mind map, but I've drawn a most suitable chart for my column, with clear information and decorating it with colorful colours.

Above all, I learned the courage to face the blank, and gave myself margin and elasticity.

About the interview: Don't be afraid to understand other people's stories

I remember the first time I was in charge of the trepidation of the interview, and my interview was with partner Xu Xiuwen, the CEO. Just to visit the outline with the editor of a repairing three times, my question too focused on the law of the show's lawyers have been involved in the bill, so that the entire visit lost the softness and temperature of people. (Extended reading: Interview Partner Alliance CEO Xu Xiuwen: "To win is not the protector, is the right to Love")

At that time, I was in the middle of the interim report, I stayed up sitting in the dormitory to play a few words and deleted, proposed a topic and get rid of, visit a line of a row on the screen, like a cold and expressionless face. I opened the film on the show's lawyer and tried to get to know her dynamically. Looking at it, I was crying in the middle of the night, choking like a child.

I found that the only thing I could do was to ask a cold question because I was afraid. Fear of not being qualified to explore the inner world of a stranger, daring to touch her private sphere, and being offended by improper propriety. I am afraid of mistakes, afraid of making mistakes, afraid of crossing the line, because once the wrong step, stepping on the injury is not my face, but the other's heart.

I had a hearty cry in front of the computer and then deleted the outline of my visit. For the sake of people, should not become a barrier to communication, but should be translated into the content of the questions and between the lines of the same and warm soft. (same field Gayon:"useless" foreign language department, taught me the same words )

On the day of the interview, my suit coat seemed to be a battle helmet, and chilled the fledgling interview editor. Rao is already as far as possible to read the article of Su-wen's lawyer, read her speech in the Legislative Yuan, fixed every day to track her face book, but in Audrey and Abby combined Mock interview, I still feel that I am a stiff and rigid reading machine. The last words they had given to me before my go into battle, I still cannot forget:

Everyone has their own story, you want to thank the respondents to one hours of time to empty, to tell you her story. Visit the outline, problems, advance preparation are to let you have peace of mind use, do not be limited by them, you have to do is to arouse a right atmosphere, with the right method and the interviewee dialogue, so that she would like to tell her own story to you.

Later on the visit, I seem to be more relaxed, but also began to have flexibility. I went through a time when I was so touched that I almost couldn't say a word, and laughed together. What I learned from this interview is that you should not be afraid to understand other people's stories, and do not use fear of offense as an excuse to limit yourself. If the other side is willing to accept the interview, come to you, then, as the interviewer all the unknown and uneasy, should be prepared in advance, interviews in the observation, questioning the cautious and sincere response to complement. (same field Gayon:"Women's Obsession Internship Weekly" interview is the process of discovery: I see the alienation of the third person Xie Hai Union )

After finishing the recordings and notes, I realized that the interviewees had given me a chance to listen to these stories, and that women fans and readers had given me a unique opportunity to tell the story.

After making a mistake: it's hard to be considerate, but we have partners.

The possibility of trying to make mistakes, although sometimes it happens to draw beautiful charts, but also means that may accompany the embarrassment and frustration. Nearly one months later, I think of the day of 528 good times one thing, still feel cold sweat DC. I am responsible for contacting each speaker on the same day to confirm the time, place and related issues that they came to the relay. I prepared a detailed timetable, note the contact information of each speaker, to ensure that I am in the process of talking on the phone, can keep abreast of the required data.

Though he was fully prepared, he received a call back from the speaker at a short break at noon. Detailed data table because the rest but did not carry on the body, I am tongue-tied, in a hurry to report the name, while squatting on the ground began to shuffle that a thick movement of thin flow. As a result, the other party had to explain their identity and speech time. Although with the memory or the smooth confirmation of various matters of caution, I was because this should not make mistakes frustrated for a long time.

"How can you not introduce yourself before you ask who is it?" How could he not have taken the note with him? Why don't you just ask the other person's speech time? "The whole lunchtime I kept thinking about that less than three minutes of the phone, thinking of their own flawless and panic, repeatedly condemned himself, delicious fried rice also taste like crap, until the lecture is about to start, just barely cheer up the spirit, complete the next work." (Extended reading: frustration is a gorgeous fall!) Life is an adventure without you.

After the event, another intern Yihong came to me and comforted me that the speaker was still laughing and chatting, he also communicated with each other carefully, the speaker Miroto, the audience, everything is good, the phone call without any bad influence.

Photo credit: Xutchuhan @ FB, C,c

When a person challenges himself repeatedly, there is always a time when there is no catch and mistakes are made. Just like in a band performance, you accidentally missed a sound, then you need to do is not to pop the missing notes loudly again, but follow the tune to play the Next and next melody well. and Yihong comfort let me know, make mistakes sometimes difficult to make up, but a good partner will play in the wrong note, grasp the rhythm and melody, let the whole song smoothly play down. So while I was surprised to play out the package, it was fortunate that the audience was still happy to enjoy the show.

I think that women fans are a group of people who are afraid of making mistakes but still willing to go forward. The power to go forward, in addition to believe that you will continue to grow from the mistakes, it is also important to trust the partners around you at any time. (You will like: French work attitude: to find partners, in fact, to find lovers )

The third month of the circus life

In a woman's internship life is about to enter the third month, walk the tightrope, accompany the lion to jump the fire circle, once lost five of the ball show, although still stumbling, but it seems to be gradually on the track.

The so-called on the track does not mean that I no longer make mistakes, no longer because of embarrassment and embarrassing injury, in the life of women fans, in addition to transactional operations, such as the habit of editing the background and daily under the title and editorial tasks, there is no so-called down the track will not go wrong. We are constantly in touch with new tools, development of new topics, and new partners, in the ongoing attempt to upgrade and optimize the process, inevitably stumbled, inevitably stumbling.

But, in the process of stumbling forward, we sometimes find ourselves at last on the right path, and sometimes we come out on a new path, and then we draw our own tracks on the road. That moment, is to let all the hard work and frustration are thrown into the clouds, and the hands of a tight grip is the moment of happiness and contentment. Like a circus, a perfect performance.