Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Last week's interview with theater actress Shei, I asked her how to do her own actress lessons? Shei said, "Shut up when you're not acting." 」

She thinks it's too easy for us to communicate with people, spend too much time building relationships in the community, and perform a picture of yourself on Facebook: "Hurry and say, you'll forget to listen." 」

I think the workplace is the same, if success is influence, it seems to be constantly said, to be seen, to shine, success is often misunderstood as an outward action. In our workplace, whether it is work performance or interpersonal relationships, it is difficult to resist. (same field Gayon: does face book also control your life?) Are social software for showing off or sharing? )

When we want more people to find our "presence", bask in the knowledge of film drying, get those praise and envy at the same time, began to play the world like himself. In fact, what you want is not the identity of others, but the identity of others to see their own sense of existence.

When we are anxious to eat sugar in the workplace, anxious to let the boss see your performance, in the real life brush the sense of existence, often in your awareness of the moment, before the dogma more or less lose their own. The whole world is playing the game, how not to fight for the victory group?

"Do not owe others, do not betray yourself." "is a word I often say to myself.

Say what others want to hear, copy the easiest kind of success. The success is beautiful and smooth, but I feel nothing in the end. I like Ma Yun said a word is not chicken soup, he said that my most regret in life is the creation of Alibaba, if there is an afterlife, I will not do the same choice.

Shut up and let go of yourself, to convince everyone that you like your thoughts. Be more patient with yourself and don't rely on applause from others. Do not live in other people's world to find a sense of existence, back to their own way to practice, you should realize that you are very important, you do not need to please.

"When you are ready to type a dynamic, slow down, in fact, often you have the impulse, there is nothing to say." 」

I like the art of Shei slowly.

Slow, is waiting to be clear, is to confirm this sentence to live up to themselves, is not anxious to be recognized . Before you give your opinion, before you say lies, let's take it slow.