single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The film "I Want You to be good" English title is me before you, talk about love before the beginning, love of the style, love after. The film in a lightweight way to let us know that love is never omnipotent, love can not solve everything, because love is not blackmail, love is free. (same field Gayon: single Diary: "I want you to be good" I don't want you to miss other people who are nice to you) (There are thunder in the text, please watch it)

Wiltrina left, Clark finally came to the new bridge in Paris Prince Plaza, which is William Trina memories of the eternal youth of the land. She went to the café, Caveau du Palais restaurant, and ordered a cup of coffee for herself.

She wiped a red lip, put on a white shirt and the hornet's pantyhose he gave her, and she imagined will once saw the same scenery, she felt that she was the most loved person in the world.

She remembered that will told her, "You can, you can do anything." 」

Wiltrina was far away from Clark, but she felt his breath so close, and when the wind blew, she felt him whisper in her ear, and she never looked for his shadow in the crowd, because she was always with him.

After he left, her days were two, and her world was wider. She does know that, in love with a person, want to occupy his memory, "we" is too accustomed to the Fan, and all actions point to the distant future.

Will let her go on to understand that love does not solve all the problems. Love is very happy, but love is not omnipotent, love will not exceed all, love can not be about a person's life and death, because love is not blackmail, love is free. You can do the most and the least thing, is to love.

Love is free, in front of love, we can still choose to be honest about our life, before we are responsible for the relationship, we should first be responsible for ourselves, love is no longer to avoid the face of their own excuses, love is to walk a more close to their own path.

Clark walked on the new bridge, saw Will's love straight forward into a bridge, can only live once life, he advances to the future, he can not live the wonderful, all to Clark.