single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The girlfriend of a soldier, who lives a life of a single person. A person walks home , a person sleeps, a person wakes up. These days, she had a good day, not for love guard, that is the most wide respect for love. (Recommended reading: single diary: I Met you in my lifetime, I spent all my luck )

Friends N talk about the year when a male friend is a soldier. Initially she was trembling and so on every phone call, afraid of missed, but also waiting for a whole day. Later, the boyfriend every phone talk about the content she can recite, boyfriend for today incredibly bought a cup of drinks happy unceasingly, today's food has chicken leg he must le heaven, or negative energy to explode table by the chief scold a day of bad things.

When a male friend is a soldier, his girlfriend is like a treasure, he hangs the phone more entangled than before, he will go home under the Army, he is in the face book to bask in the countdown day of the world.

However, his boyfriend occasionally cloudy and uncertain, he shouted afraid of his girlfriend mutiny, but also afraid of delaying her life. He blames himself for saying, sorry can't take care of you, can't be around you. So, N search some data on the network to try to understand the psychology of the soldiers, but found a pile of data she did not use: For love to guard the perfect seven strokes, how to be a liner soldier girlfriend. (I really hope that there are more ways to be a dairy dad's article)

Waiting for "soldier" boyfriend's girlfriend continues to be the myth of a man behind the great woman, so the woman will be silly, and so on, the boyfriend left two lines of tears to her bosom. However, this year N pseudo single day is also very wonderful, boyfriend in the middle of the night at 10 to chat with N after a day of army life, when she was told to go to bed early, N hung up the phone and continued to finish the next round with her sisters; The boyfriend worried about N a person very lonely, she did not idle herself to several cities to see the sea.

Soldier's sad feelings, really like a acacia text is constantly copied. boyfriends, as if they are too worried about their girlfriend pseudo single state will be a single disease, but girlfriends are happy. Most of the girlfriends I know never feel like they're on guard. Not to play a bitter crazy girlfriend, only to appear love is magnificent.

When you say that a soldier's girlfriend doesn't seem to be single, I think being single is a flowing state: I do miss you, but it doesn't affect my life, I hope you will stick to it.

There is no need for love to stand guard, you have to lay down your hands. When you walk around and come back and touch it, you don't have to stand on it.

Do not say unfair, the woman life many insists, the man also is not present.

To a man like a single boyfriend, girlfriend in the outside, you can live very well, please rest assured.